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  • April 2022 Issue

    Welcome to the April 2022 edition of CX Insight magazine, an Execs In The Know publication.

    Closing the distance with deeper insights.

    Customer Experience (CX) leaders are all too aware of the power of data in driving a broader vision and effecting future plans. Thankfully, internal operations aren’t the only source of such insights. In fact, the CX industry is awash in research — much of it providing exactly the types of discoveries that can help influence leadership, embolden investment, and inspire innovation.

    In this issue, we tap into CX industry research to take a closer look at evolving consumer expectations. But the insights don’t stop there. We also review the comparison data between the recently released CX Leaders Trends & Insights: 2021 Corporate Edition report and the earlier released 2021 Consumer Edition report, examining the critical differences and alignments between the two.

    Along with this deep dive into CX research, this issue also contains an insider’s look at Airbnb through a special Brand Spotlight featuring Jerry Hong and Andy Yasutake, as well as a KIA Member Spotlight featuring Beth Pendleton from Humana. As always, we hope you’ll find these and our other articles to be both informative and inspiring, especially as you develop and refine your own future CX plans.

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