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Welcome to the CX Insight Magazine. In 2020, new issues will be published in the months of January, April, July, and October. The magazine includes insights worth sharing from Execs In The Know and contributing authors. Enjoy!

  • July 2020 Issue


    Welcome to the July 2020 edition of the Execs In The Know Magazine publication – CX Insight. As we all pause, regroup, and reflect on these past several months, we recognize that while our path forward is not without obstacles it is lined with opportunity. Opportunity to take the once in a lifetime experiences we’ve recently encountered and put them to good use on behalf of our customers and our employees. In this issue, we focus on voice of the customer (VoC) strategies which has never been a more critical topic considering the rapidly changing business environment in which we are current operating.

    Looking back on the year, we started 2020 with some grand strategies only to put those on hold as we were thrust into an intense journey to do more with less and quickly adjust to the changing times. As we begin to resurface and flip from situational reactive mode to strategically responsive mode, we can begin to dust off those strategy documents and reevaluate and position for the last half of the year. While uncertainty is still looming, we now have experiences in our arsenal that can prove valuable as we reflect and prepare for the upcoming holiday season and get our strategies back on track.

    So, let’s forge ahead together – onward to the next stage in this 2020 journey. We invite you to dig into this issue and explore the trending topics ranging from effective self-service, the art and science of balancing cost pressures and customer experience, outsourcing insights, team perseverance, through leadership perspectives and more! Enjoy.

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