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An interview with Sean Ilenrey, Vice President of Support at the Oregon-based tech unicorn Dutchie.

EITK: How did you come to be at Dutchie and what is your day-to-day focus in your current role for the brand?

Sean Ilenrey: For the first 10 years of my career, I was on the outsourcing side of the industry. Then, I moved up the ranks in workforce management to lead operations. There are two major things that brought me to Dutchie. The number one is that we’re in an industry that is still growing, and I love that aspect. At my core, I’m a builder, and I want to be part of building world-class experiences in the canna-tech industry. Part two of the equation for me was representation. You don’t see a lot of minorities or first-generation Americans in tech or in cannabis. I felt like this was an opportunity to be part of something and show others that they can do this, too.

Being part of this company is amazing for many reasons. In terms of making an impact, Dutchie is partnered with the Last Prisoner Project, a cannabis reform nonprofit that fights to free the tens of thousands of prisoners still behind bars for non-violent cannabis charges. We put our money where our mouth is, and we donate. It feels good to be part of an effort that is making a difference in society.


The Dutchie Brand Spotlight is featured in the January 2023 issue of CX Insight magazine.

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