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The CX Leadership Exchange is designed to provide a valuable source of inspiration and empowerment for customer experience (CX) leaders across various industries. This unique virtual series features engaging and authentic conversations with some of today’s most respected CX leadership visionaries.

The conversations delve into their career experiences and highlight the journey these CX leaders took to get to their current roles. Hear pivotal experiences, game-changing moments, career highlights, and even lessons from career lows. 

Tune in to access candid conversations that are authentic and relatable, fostering an environment of learning and personal growth. 

  • Episode 7: The Heart Behind CX: A 35-Year Leadership Legacy

    Guest: Shellie Dow

    In this enlightening episode, join us as we explore the remarkable 35-year career journey of Shellie Dow, a visionary leader who shaped the future of customer service at Nintendo and left an indelible mark on the industry. Discover the pivotal moments, leadership philosophies, and the power of data-driven decision-making that propelled her from a temporary call center role to a respected vice president of operations.

    This conversation dives deep into the essence of authentic leadership, the importance of empathy, and the art of empowering teams to leverage their strengths for collective success. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or just starting your career, this episode offers invaluable insights into navigating career transitions, embracing your true leadership style, and the transformative impact of putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.

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  • Episode 6: The Impact of Human Connections in CX Leadership

    Guest: Alvin Stokes

    Join us for this inspiring episode of The CX Leadership Exchange as we explore the fascinating career of Alvin Stokes. With a legacy stretching over decades in the customer experience industry, Alvin shares his wisdom on leadership, the importance of authentic connections, and how personal stories shape professional journeys. Leadership in CX is not just about career milestones but about human connections and the impact on individuals and teams.

    From his early days in computer programming to steering companies through economic downturns, Alvin embodies the spirit of CX through empathy, innovation, and a relentless focus on the customer. Whether you’re a budding professional or an established leader, Alvin’s insights offer a valuable guide for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the world of customer experience.

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  • Episode 5: The Art of Authentic Leadership

    Guest: Scott Horace

    In this episode of The CX Leadership Exchange, we sit down with Scott Horace, the Senior Vice President, Global Contact Center Management at Mastercard. With a remarkable career spanning nearly three decades, Scott delves into the evolution of customer experience. He shares his insights on effective leadership, team dynamics, and the importance of authenticity in the workplace.

    Gain valuable knowledge from Scott’s extensive experience, including his approach to customer obsession, the significance of personal values in leadership, and the impact of mentorship on career development. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in customer experience and leadership.

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  • Episode 4: From Call Center to Corporate Strategy: 25 Years in CX

    Guest: Tatyana Ngai

    In this episode of The CX Leadership Exchange, we’re thrilled to present an engaging conversation with Tatyana Ngai, Assistant Vice President, Business Program Office – Customer Service & Operations (CS&O) at AT&T. Join us as we uncover the pivotal moments and invaluable wisdom that have shaped Tatyana’s exceptional career journey in the CX and telecom industry.

    From starting in customer-facing roles to navigating through technical positions and ultimately embracing a key corporate strategy role at AT&T, Tatyana emphasizes the significance of continuous growth and flexibility in carving out a successful career path.

    Throughout our discussion, she provides compelling insights into breaking organizational silos, drawing from her experiences during a crisis like Hurricane Katrina and illuminating the transformative power of collaboration across organizations.

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  • Episode 3: Why Saying ‘Yes’ Is the Best Decision for Your Career

    Guest: Jennifer Lee

    In this episode of The CX Leadership Exchange, Jennifer Lee, President & Chief Operating Officer of Intradiem, shares her inspiring journey from contact center roots to becoming a dynamic leader in the software industry. Jennifer’s story is a testament to resilience, embracing opportunities, and the power of people-centric leadership. From navigating setbacks to seizing chances even when feeling unprepared, she highlights the pivotal moments that shaped her career.

    Her insights underscore the significance of execution, fostering relationships, continuous learning, and broadening perspectives to drive innovative solutions. Join us as we dive into the art of leadership through Jennifer’s transformative journey, offering invaluable strategies and lessons for aspiring leaders in any industry.

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  • Episode 2: A Journey from CFO to Customer Leader

    Guest: Vicki Perryman

    Get ready for an extraordinary journey into CX leadership with Vicki Perryman, a true force of nature in the industry. Vicki’s career has taken her from the world of finance to the dynamic realm of healthcare at Humana, and her story is a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and continuous learning.

    In this episode, Vicki shares the secrets of her success, emphasizing the significance of seeking feedback, embracing diverse perspectives, and the role of fun in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting your career, her insights and wisdom will motivate you to thrive in the ever-changing world of CX.

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  • Episode 1: How to Lead with Conviction, Vision, and a Growth Mindset

    Guest: Peter Mallot

    Join us for an inspiring episode as we dive into a conversation with Peter Mallot, a seasoned customer experience (CX) leader with over 26 years of experience at Microsoft. He shares his insights on leadership, empowerment, and mentorship, reflecting on pivotal moments in his career and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

    Peter discusses the importance of courage to stand up for what’s right, embracing feedback, and fostering a growth mindset. His journey is a testament to the power of leadership and the positive impact it can have on teams and organizations.

    Tune in to gain valuable leadership insights and be inspired to lead with conviction and vision.

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