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Within the Execs In The Know community, a wealth of CX knowledge exists as a part of our CX Research library. As the appetite for industry research and data continues to grow, we will be evolving and taking our research to new levels. 

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  • CX Leaders Trends & Insights

    CX Leaders Trends & Insights reports provide in-depth insights into the experiences and perspectives of both consumers and practitioners alike, including analysis and commentary from Execs In The Know community members. The CX Leaders Trends & Insights reports are part of a series that is published twice yearly, including a fall Consumer Edition and a winter/spring Corporate Edition.

  • CX Management Benchmark (CXMB) Report Series

    Gain a new perspective on the priorities and best practices of leading customer experience organizations from around the globe and explore many critical CX topics, including the impact of the global pandemic, shifts in channel/solution use, and the service journey’s impact on CX metrics.

  • CX Hot Topics Research

    Deep dive into some of the hottest topics within the industry. From Industry-based Reports, to Self-Help Solutions, Gig, Work-From-Home, AI, and more – put your finger on the pulse of the industry and discover which topics are being discussed and investigated within the Execs In The Know community.



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THE 2021 CX Leaders Trends & Insights - Consumer Edition

Key Finding

As a part of the changing face of Execs In The Know’s CX industry research, CX Leaders Trends and Insights takes a fresh new approach to categorizing channels. Based on this new categorization, it is clear consumers are as open to Text-Based solutions as they are Voice-Based. But age plays a notable role in contact preference with those 44 years and younger preferring Text-Based solutions over Voice-Based by 2-to-1 (versus 3-to-4 for those 45 years and older).

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Key Stats

  • 9 out 10 surveyed said they felt that GigCX had met or exceeded their expectations and were ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to invest more budget in GigCX in the next three years.
  • 85% of those doing GigCX say it has had a positive impact on their mental wellbeing.
  • 47% of those doing GigCX today had lost full-time employment or had hours cut due to COVID-19.

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THE 2020 CXMB Report - Consumer Edition


Key Stats

  • Customer satisfaction with the multichannel experience reached an all-time low, with just 39% indicating a satisfactory experience in 2020, down from 57% in 2018.
  • 73% of respondents indicated they’d be willing to pay more for a product or service if they knew they would receive world-class customer service as a result, and they had contact within the last three months, versus 65% who’ve had no contact in the last three months.
  • Consumers are satisfied much more often when choosing a multichannel experience willingly as opposed to being forced into it.

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