The CX Leadership Exchange Episode 4: Featuring AT&T’s Tatyana Ngai

In our latest episode of The CX Leadership Exchange, Tatyana Ngai from AT&T shares her remarkable 25-year journey within customer experience (CX) and telecommunications. From her early days at Pacific Bell to her current role in corporate strategy, Tatyana’s story is one of continuous learning, leadership evolution, and breaking through barriers.

From Call Centers to Corporate Strategy

Tatyana’s career at AT&T began in a call center environment in the late 1990s. Despite the challenges of transitioning into a more technical role in a male-dominated industry, Tatyana emphasized the importance of sponsorship and mentorship. She highlighted the pivotal role of timing, advocates, and her own commitment to technical proficiency.

Lessons from a Crisis

One of the turning points in Tatyana’s career occurred during a crisis – Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Assigned to set up an emergency network communication system for the American Red Cross, Tatyana witnessed how a crisis could bring people together, breaking down organizational silos. The experience taught her the power of a common cause and the urgency of time in fostering collaboration.

Get to Know Tatyana Ngai

The Essence of Servant Leadership
Tatyana’s leadership philosophy was influenced by her father’s advice during her early days as a manager. She adopted a servant leadership approach, trusting her team’s capabilities and intervening only when necessary. This philosophy proved successful in customer-facing roles, where quick decisions and actions were crucial.

Embracing Diversification and Growth
As Tatyana diversified her career, moving from customer support to technical roles and eventually into corporate strategy, she emphasized the importance of embracing diversification. She encouraged individuals to lean into their strengths early in their careers and later leverage the strengths of others to compensate for their shortcomings.

Authentic Leadership and Mentorship
Throughout the episode, Tatyana emphasized the significance of authentic leadership. She shared insights into her leadership principles, including the need for thought leadership and enabling large teams to excel. Tatyana also highlighted the importance of understanding one’s role and marrying it with personal strengths.

Looking Forward

Tatyana’s journey at AT&T is a testament to resilience, continuous learning, and the impact of authentic leadership. As she leads strategic initiatives and transformation programs, she remains committed to guiding her teams and making decisions for the common good.

Her career journey offers valuable lessons for individuals navigating their professional paths. Whether facing crises, breaking down silos, or adopting servant leadership, Tatyana’s experiences provide insights into building a successful and fulfilling career in the ever-evolving landscape of the CX and telecommunications industry.

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