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Execs In The Know serves the needs of an amazing community of passionate and engaged Customer Experience professionals.

Participate and you’ll interact with Customer Experience leadership teams from some of the world’s most well-regarded brands. Furthermore, Execs In The Know plays a very active role in managing introductions and identifying specific corporate needs that are an ideal match for your organization’s offerings, so you won’t just be in the room — you’ll be in the conversation.

Subject Matter Briefings  |  Private Dinners  |  Customer Response Summits

Subject Matter Briefings

Focused Subject Matter Briefings offer an unparalleled opportunity to meet with CX decision makers, position your brand as expert thought leaders, share best practices and unfiltered information with brands who are seeking it, and network with senior industry professionals.

Our Briefing Series will focus on solving our corporate brand partners’ most pressing customer experience problems.

The Briefing Series will focus on analytics to drive value, outsourcing as a strategic game changer, and leveraging technology with purpose. Corporate brands with pressing challenges will discuss them openly with an expert panel of CX thought leaders who can help guide them through the complex challenges. Briefing sponsorship includes three hours of direct engagement with the audience. Briefings place your brand on stage in a panel format, positioning you and your company as subject matter experts to an audience that has specific and direct interest in the subject matter.

Sponsored Private Dinners

Is your organization interested in exploring opportunities with a specific audience? Is there a city you would like to focus your sales and marketing efforts on? Or perhaps a vertical market such as finance, insurance, hi-tech, or retail?

Sponsored Private Dinners can help you engage prospects and build connections in a more relaxed atmosphere, where traditional vendor/prospect walls come down and relationships can be more easily formed. Execs In The Know can help plan introductions through targeted invitations for a private dinner. Choose a city in the US or Canada and Execs In The Know will work to fill your dinner event with 10-15 decision makers. A private dinner is a great way to make a soft introduction and get a handle on needs and fit in a pressure-free environment. Experience has shown this type of venue to be a productive method for building long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Customer Response Summits

After 10 years of Customer Response Summits, they continue to be our two signature spring and fall events of the year. We will be celebrating our leaders, partners, and 10+ years of inspiring CX excellence.

The Customer Response Summit Series continues to showcase firsthand how global brands are challenging the “status quo” of traditional and emerging customer care channels. Over ten years ago, we talked about how social media was changing the CX landscape, and we will continue to tap into the strength of our community where leading brands will share their insights into progress topics that are critical to future CX success.

Customer Response Summit is more than a conference – it’s an intimate and laser-focused forum, providing outstanding opportunities to directly engage with some of the brightest minds in customer leadership -“Leaders Learning From Leaders.” The strength of this forum lies within the innovative design of informative sessions, interactive workshops, relevant industry tours, specialized networking opportunities, and dynamic social engagement activities.

Main Stage | Breakout Sessions | Networking | Branding


customer response summit September 13-15, 2021

FALL 2021 – September 13-15 – Coronado, CA




Panel moderation is more than facilitating a discussion on stage among a group of selected brands – it’s the centerpiece for sharing best practices and is intrinsically woven into the fabric and mandate of the Summit. Business partners hosting a panel are seen as leaders in the field. Bring your unique insight and ability to engage your audience to center stage.


The Client Case Study presentation requires you to bring with you a key client that you select from your organization’s portfolio. This is an incredible opportunity to capture the imagination and attention of the audience and to tell your success story. Business partners who have participated found substantial value with this valuable opportunity. Attendees look for proof of concept, access to your research, and critical findings. You receive 45 minutes of valuable airtime and the opportunity to engage the audience as a leader in the industry. Leave them wanting to hear and learn more about your company’s vision.


The goal of this session is to establish the business partner as a thought leader through an activity that will resonate with the community and engage and inspire idea and problem solving among the attendees. There will then be a limited readback at the end of the session. The remaining feedback will be documented and distributed at the conference the next day and will also be digitally shared on our channels, including in our Know It All community.

How It Works:

  • Interactive session that opens with the sponsor and three brands setting the stage for 20 minutes discussing the topic/problem/insight/debate that will underline the activity or engagement that follows
  • The three brands (from registered brand attendees) will either be selected by EITK and/or one of your clients can be part of this
  • We will have the audience break into smaller groups and each will be assigned a moderator (panel member, BP resources, EITK board, and EITK team as required)
  • Each table (smaller group) will assign a group member to document findings during the discussions
  • Groups will be given 30 minutes for discussion and a 15-minute highlight readback will follow
  • All findings will be collected and transformed into an insights document by the EITK team
  • The insights document will be distributed post-event via email, social networks, and the KIA Online Community




Shop Talks are designed to be laser-focused discussions on a narrow area of CX. These small, engaging discussions are great opportunities for you to engage with attendees who have great interest in your topic. There are four simultaneous Shop Talks, with attendees able to attend two of the four. Each session is 40 minutes in length with 10 minutes in between. Sponsors are given a private room close to the General Session for the engagement and can brand with various signage and collateral.

How It Works:

  • Facilitate your session in a private assigned breakout room
  • Leaders learn from leaders – Shop Talk is perfectly designed for collaborative, informative, and interactive training sessions
  • Be positioned as thought leaders of subject matter presented
  • Sessions are conducted in sequence on the day of your engagement as attendees rotate from session to session
  • Brand your session with (1-2) pop-up banners and literature for attendees – Booths are not allowed
  • Facilitate your session with the necessary supporting AV Equipment – Separate Pricing Provided from Hotel



It’s been proven that our Moments of Brilliance sessions are a top-rated engagement opportunity that attendees want more of. This is your opportunity for your client to provide a direct endorsement of your product and service. Moments of Brilliance are 20-minute sessions that attendees will self-select and rotate every 20 minutes. We will have a total of four simultaneous sessions taking place. Attendees will select (2) of the (3) opportunities available to attend and rotate based on self-selection and interest. We will allow for 10 minutes between each session for rotation to take place. Your client will pitch the Moment of Brilliance (2) times, with each session 20 minutes in length.




At each EITK Conference, a private dinner is organized specifically for selected key decision makers that are in attendance. EITK secures attendance and, in conjunction with EITK, the Pre-Conference Private Dinner Sponsor covers the costs of the dinner venue. Be the organization to host this high-level networking opportunity. Previous attendees of this exclusive event have thoroughly enjoyed participating.


This luncheon is a small gathering of the 20 most senior leaders at the conference. It is an invite-only event for these senior leaders to connect early in the conference. This Executive Luncheon will be in a private VIP setting. Following lunch will be an hour-long engagement by the sponsor to drive conversation and thought leadership on the state of CX today. Private and exclusive.


After a full day of discussions, our attendees are ready to see concepts live in action. The purpose of the Innovations Lab is to allow attendees to see live applications, and how they can be applied to improve CX in different channels and processes. We have included a set timeframe on the conference agenda, combined with our cocktail hour to allow for a comfortable, relaxed setting for engaged conversations and learnings. Sponsors of the Innovations Lab will be given a 10×10 space to host product demos on demand for our guests.


Help us kick off the Forum in style. The Welcome Reception is held Monday evening (September 16th), in a fun and festive environment. The Welcome Reception Sponsor receives exclusivity and will start the Forum in a “stand out and be noticed” fashion. As the Sponsor of this event, you will be able to send a special invitation to all the attendees – encouraging participation and generating excitement for the Reception. Games/Prizes are the responsibility of the Sponsor.


Work with us to identify and plan an exclusive, behind-the-scenes site tour of a local brand facility. Attendees love to top off the Customer Response Summit experience with an industry tour for a sneak peek into the customer experience at some of today’s leading brands.


Branding opportunities can only be added to an existing sponsorship and are not for individual sale.



Taking place at the first break on day one of the conference. Get creative with this special coffee bar with brand signage and an opportunity to offer guests a unique coffee experience.


Taking place on day one of the conference. Get creative with this special dessert station with brand signage and an opportunity to offer guests a sweet treat to brighten their day.


Get your brand noticed! This opportunity includes a soft seating area with a branded charging station for the attendees. Brand the area with your signage and literature. Be a hero and save attendees whose battery is getting low!


The Wi-Fi logo is always of interest to all attendees! This sponsorship will include your name as the Wi-Fi sponsor for the conference, with many shoutouts to providing great Wi-Fi while on site!


  • Conference pens/notepads
  • On-stage giveaway
  • Advertisements in the Conference Agenda
  • Room Drop (1 opportunity available)
  • Hotel Key (1 opportunity available)

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Drive real value by building awareness for your brand’s industry expertise among a highly targeted audience of key Customer Management decision makers.

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