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The Best of Both Worlds Revealed. What’s In Your Strategy?

Bots or People? Over the last year or so, when the world has been challenged to comply with social distancing, it has never been more clear why a diversified Bots and Gig strategy just might save the day. Watch and listen to CX Leaders talk about why they back these two very different but complementary strategies.

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Watch the On-Demand Virtual Briefing: Implementing Bots and a Channel
Guidance Strategy to Ensure Service, Business, and Information Continuity

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Read Our Latest Gig Article In Response to COVID-19 and CX Readiness:
The Rise of Work-at-Home

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CX Outsourcing Insights

An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes

The CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes report provides a snapshot of the industry from the perspective of program leaders. This document reveals current practitioner thinking on Outsourcer program structure, performance challenges and opportunities, and future changes.


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Outsourcing: Managing Fluctuating Call Volumes Without Compromising Service Standards

Customer service (CX) leaders worldwide benefit greatly from all the positive ways that outsourcing can seamlessly integrate within an all-encompassing customer experience strategy. While it is common for businesses to plan for seasonal call volume spikes, outages, and site closures; it was hard to ever foresee or plan for the entire world to go through business disruption simultaneously with the COVID-19 outbreak. During this shocking turn of events, brands are experiencing unprecedented swings in call volume and capacity. In the initial phase, many responded by turning to outsource service providers to strategize for their business continuity planning. Whether it was to increase their existing outsourcing or launching outsourcing as a completely new model, many companies found themselves turning to this strategy to weather the daily changes. MORE

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“You cannot monitor what you can’t measure.”

Data & Analytics

Listen in to hear CX Leaders talk strategy for Data & Analytics. Learn how they are using Data & Analytics to drive the customer-centric strategies using best practices including:

  • Real-time Measurement
  • Agent Enablement & Empowerment
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Journey Mapping to Monitor Behaviors
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Monitoring Needs/Preferences
  • Mapping KPI Goals to Controllable Outcomes
  • Breaking Down Data Silos
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