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Chad McDaniel of Execs In The Know leads insightful discussions with expert partners, global brand leaders, and other renowned CX leaders regarding all things impacting today’s customer leaders. Each webinar provides an authentic, unfiltered look into the minds of leading CX professionals as they drive the conversation to provide invaluable perspectives. With something for everyone – go ahead and browse our upcoming and on-demand webinars, and make sure to subscribe to receive notifications of upcoming webinars as well.

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  • Bad Actor. Good Customer. Who’s Who?

    February 23, 2023 @ 1:00 PM ET

    Fraud isn’t just taking place at the point of transaction. It’s now taking place across the entire customer journey.

    Fraudsters are masters at mimicking the behaviors of your good customers. So, how do you tell the two apart and prepare to react quickly to a range of scenarios? Better yet, how do you stop the ones you know are bad actors that get through the authorization process? Priceline.com, part of the world’s largest travel company, is no stranger to fraud attempts/bad actors. Learn how their team dove deep into suspicious activity to identify customer behaviors to not only stop fraud before it happened but also get to know and serve their customers better.

    Join Execs In The Know along with Nitish Pandit, Sr. Director of Finance at Priceline.com, and Scott Buchanan, CMO at Forter, to learn how it led to fewer losses, more revenue, and a more loyal customer base.

    Key takeaways:

    • An overview of three customer behaviors that were initially perplexing (and perceived as fraud).
    • How to prevent or at least mitigate the consequences before damage occurs.
    • The foundation for low customer friction and adequate protection against fraud across the customer journey.
    • Detecting suspicious activity: separating the bad actors from your good customers.
    • Identifying the precursors to fraud so you can stop it in its tracks.
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