Virtual & Live Engagement

Execs In The Know serves the needs of an amazing community of passionate and engaged
Customer Experience professionals.

Participate and you’ll interact with Customer Experience leadership teams from some of the world’s most well-regarded brands. Furthermore, Execs In The Know plays a very active role in managing introductions and identifying specific corporate needs that are an ideal match for your organization’s offerings, so you won’t just be in the room — you’ll be in the conversation.

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Virtual Executive Roundtables

Available throughout the year, a Virtual Executive Roundtable is a small invite-only gathering of 12-15 senior CX leaders. This 90-minute exclusive interactive session will provide an intimate setting for the sponsor to drive conversation and thought leadership on the state of CX today.

A Virtual Executive Roundtable is ideal for partners looking to engage and build relationships with key decision makers in an exclusive VIP setting. ​

How it Works

  • Execs In The Know will recruit key decision makers and drive attendance.​
  • Partners will be positioned as the thought leaders for the session.​
  • Partner-provided collateral and giveaways will be shipped by Exec In The Know (EITK) to attendees prior to the event.​
  • Event production, marketing, and fulfillment will be facilitated by EITK.​

Virtual Subject Matter Briefings

Virtual Subject Matter Briefings offer an unparalleled opportunity to spend two hours with CX decision-makers, position your brand as expert-thought leaders, share best practices and unfiltered information with brands who are seeking it, and network with senior industry professionals. Our Subject Matter Briefings will focus on solving the most pressing customer experience challenges and opportunities.

A Virtual Subject Matter Briefing focuses on a specific CX topic and dives deep into the most relevant solution themes through the expertise and perspectives of our panel of subject matter experts. Corporate brands submit their most pressing challenges upon registration and plan to discuss them openly with other attendees and an expert panel of CX thought leaders who can help guide them through the complex challenges. A Subject Matter Briefing also includes a Corporate Brand ONLY session, allowing the attendees to openly collaborate on the information gained in the sessions. ​

Briefings will be held virtually using Zoom Video Meeting to promote engagement and open discussion.​

In-Person Outsourcing Briefings

In-Person Subject Matter Briefings allow you to be an influencer in the area of Outsourcing by joining us, along with some of the most progressive brands in the industry, for a day of can’t-miss learning, sharing, networking, and engagement to drive innovation in CX. With an audience of forward-thinking leaders−primarily director and VP titles−you can make new connections and help set the agenda for Outsourcing among the decision-makers.​

As 1-of-5 Sponsoring Business Partner Panelist, You’ll Have the Opportunity to:

  • Display your expertise in front of today’s decision-makers and buyers of CX technologies and services.​
  • Build brand awareness and engagement through targeted participation and relationship cultivation.​
  • Be viewed by the attendees as a strong advocate for the community’s objectives and desired outcomes in thought leadership for the upcoming Briefing.​

Customer Response Summits – CRS (Spring & Fall)

The Customer Response Summit (CRS) Series is an event built by CX leaders for CX leaders. Twice a year global brands come together and rally around topics they care about most in a format that fosters relationship building, stimulates curiosity, amps up creative problem solving, and continues to build foundational CX leadership knowledge through sharing of best practices. As we continue to evolve CX with our leaders learning from leaders’ approach, CRS has become known as the pinnacle event for knowledge-sharing with thought leadership and actionable takeaways coming from both our CX leader community and our innovative CX Business Partners. ​

Customer Response Summit is more than a conference – it is an intimate and laser-focused forum, providing outstanding opportunities to directly engage with some of the brightest minds in customer experience. The strength of this forum lies within the innovative design of informative sessions, interactive breakouts, specialized networking opportunities, and dynamic social engagement activities. ​





Kick off the Opening Day with a highly interactive Leader’s Choice: “Challenge and Opportunity” Session. You pick the topic, and before the event, Execs In The Know will collect the top three challenges attendees are experiencing. This input will be the foundation for your interactive problem-solving and opportunity-creation exercise.

This 60-minute session is an ideal time to connect with attendees before the Summit and showcase your thought leadership. With your guidance, attendees will work together to identify opportunity statements and document the necessary components to create a foundation for overcoming some of the top challenges in the industry within your chosen topic.

Designed to be a fun, interactive, and creative exercise, this Session will inspire out-of-the-box thinking and identify actionable opportunities they can take back to their team.



A Tech Forum or Workshop, provides an opportunity for a Business Partner to host, engage, and go deep on a selected subject. By design, these 90 minutes of intense discussion and engagement sessions should produce defined takeaways for those in attendance. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend one of two different concurrent sessions (a Tech Forum session or Workshop session) hosted by two different Business Partners. As a sponsor and host of a Tech Forum or Workshop, you will identify learning objectives, design the interactive discussion, and interact through an exercise, demo, or lively discussion. Your session will be hosted live in the afternoon hours before the Welcome Reception. The focus for your Tech Forum or Workshop should be declared in the contract phase and specific abstract title should be proposed by the Business Partner and approved by Execs In The Know within 15 days of signing. These sessions will be only open to Corporate decision makers unless stated otherwise during the contracting phase.




Panel moderation is more than facilitating a group of selected brands, on a specific topic, on stage – it is the centerpiece for sharing best practices and is intrinsically woven into the fabric and mandate of the Forum. Business partners hosting a panel are seen as leaders in the field. Bring your unique insight and ability to engage your audience to center stage in a 30-minute session.



Panel moderation is more than facilitating a group of selected brands, on a specific topic, on stage – it is the centerpiece for sharing best practices and is intrinsically woven into the fabric and mandate of the Forum. Business partners hosting a panel are seen as leaders in the field. Bring your unique insight and ability to engage your audience to center stage in a 30-minute session.

The informative 60-minute session will present attendees with the opportunity to work side by side with their peers in small tables to harness the group’s collective experience and knowledge.

The goal of this session is to establish the business partner as a thought leader through an activity that will resonate with the community and engage and inspire ideas and problem-solving among the attendees. The session will do a limited readback at the end of the session. The remaining feedback will be documented and digitally shared on our channels, including our Know It All “KIA” online community.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Success for this session will lie in the activity and its ability to resonate with the majority of the audience members and its ability to generate insightful discussion.
  • Attendees will highly rate this session as it enables them to learn not only from the stage discussion but also from one another.



The Client Case Study presentation requires you to bring with you a key client that you select from your organization’s portfolio. This is an incredible opportunity to capture the imagination and attention of the audience and to tell your success story. Business partners who have participated found substantial value with this opportunity. Attendees look for proof of concept, access to your research, and critical findings. You receive 30 minutes of airtime and the opportunity to engage the audience as a leader in the industry. Leave them wanting to hear and learn more about your company’s vision.




Be positioned as thought leaders of the subject matter presented. Shop Talks are designed to be laser-focused discussions on a narrow area of CX. These small, engaging discussions are great opportunities for you to engage with attendees that have great interest in your topic of discussion. There are four simultaneous Shop Talks, with the attendees able to attend two of the four. Each session is 40 minutes in length with 10 minutes in between. Sponsors are given a private room close to the General Session for the engagement and can brand with various signage and collateral.



It’s been proven that our Moments of Brilliance sessions are a top-rated engagement opportunity that attendees want more of. This is your opportunity for your client to provide a direct endorsement of your product and service. Moments of Brilliance are 25-minute sessions that attendees will self-select and rotate every 25 minutes. We will have a total of four simultaneous sessions taking place. Attendees will select two (2) of the four (4) opportunities available to attend and rotate based on self-selection and interest. We will allow for 10 minutes between each session for rotation to take place. You and your customer will present the Moment of Brilliance content two (2) times, with each session being 25 minutes in length.




Monday evening, September 23, 2024 from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM, the Sponsor will have an opportunity to be the host of an evening of fun for attendees including members of our Advisory Board and those arriving early for the Opening Day sessions. Taking full advantage of the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa property, there are ample opportunities to engage with this elite group of attendees in a fun and lively setting to promote interaction and conversation. It’s a perfect opportunity to get an early start on building relationships with key decision-makers.



The Private Executive Luncheon is a small gathering of the 20 most senior leaders at the conference. It is an invite-only event for these senior leaders to connect early in the conference. This Executive Luncheon will be in a private VIP setting. Following lunch will be an hour-long engagement by the sponsor to drive conversation and thought leadership on the state of CX today. Private and exclusive. Please note, the Opening Day, Tuesday, Executive Luncheon Sponsor covers the costs of the lunch and venue.



Help us kick off the Forum in style. The Welcome Reception is held Tuesday evening (September 24, 2024), in a fun and festive environment. The Welcome Reception Sponsor receives exclusivity and will start the Summit in a stand-out and be-noticed fashion. As the sponsor of this event, you will be able to send a special invitation to all the attendees – encouraging participation and generating excitement for the Reception. Any giveaways or any games with prizes are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Everything from coordination of event details to transportation (if required), food, drinks, music entertainment, and co-branded signage is included in the sponsorship. Additionally, the sponsor will be recognized on the main stage the following day.



At each Execs In The Know (EITK) Conference, a private dinner is organized specifically for selected key decision makers who are in attendance. EITK secures attendance and provides signage, transportation, and coordination with the venue and sponsor for this exclusive dinner. Be the organization to host this high-level networking opportunity. Please note, the Opening Day, Tuesday, Private Executive Dinner Sponsor covers the costs of the dinner and venue.



After a full day of discussions, our attendees are ready to see concepts live in action. The purpose of the Innovations Lab is to allow attendees to see live applications and how they can be applied to improve CX in different channels and processes. We have included a set time frame on the conference agenda, combined with our cocktail hour to allow for a comfortable, relaxed setting for engaged conversations and learning. Sponsors of the Innovations Lab will be given a 10’x10’ space to host product demos on demand for our guests.



When you want to be recognized as an innovator, take the main stage and be highlighted as the overall Innovation Lab and Event Spotlight Sponsor. With this sponsorship, you will be highlighted in the CRS Host’s main-stage presentation and receive branded signage at the doors of the Innovation Lab. As an extra benefit, you get first choice of your position on the Innovation Lab floor plan to maximize your booth visibility within the room. The day following the Innovations Lab, you will join the CRS Host on the main stage to say a few words and conduct the coveted grand prize drawing winner for the Innovation Lab engagement activity.



Become “the” recognized sponsor of our evening networking event, taking place Wednesday evening (September 25, 2024), following the Innovations Lab. Our evening networking events are well known for entertainment value and for the extensive networking opportunities that unfold. You get to personally welcome the guests to this event, and your company is branded throughout the evening.

Everything from coordination of event details and staff to support the event, to transportation (if required), food, drinks, music entertainment, co-branding of the event (Execs In The Know and the sponsor), engagement stations (e.g.. Photo booth, specialty drink stations, etc.) is included in the sponsorship. Additionally, the sponsor will join Execs In The Know on main stage the following day to be recognized as the evening event sponsor and share a quick thank you message.


Branding opportunities can only be added to an existing sponsorship and are not for individual sale.



Taking place at the first break during the General Session on September 25th. Get creative with this special coffee bar with branded signage and an opportunity to offer guests a unique coffee experience.



Taking place during the General Session afternoon break on September 25th. Get creative with this special dessert station with branded signage and an opportunity to offer guests a sweet treat to brighten their day.



Get your brand noticed! This opportunity includes a soft seating area with a branded charging station for the attendees. Brand the area with your signage and literature. Be a hero and save attendees whose battery is getting low!



The Wi-Fi logo is always of interest to all attendees! This sponsorship will include your name as the Wi-Fi sponsor for the conference, with many shout-outs to providing great Wi-Fi while on site!



Get noticed and engage with attendees! This opportunity includes exclusive branding of a Shoe Shine Station, set up to pamper the guests. Have someone from your team at the Station to greet people and engage in discussion.



  • On-stage giveaway
  • Advertisements in the Conference Agenda
  • Room Drop (1 opportunity available)

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