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Executive Chad McDaniel of Execs In The Know leads insightful discussions with expert partners, global brand leaders, and other renown CX leaders regarding all things impacting today’s customer leaders. Execs In The Know, a leading customer experience community, is honored to provide a platform for CX leaders to demonstrate their expertise to a unique audience of global CX executives. Each webinar provides an authentic, unfiltered look into the minds of leading CX professionals as they drive the conversation to provide invaluable perspectives to be applied to your own CX strategies. With something for everyone – go ahead and browse our available webinars, and make sure to subscribe to receive notifications of upcoming webinars as well.

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  • The Rise of the CCO

    January 20, 2022 @ 1:00 PM ET

    Customers are the lifeblood of a company, but why is customer experience at scale not prioritized in so many businesses? Recently, we’ve seen a monumental shift that has organizations reevaluating their priorities to maximize the lifetime value of each customer. Cue the rise of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO), and the task of transforming experience into loyalty and increased revenue.

    Join Gladly for an engaging panel discussion about “the what” and “the why” of the CCO role, a position historically underestimated and often added to “fix” the issues that create unhappy customers. Learn how the benefits of the CCO function translate into a better brand experience and repeat business. Whether your organization already has a CCO, is considering adding one, or plans to fill the gap in an entirely different way, this session provides a firsthand account of how the CCO role helps modern, customer-first organizations accomplish the following:

    •  Accelerate growth and build loyalty
    • Establish better integrations
    • Provide strategies in the ever-changing competitive environment
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