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  • October 2021 Issue

    Welcome to the October 2021 edition of CX Insight magazine, an Execs In The Know publication.

    Delivering an Accelerated Move to Digital

    The increased digitalization of CX operations and shift to smart service journeys has been in the works for years, but the onset of a global pandemic in early 2020 has accelerated this transition. Not only are companies increasingly adopting new channels, new tools, and new methods for capturing and utilizing data, but consumer behaviors and attitudes toward digital adoption have also changed dramatically, particularly when it comes to self-service. Many consumers have moved past the “getting comfortable” stage and onto the “got to have it” stage, while just as many companies are realizing the value of digital CX in terms of program efficiency and performance.

    In this issue, we investigate increased personalization through the lens of artificial intelligence (AI), we review the impact of the pandemic on digital adoption, and we reiterate a few crucial best practices for achieving improved vendor performance. We also explore a variety of up-and-coming business process outsourcing sites, and find out which CX topics might be trending in 2022.

    Additionally, this issue contains an insider’s look at Github through a special Brand Spotlight featuring Sue Morris, Vice President, Customer Service, as well as a Q & A with Thomas Siebert, Director, National Customer Engagement Sales & Support Center at FinishMaster, Inc. As always, we hope you’ll find these and our other articles to be both informative and inspiring, especially as you develop and refine your own future digital CX plans.

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