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Within the Execs In The Know community, a wealth of CX knowledge exists as a part of our CX Research library. As the appetite for industry research and data continues to grow, we will be evolving and taking our research to new levels. 

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    CX Leaders Trends & Insights reports provide in-depth insights into the experiences and perspectives of both consumers and practitioners alike, including analysis and commentary from Execs In The Know community members. The CX Leaders Trends & Insights reports are part of a series that is published twice yearly, including a fall Consumer Edition and a winter/spring Corporate Edition.

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Key Finding

  • 74% of CX leaders indicated their organizations are already taking significant or modest actions to address economic uncertainties
  • 86% of CX leaders felt their organizations were generally meeting the customer care needs and expectations of customers, the highest result since 2018
  • CX leaders report their single biggest challenges facing CX operations are: Legacy Systems/Processes/Tools (34%), Labor Force/Staffing/Agent Performance (27%), and Balancing Automation with Live Assist (11%)
  • Only 31% of CX leaders are “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” with their current CX technology stacks

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Key Stats

  • When asked about the most frustrating aspect of resolving a customer care issue with a brand, the top answer was “Difficulty in Reaching a Live Person” (42%), distantly followed by “Poor Agent Quality (Communication, Attitude)” (19%)
  • Text-Based solutions had sizable year-over-year (YOY) gains with 35% of consumers naming them as their most frequently used solution (compared to 45% for Voice-Based solutions)
  • 50% of survey respondents shared about their experience when it was a positive experience, whereas 80% of survey respondents shared about their experience when it was a negative experience
  • Only 44% of survey respondents were “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” with their most recent use of self-help, versus 28% who were either “Very Dissatisfied” or “Dissatisfied”

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Key Stats

  • 83% of those surveyed say that GigCX “is inevitable” or is “here to stay”
  • The top two greatest staffing resource challenges among those surveyed: “Access to talent with required skills” (28%) and “Increasing costs to hire, train, and retain talent” (24%)
  • The number one cause of concern among those surveyed regarding service staffing in 2022: “Demand for flexible working” (24%)
  • When asked how GigCX is viewed within their business strategy, 61% of those surveyed responded either “A channel that is good for specific use cases” (36%) or “Essential part of our overall CX strategy” (25%)

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2022 SELF-HELP SOLUTIONS: Exploring Consumer Experiences, Preferences, and Opinions

Key Stats

  • 25% of consumers have recently used self-help to resolve an issue, get an answer, or research/buy a product or service
  • 60% of those who recently used a self-help solution considered the experience “Very Easy” or “Easy,” compared to 16% who considered the experience “Very Difficult” or “Difficult”
  • 78% of recent self-help solution users with ultimately able to resolve their issue or get an answer using the self-help solution
  • 44% of survey respondent would not agree to providing a company with more information about themselves in order to receive better, more personalized self-help experiences

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