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Whether you are at the top of your game or you finally landed that big leadership position, we are only as strong as the people who we surround ourselves with and how much we continue to challenge ourselves. At Execs In The Know, we are bringing leaders together to set the agenda for customer service – where leaders learn from leaders – tackling new challenges, challenging the status quo, and positioning for the future of CX.


    The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

    Read about case studies that set the gold standard for Artificial Intelligence. Is your business prepared?


    CXMB Series: 2019 Consumer Edition

    The entire CX community is adapting to the increasing needs of multilingual customer support. 84% of respondents will be leveraging chatbots – come find out why.


    Brand Spotlight: Upwork

    Upwork is at the forefront of the Gig Economy’s rise to prominent. Find out how they are creating a culture of excellence and setting the agenda in their own industry.


    10 Things We Learned at CRS Denver

    Customer Response Summit encourages the sharing of best practices among CX leaders from the world’s largest brands. One of those illustrious brands was kind enough to share their most notable takeaways they learned from CRS Denver.


    Brand Q&A On The Gig Economy

    We turn to a Customer Service Executive from a major brand to gain insight into leveraging the gig economy to combat the cultural shift against traditional full-time work. Our brand Q&A’s offer a look behind the curtain into companies’ best practices when it comes to the most pressing CX topics, and can be found only when you join Know-It-All.


    Discussing Fan Creators With Microsoft

    Worldwide Customer Service Leader at Microsoft joined Execs In The Know for an episode of Customer Driven, our leading CX podcast to share how the gig economy has positively impacted workflow within the company as well as emulating their most successful Customer Service Advocates.


    Join Us for Customer Response Summit Hollywood

    Execs In The Know is celebrating 10 years of Customer Response Summits at CRS Hollywood (March 2-4, 2020). Join us at the lavish Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort among hundreds of your CX industry peers and learn best practices, share exclusive insights, network with C-level CX executives, and engage with all the beautiful city of Hollywood has to offer.


    CX Marketplace Coming Soon

    KIA is soon launching a new, exclusive aspect within the community where CX decision makers can share valuable peer-to-peer insights. This innovative marketplace will enable members to access information and crowdsource knowledge to select the right business partners for their organization’s CX needs and goals.


    Learn From Fellow CX Leaders

    “This was my first Execs In The Know event and I’m blown away. I was able to connect with other leaders in an environment of open discussions, collaborative workshops and through insightful, well-delivered keynote presentations. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed into the EITK community. There is a culture of inclusion and diversity and an overall passion for excellence within the community that drives rich discussions even outside the conference hours. The networking dinners and over-the-top evening events allow for deeper discussions and personal networking opportunities that couldn’t have occurred without a huge effort from the event planners. I’m proud to join the EITK community and will definitely be at future events.”

    Fred Adkins – Principal Associate – Digital and Social Care – Capital One


    Join the Know It All Community

    Our exclusive online community of CX leaders is hungry for new ideas and approaches to transform the customer experience. Know It All empowers members to collaborate with the top executives within the industry (over 50% of whom are VP-level+) to break out of silos, fast-track C-suite buy-ins, develop better-informed strategies and gain invaluable insider information on prospective vendors. With insightful daily deep-dive discussions, in-depth Q&As with thought leaders, robust networking tools, and a soon to come executive job board and CX marketplace, there is no place like KIA when it comes to CX mastery.



    Participate In Our CXMB Survey

    Execs In The Know teams with research partner COPC Inc. twice per year to bring you the Customer Experience Benchmarking Study (CXMB) Series. These comprehensive reports take into account the input of our CX industry peers and turns their insights into concrete data to help formulate proper strategies to build towards the future of customer experience. One installment focuses on Corporate Insights, while the other focuses on Consumer Insights – while both provide everything you need to know about where the industry is headed. Feel free to complete the survey today to receive an exclusive discount on your Customer Response Summit package and know that while your name and information will remain anonymous, your insights will help change the entire industry.


    Subscribe to Insight Magazine
    Coming January 2020

    In 2020, EITK is launching a new exclusive magazine titled Insight, where subscribers will find unique CX-laden content from our in-house team as well as some of our CX industry peers. Full of actionable takeaways, in-depth think pieces, and high-level solutions, Insight is the next step in EITK’s endless mission to set the agenda for the future of CX and keep the entire customer experience industry in the know.


  • How Asynchronous Messaging is Disrupting Customer Communications

    Welcome to another episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel. On this episode, Chad sits down with Mike Myer, CEO and Founder of Quiq, a business messaging company in the customer service world. Hear Mike’s unique perspective about the integration of these technologies into a successful customer experience.


Well organized and valuable sessions. The networking opportunities to talk to peers in the customer space is highly valuable. ”

Aaron McMillan, Managing Director, Quality Services, Applications & Refunds, United Airlines

Chad’s ability to connect people creates a strong community feel and helps to break down barriers. The panels are great because you hear many points of view.”

Shellie Dow, Sr. Director, Contact Center, Nintendo of America

Execs In The Know is a CX community that allows me to learn and share with peers across industries. In a short period of time I have strengthened my network, which enables me to reach out when challenged and gather insight from peers in CX.”

John Pompei, Head of Customer Care Operations, Electronic Arts

The Execs In The Know event was such a valuable event for my team that it will be on our calendar every year going forward. Fantastic event, wonderful networking and meaningful content. It exceeded expectations.”

Walter Liebenow, Customer Care Director, The Home Depot

As a first-time attendee and speaker, I was very impressed with the quality of the attendees and the content. Look forward to attending future sessions and participating in the EITK community.”

Jerry Howe, VP of CX, OfferUp

The Community Experience

Know It All (KIA) is our exclusive, private online community where CX leaders from top customer brands work together to solve current challenges, build new strategies, and position for the future.

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Over half of private KIA members are VP-level or above. When this prestigious group shares best practices in an open discussion, Q&A, or blog post, we all learn from the best.


Bond with CX leaders in an open setting while discussing the most pressing issues plaguing the customer experience industry.


With a dynamic CX marketplace and executive job board on the horizon, Know It All is shaping up to be your one-stop shop for all things CX.

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