The Future of Chat


The following is a guest blog from Leslie Joseph, Senior Director, Product Marketing at [24]7. For more information about [24]7, visit http://www.247-inc.com/.

Decades ago, the idea of putting a man on the moon seemed like an impossible dream. Yet, in 1969 Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the moon. Fast forward to today, scientists at NASA have explored the surface of Mars and it won’t stop there with planned Mars landings in the 2030s. Technology has a tendency to evolve at neck-breaking speeds, which can make it challenging for businesses to keep up.

The future of enterprise chat is much the same. The technology has been around for years but its capabilities, both for the customer and for the agents, are evolving rapidly.

Forrester Research has stated that chat is quickly rising as the channel of choice among consumers to connect with companies, both in usage terms as well as overall satisfaction. However, consumers now know what qualifies as a great experience on the web, having been exposed to “best in class” experiences from tech giants like Apple and Google, and they expect the same level of service from every business. Consumers expect companies to be smart about addressing their needs, using data to provide intuitive experiences that are out of this world.

There are four key ways in which the chat channel can adapt to the continued advancements in technology and customer experience. Businesses should start preparing by examining four pillars that form the blueprint for the future.

1. Portability: Chat will be a part of the organic journey. It’s going to be pervasive and intelligently built into other channels – not just embedded somewhere in a corporate website.

2. Data: Big data will be used to make real-time predictions at every stage of the chat funnel. AI-driven machine learning will also take a larger role in making chat more effective across the customer journey or funnel.

3. Design: The design and interaction of the chat experience is going to get a lot richer, more visual, and more data driven.

4. Digital Agents: Live chat agents will be able to increase their productivity and workflow effectiveness, by utilizing improved chat technologies.

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