Data Can Be Your Customer Experience MVP



This is a guest blog written by Dan Gordon, SVP Strategy & Development, West Interactive Services. Learn more about West on their website

You’re gearing up for Super Bowl 50 this weekend, right? Imagine if you were settling in with your Best Buds (“King of Beers,” pun definitely intended) and discovered that it was aired via Pay-Per-View (PPV)…

Okay, don’t fret—this isn’t the case—but there are plenty of big TV events that are PPV-only throughout the year.

One leading cable/satellite company seized the opportunity for PPV viewership using proactive communications to promote an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event that would likely pique the interest of many subscribers.

It worked.

This client’s goal was to increase self-service to improve the customer experience – and capitalize on automation to increase revenue. Our expert data analysts helped them achieve both by drawing parallels between customers’ behaviors and their likelihood to purchase UFC PPV fights. Informed by that data, subscribers received proactive notifications two days prior to the event that gave them the option to purchase the fight right then and there.  


Predicting which customers would most likely purchase the next fight, and prescribing how to deliver an individualized, attention-grabbing message to them at the perfect time resulted in a 40 percent increase in revenue compared to previous efforts.

Analyzing customer data is the key to getting into the mind of your audience and taking their experience to the next level.

Here are some quick tips to help pull data off the bench and into your customer experience improvement strategy:

  1. Determine who is performing a particular action? (Purchasing UFC fights.)
  2. Pinpoint when, specifically, these customers are acting? (Day of program? Day before?)
  3. Identify what other paths these customers are taking consistently? (Other programs/ sports packages purchases.)

Deep exploration of customer and market data is an asset in creating a more intuitive cross-channel customer experience. Identifying each customers’ needs and tendencies helps brands create a journey that feels personal and empowering, regardless of the channels they choose.

(Watch this video to see what we mean!)

Isn’t it comforting to know that if the Super Bowl ever were PPV, business analytics would help cable/satellite companies ensure the big game stays more about spiked footballs than spiked remote controls?

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