The development and production of high-quality content is a challenge for many organizations, especially when their main focus is new and better products to serve the needs of their clients.

Luckily, Execs In The Know provides a variety of rich Content Promotion opportunities — which provide high value as well as reusable content that can be distributed through your organization’s own promotional channels.

CX Marketplace

Unlike a typical vendor directory, our CX Marketplace features robust, dynamic content.

“Who We Are and What We Do” is frequently comprehensive but rarely compelling. Flesh out your brand story with video, social media embeds, downloadable materials, blog content, and more. Each listing is what you make of it. Vendors are encouraged to supplement their social media feeds with fresh content in a cadence that is comfortable to them. By housing the CX Marketplace within our exclusive online community, we enable members to privately share their insights based on personal experience. Members crowdsourcing insights from their peers builds valuable credibility in a highly competitive market where word of mouth can be a major differentiator.


CX Insight Magazine Article Contribution

Be seen and be heard.

Have an original content piece in the form of an article that you want to get in front of CX leaders? Put your best content piece forward with a branded Magazine Article Contribution in our CX Insight quarterly publication containing articles that will inspire innovation and provide valuable information leaders can reference. The magazine is available to read online with an option to download for easy portability. The magazine also incorporates up to three sponsored articles per issue woven in with exclusive Execs In The Know content. This CX Insight magazine gets ample visibility through email, social media, and at events.

CX Insight Magazine Contributed Advertisement

Amplify Your Awareness.

Looking to broaden your reach and amplify awareness for your organization or promote a content piece (research report, infographic, eBook, perspectives paper, blog article, etc.) with a brand ad? Put it on display with an 8.5 x 11, full-bleed, high resolution, Contributed Advertisement in our quarterly CX Insight Magazine publication. Your Advertisement will be part of a publication that gets right to your CX leader decision-maker audience. The full magazine will be available to read online with an option to download for easy portability. Online, your Advertisement will sit among the other articles on the issue landing page and will be part of the downloadable and print versions. This flagship publication will get ample visibility through email, social media, in our online community – KIA, and during events.







Thought Leadership Promotion

Already have effective content, but searching for new people to present it to? Want to affordably get your message in front of tens of thousands of customer experience professionals?

An Execs In The Know Thought Leadership Promotion Email is a highly effective way to demonstrate your knowledge and subject matter expertise through educational-based content. Regardless of whether you want to promote an event, product, or specific piece of content, we carry your message to our highly targeted network. The Execs In The Know digital rolodex is 20,000+ contacts strong, and each of these individuals is a high caliber CX leader. We create, send, and track your media-rich HTML or text-based email campaigns which enjoy high open and click rates. Reach new markets and contacts with your content. These email promotions provide an excellent option to get your message, knowledge, and expertise in front of decision-making customer experience professionals.

Content Promotion & Creation

You understand your brand and your offering, and we understand what is relevant and of interest to customer management professionals.

Together, we can work to develop powerful written content that speaks to the needs of the CX community by highlighting the thought leadership and value proposition of your organization in an educational and credibility-building way. Whether you’re looking for turnkey content or would just like some insightful feedback, we help craft messages that resonate and influence. Our content creation services offer both copy and design options and extend to industry blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers, marketing materials, survey writing, and beyond. We also have optional publishing and production capabilities to help ensure that the quality of your delivery matches the quality of your message.




CX Leaders Trends & Insights Series Report Sponsor

Elevate your reputation by being at the forefront of industry research.

Over the years, Execs In The Know (EITK) research has produced insights about the experiences, opinions, and perspectives of both consumers and corporate leaders, publishing on a bi-annual basis. In 2021, we revisited our approach to industry research with a complete rebranding, new elements suggested by our EITK community, and a new focus on practitioner insights. This new report series will still focus on consumer behavior and expectations using dynamic survey data, as well as corporate strategies and best practices, but will also infuse many of the views and opinions of experts within our community.​



photo of someone pointing at a report

Targeted CX Research Report Sponsor

Leave a lasting impression with professional research.

Targeted CX Research translates some of the industry hottest, Execs In The Know selected topics (like Outsourcing, Channel Strategy, Consumer Behavioral Insights, and more) into a custom, co-branded report. CX practitioners are always eager for an opportunity to take a deep dive into consumer and corporate perspectives. Execs In The Know’s Targeted CX Research features expert survey creation, robust sampling, highly qualified survey participants, and detailed analysis. The result is a sponsorship opportunity for the highly marketable, highly sought-after deliverable that positions the sponsoring brand as a leading contributor to the advancement of the CX industry’s base of knowledge. Aside from the sponsor’s branded contributed content, the custom report is truly a turnkey opportunity, resulting in a high-impact marketing, interest-building deliverable.​

Energize Your Marketing Efforts

Drive real value by building awareness for your brand’s industry expertise among a highly targeted audience of key Customer Management decision makers.

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