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Welcome to the CX Insight Magazine. In 2020, new issues will be published in the months of January, April, July, and October. The magazine includes insights worth sharing from Execs In The Know and contributing authors. Enjoy!

  • October 2020 Issue


    Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the Execs In The Know magazine publication — CX insight. In this issue we tackle several topics that are critical to improving the experiences of your customers, as well as your employees.

    Although the successes over the past 6 months have been hard-won, companies cannot afford to slow down efforts for pushing forward new ideas and new concepts. Now, eight months into the pandemic, companies are finding their footing, regrouping, and setting strategic priorities that will carry them through 2020, and well into 2021. Critical to these plans is the ability for companies to maximize Work-at-Home (WAH) operations. Most are now far enough along the WAH path to understand what works and what could work better. We’re pleased to bring you some of these valuable insights in this issue.

    If a global health crisis weren’t challenge enough, 2020 has also brought about the need for many brands to reexamine company culture. More importantly, it has caused brands to take a closer look at actions (or inactions, as is sometimes the case), and how they impact the experiences of both customers and employees. Different brands may be at different stages of this journey, but one thing is clear — the decisions made now will determine the strength of future relationships with customers and employees alike.

    We invite you to peruse this issue, which touches on many of the topics highlighted above, including a feature piece on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as several pieces on getting the most value out of your WAH operations. Enjoy!

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