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The CX Leadership Exchange is designed to provide a valuable source of inspiration and empowerment for customer experience (CX) leaders across various industries. This unique virtual series features engaging and authentic conversations with some of today’s most respected CX leadership visionaries.

The conversations delve into their career experiences and highlight the journey these CX leaders took to get to their current roles. Hear pivotal experiences, game-changing moments, career highlights, and even lessons from career lows. 

Tune in to access candid conversations that are authentic and relatable, fostering an environment of learning and personal growth. 

  • Episode 1: How to Lead with Conviction, Vision, and a Growth Mindset

    Guest: Peter Mallot

    Join us for an inspiring episode as we dive into a conversation with Peter Mallot, a seasoned customer experience (CX) leader with over 26 years of experience at Microsoft. He shares his insights on leadership, empowerment, and mentorship, reflecting on pivotal moments in his career and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

    Peter discusses the importance of courage to stand up for what’s right, embracing feedback, and fostering a growth mindset. His journey is a testament to the power of leadership and the positive impact it can have on teams and organizations.

    Tune in to gain valuable leadership insights and be inspired to lead with conviction and vision.

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Reasons to Tune In

Are you a CX leader who’s driven by the pursuit of excellence? The CX Leadership Exchange welcomes you on a transformative journey, where inspiration meets empowerment, and conventional boundaries are challenged. Join the conversation to glean insights that have the power to redefine your leadership trajectory.

Empower Your Leadership
Immerse yourself in narratives of resilience, innovation, and determination, enriching your leadership journey and broadening your perspective.

Challenge Conventional Thinking
CX Leadership Exchange encourages leaders to question the status quo, fostering an environment where innovative and transformative ideas can flourish.

Reflect and Evolve
Dive into the introspective side of leadership, reflecting on your own career while drawing inspiration from those who’ve walked a similar path.

Expand Your Network 
Connect with like-minded CX leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, fostering a community of shared experiences and expertise. 

Be a Part of the Exchange 

We are actively seeking CX leaders to participate in this new virtual series. You possess a treasure trove of insights forged through challenges and triumphs. Your unique journey has the potential to ignite the spark of inspiration in countless others navigating the complex landscape of leadership. By participating in The CX Leadership Exchange, you become a beacon of guidance.  

Join us in inspiring the next generation of leaders. Your journey matters.

Interested in being a guest on The CX Leadership Exchange? Reach out to elysia@execsintheknow.com