Foundations in AI for CX
Certification Program

CX Leaders Get Certified in AI for CX on October 16-18, 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

With the rapid advancement of CX technology, it is more important than ever for senior leaders to be confident in their knowledge about AI. This course equips leaders with an understanding of AI’s integral role in CX, the operational dependencies critical to success, and the opportunities to make a positive impact on the customer and employee experiences. Participants will learn how to establish clear technology objectives and ensure the use of AI drives customer loyalty and business efficiencies while managing associated risks. It will also explore opportunities to create more meaningful jobs for your workers and efficient resolution for your customers.

Execs In The Know has partnered with COPC to create a 2.5-day CX Leader Certification Program focused on the foundations of AI and the principles for its successful use in CX.

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About the Foundations in AI for CX Certification Program

This Certification Program empowers CX leaders with fundamental knowledge of AI. Participants will learn how to evaluate, implement and manage AI-driven technology within CX strategies, and leverage the transformational opportunities proven to create real business value. The curriculum includes hands-on, collaborative problem-solving exercises throughout the program to help you build a framework for a new AI initiative or enhance an existing AI strategy.

In addition to the 14+ hours of training delivered by COPC, there will be time set aside for social engagement with your peers to continue the conversation. Solution Providers will also be on hand to visit with you during our Happy Hour and during breaks throughout the program.

Earn recognition as a forward-thinking leader by obtaining a certification in applying AI to enhance your CX strategy.

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Why Attend the Foundations for AI for CX Certification Program?

Timely: AI is proving to have the capacity to quickly and effectively impact Customer Experience. Understanding its ability to change your business and your leadership is critical.

In Person: An in-person format allows you to learn and collaborate with your CX peers.

Experienced: Experienced expert instruction from COPC, the global leader in CX training and consulting, helping organizations worldwide transform their CX through the seamless integration of technology, processes, and people. This, combined with the Execs In The Know standard for unwavering quality in CX content delivered in an engaging environment, the Foundations for AI for CX Certification Program promises to provide a unique and practical learning experience.

Certification: Get recognized as a progressive leader through the advanced curriculum in AI. The Certification is earned through the rigor of in-class group exercise and an individual post-class application exercise.

The Program Curriculum At A Glance

  • Digital CX Strategy and AI Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Conversational AI Ethics

  • Ensuring Conversational AI Response Quality

  • Knowledge Management Best Practices for Traditional AI and Generative AI

  • Measuring, Managing, and Improving AI/Bots

  • CX Technology Sourcing, Acquisition, and Vendor Management

How You Can Earn Your Certification