Ours has always been a community that cares deeply – not only for the advancement of our industry but also for each other and the important issues that face our wider world.

Join us in creating a positive
impact in our world

Execs In The Know community is focusing this compassion and caring through a new program called Leading with Impact. Leading With Impact goes beyond the boardroom with the goal of projecting time, resources, and attention to the issues that matter most to our community members, as well as their friends, family, and colleagues.

As we continue to expand and evolve Leading with Impact, we hope you’ll join us to achieve this goal, to make time for action, and to perhaps even share with us which issues mean the most to you and yours, empowering us to help make a difference.

Leading With Impact in Action

  • Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Conditions

    America continues to face a significant long-term mental health crisis, which has only worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An important first step in tackling this problem is to reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health help. Companies can help play a pivotal role creating a stigma-free society and learning more about mental illness and the conditions associated with it.


    Since early March 2021, India has faced a massive resurgence in Covid19 infections and deaths. Over half the support, services, and call centers in the world are located in India, making this humanitarian crisis an especially personal one for the CX community.


  • Which issues matter most to you?

    Our work is just getting started. Take a moment to let us know where our
    efforts can have the greatest impact.

A history of purposeful partnerships & initiatives

Although Leading with Impact is a new initiative, our community has a long history of working hard to make a difference.


The power of the community is in our ability to come together for collective experience and idea-sharing so please respond with your ideas and insights. Whether you have our own team on the ground or are working with a 3rd party, we must work together to manage through this crisis by leading with empathy, understanding, and support.