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  • April 2021 Issue

    Cultivating CX Simplicity

    Welcome to the April 2021 edition of CX Insight magazine, an Execs In The Know publication.

    Minimizing Effort, Growing Satisfaction

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

    Keeping things simple has always been the hallmark of a great customer care experience. Traditionally, simplicity (and the reduced effort it brings) has been targeted at customers. But this is no longer enough. In fact, many brands have awakened to the idea that creating a simple customer journey is really a two-part equation. On the one hand, customers should have their issue resolved with as little effort as possible. But in order for this to happen, brands need to build simplicity into their internal toolsets and processes. If the agent journey and the tools they use are complex and uncertain, nothing short of a miracle is needed to consistently deliver a seamless, effortless experience to the customer.

    In this issue we look at some innovative ways to help an improved experience take root, like maximizing the work-from-home environment through effective employee engagement. We explore what is means to become a cognitive enterprise, and we plant interest with a few highlights from the recently released CXMB Series 2020 Corporate Edition report. Furthermore, we get familiar with Julie Weingardt in this month’s KIA Online Community Member Spotlight and learn how her company, Turo, puts simplicity at the center of everything they do.

    As contact center operations rely more heavily on automation, and more complex engagements are left to agents, delivering a simple experience for all is only going to grow more important. We hope this issue sprouts some new ideas for readers as they use their brilliance to build better experiences for both their customers and employees.

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