Webinar Wrap-Up of 2022: The Most Discussed Customer Experience (CX) Topics and Pressing Challenges Across the Industry

Before we turn the calendar to 2023, let’s take a look back at Execs In The Know’s round-up of informative webinars with leading CX experts over the past year.

This is your resource for some of the most discussed topics and pressing challenges that have not only made their way around the industry but have made a real impact.

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Here’s a look back at everything we covered in 2022. We hope these webinars with insightful CX insights provide you with actionable takeaways.

The 2023 CX Leader’s Roadmap: A Focus on Human-Digital Experiences

With the new year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate how to overcome the digital divide to connect with customers and employees in a more personal way.

Find out how Faherty, a sustainable clothing brand, has struck a winning balance between the uniquely human factors and its digital journey to drive brand preference and loyalty.

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Improving Customer Experience Through the Use of Digital Transformation Technologies

The world of customer experience is changing rapidly. According to SmartKarrot, artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to drive 95% of customer experience by 2025. However, it’s more than just applying technology throughout the customer journey. Understanding customer insights while keeping the human element can create a more personalized experience and help drive brand loyalty.

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7 Tips for Optimizing Operations Using Contact Center Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a replacement for people. Instead, AI allows individuals and companies to leverage technology in a way that takes their quality, production, and performance to levels never seen in servicing customers. Don’t fall behind the technology curve. This session will break down the steps you can take today to further transform your organization with AI.

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Using RPA & Desktop Analytics to Enhance Both the Employee and Customer Experience

The employee experience (EX) has a profound influence on the customer experience (CX), especially when it comes to customer service agents. Now that agents work from anywhere, it is especially hard to keep them informed and engaged. And when they are feeling disengaged, your customer experience tends to suffer.

Learn how the largest and most successful enterprises in the world are already benefitting from advanced automation solutions.     

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The Value of Done: Rapid Customer Experience for Rapid ROI; Yellow Case Study

Customers now expect best-in-class services across all devices, browsers, and channels, and building digital experiences to meet these expectations requires development resources that not all organizations have. In the world of low-code solutions, there is much to be said about the advantages of being able to deploy customer applications faster than ever before.

Greg Rupp, VP of Applications, Enterprise at Yellow, and Jeff Whitehead, CIO at Airkit, come together for a deep dive conversation on the advantages of low code.

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Busting Silos and Delivering Outcomes: How Leading Brands Break Down Data, Operational, and Technology Silos

Companies have long struggled to break down silos and boost cross-functional collaboration, but the challenge is getting more acute, particularly in the contact center. While most executives recognize the importance of breaking down organizational silos, it’s often a struggle. Part of the challenge is effectively ending silos while fulfilling on both business objectives and an improved customer experience. For those that successfully navigate an end to silos, the rewards are many, including better CX, greater customer loyalty, and greater operational efficiency.

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Why Omnichannel, Digital Self-Service Is the Future for Customer Engagement

Customer expectations are rising faster than companies can keep up. While companies have spent time and money to increase the number of available channels, the experience remains highly fragmented or entirely broken. According to Gartner, while 70% of customers are using self-service channels, only 9% resolve their issues completely via self-service — leaving call centers bogged down and customers unhappy. 

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Time & Motion Studies Are Dead: A BETTER Way to Improve the Agent Journey

Have you ever wondered what agents encounter all day and how you can make their lives easier? For decades, companies have used time and motion studies or shadowing to understand agent workflows and identify improvements. These techniques are expensive, paint a biased picture, and are increasingly outdated in an era of remote teams and customer complexity.

Hear from experts at FIN and learn about a better way to gain visibility into the agent journey and improve the agent experience.

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It’s Time to Modernize Your Call Center’s Security

As a CX leader, you understand the importance of security in your contact center. But is your current authentication experience a burden for customers, agents, and your bottom line?

Our expert partner, Nuance, conducted a special interview with author Matt Smallman about his new book, “Unlock Your Call Centre”. This book was written especially for CX leaders and call center decision-makers — providing a deeper understanding as to why security matters, as well as the pros and cons of current methods and how to implement efficient, modern solutions.

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The Year’s Biggest CX Hurdles and How Brands Can Overcome Them

Supply chain woes, pandemic restrictions, labor shortages—in the race to deliver standout customer experiences, brands have recently been faced with hurdle after hurdle. Our expert partner, Nuance, and CX leaders from Nordstrom and Microsoft, discuss a retailer’s perspective on not only the biggest CX challenges of 2022, but the biggest opportunities.

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Striking the Right Balance Between Delighting Customers and Stopping Fraudsters

According to 451 Research, 69% of business leaders feel that their organizations have over-emphasized fraud prevention at the expense of customer experience. How do you find the balance of reducing fraud losses without introducing unnecessary friction into the eCommerce funnel?

In this webinar, Jim Gallagher, VP of Customer Care & Fraud at Nordstrom, shares how the company has worked with advanced technology from Forter to shift from manual reviews to automation to enable operation at scale, leverage a global network of businesses to make more accurate transaction decisions, and much more.

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The Rise of the CCO

Customers are the lifeblood of a company, but why is customer experience at scale not prioritized in so many businesses? Recently, we’ve seen a monumental shift that has organizations reevaluating their priorities to maximize the lifetime value of each customer. Cue the rise of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO), and the task of transforming experience into loyalty and increased revenue.

Hear from Gladly for an engaging panel discussion about “the what” and “the why” of the CCO role, a position historically underestimated and often added to “fix” the issues that create unhappy customers.

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In Summary

Great CX is vital for business success. It can also be a moving target, creating barriers to effective CX initiatives, such as heightened expectations from customers, new technology being introduced, employee disengagement, and the like. For brands that can get it right, there are high-growth opportunities abound.

As we look toward 2023, there are many ways for companies to differentiate themselves when it comes to how they delight their customers and deliver on consumer demands, leverage technology, and elevate their employee experiences (EX) to create memorable moments that keep customers coming back for more.

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