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Execs In The Know has attracted some of the industry’s best corporate brands, and their senior leaders, to our community. We know our Business Partners are passionate about driving innovation for today’s “connected consumer”, and want to ensure your insight and value are showcased. Whether you’re looking to enhance your credibility, create new connections, increase sales, or stand out from the competition, being an Execs In The Know sponsor will put your brand in the spotlight.

Download our 2023 Sponsorship Kit

  Download our 2024 Sponsorship Kit

Key Reasons to Sponsor

  • Enhance Your Credibility

    Build trust & establish your brand as a leader in the space.

  • Brand Awareness & Recognition

    Highlight your brand to a captive audience. Sponsors are seen as valuable, supportive industry leaders.

  • Highly Targeted Marketing

    With a high number of VP’s & C-Level executives, you can be sure you’re getting in front of the right people.

  • Educational Community

    Create new professional relationships and tell your brand story in a collaborative, accepting environment.

In 2020 we celebrated our first 10 years bringing CX leaders together in the spirit of delivering amazing customer experiences.

Over the years we have welcomed many new CX leaders to our growing community, and it has been a pleasure to share in their continued professional growth as the CX industry itself has developed over time. We are thankful and grateful to everyone who has been a part of the community these past 10 years and look forward to the next decade and beyond. Celebrate with us as we roll out exciting new ways to get involved – check out our online Know It All community (KIA), CX Marketplace, fresh original content, new issues of CX Insight Magazine, Customer Response Summits, and more.

Energize Your Marketing Efforts

Build awareness for your brand’s industry expertise among a highly targeted audience of key Customer Management decision makers.

  • Digital Engagement

    Co-Branded Webinars
    CX Marketplace

  • Content Promotion

    CX Insight Magazine
    Contributed Article
    CX Insight Magazine Contributed Ad
    Thought Leadership Promotion

  • Research & Content Creation

    CX Leaders Trends & Insights
    Report Partners
    Targeted CX Research
    Report Partner
    Content Creation Services

  • Virtual & Live Engagement

    Virtual Executive Roundtables
    Subject Matter Briefings
    Customer Response Summits

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