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  • July 2024 Issue

    Welcome to the July 2024 issue of CX Insight magazine, an Execs In The Know Publication.

    Leading the way: inspiring innovation, driving excellence, and fostering a culture of unwavering commitment.

    Summer is in full swing, and we find ourselves amid an exhilarating season of transformation and growth. Our focus for this quarter’s issue is on the profound impact of technology, sustainability, and well-being on customer experience (CX). Each article in this issue delves into these critical themes, providing fresh insights and actionable strategies to enhance your leadership and elevate your CX initiatives.

    In our featured articles, mental health in the workplace, artificial intelligence (AI) and customer trust, and sustainability in CX take center stage. We address how prioritizing mental health can lead to a more engaged, productive, and loyal workforce, harnessing the power of AI while safeguarding customer privacy and maintaining trust, and driving long-term loyalty and growth through responsible business practices.

    Our Brand Spotlight shines on Freshpet, a company that manufactures and sells natural and fresh treats and food for dogs and cats and is one of Adweek’s Top Status Quo-Defying Brands. In an interview with Lisa Diehl, the brand’s Director of Consumer Care, we learn how Freshpet’s dedication to its Pet Parents and sustainability initiatives sets it apart in the competitive pet food industry.

    Each article in this issue is crafted to inspire and equip you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of modern CX. As you dive into these stories, we hope you’ll find practical advice and the motivation to lead with empathy, innovate responsibly, and champion sustainability within your organization.

    Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to continuing this conversation and supporting your efforts to create extraordinary customer experiences. As always, we hope that something in this issue enlightens your perspective and sparks new ideas and innovation.

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