Leveraging Performance Benchmarks to Improve CX Workflows

For two years now, CX leaders have building and revising strategies to solve the massive customer operations challenges posed by the COVID pandemic in general and the latest Omicron variant surge in particular. The virus not only tangled supply chains and sent consumers pouring into online channels, it also forced many CX teams to suddenly shift away from highly controlled call centers and disperse into remote work arrangements. Now, Omicron has once again scrambled efforts to bring workers back to the office.

Even when the pandemic eventually ends, it’s likely that many CX agents will prefer to continue some sort of remote or hybrid work arrangement. To accommodate this reality and manage CX workflows in a distributed workforce, companies have increased their reliance on SaaS applications. In its 2021 Business at Work report, Okta found that larger companies now deploy an average of 175 apps.

CX operations are becoming more complex, but most companies have little visibility into their CX workflows. This lack of transparency complicates PCI compliance and makes it harder for companies to make data-driven decisions on improving the CX efficiency and productivity.

Executives looking for ways to improve performance and efficiency of their customer operations should consider whether they have enough data to answer these four questions:

  1. Which metrics are most significant for high-performing CX teams?
  2. How are customer operations teams inadvertently sabotaging team productivity and undermining customer value?
  3. What impact do various processes and technology really have on agent productivity?
  4. What are the biggest untapped opportunities to make customer operations and CX teams more productive?

Providing key insights to growing CX teams

Fin’s CX Insider Report: Customer Operations Benchmarks for 2022 shows that many companies are missing out on massive opportunities to improve the productivity of their CX teams, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences. This report contains detailed findings based on an analysis of tens of millions of hours of real-world data collected through Fin’s Work Insights Platform, a lightweight browser plugin that enables leaders to collect the data they need to improve productivity and performance on CX and operations teams.

Fin’s turnkey solution reveals how agents work across any number of SaaS applications, helping leaders boost productivity by improving capacity planning, reducing distractions, and streamlining SaaS workflows. Fin’s Work Insights Platform also lets leaders drill deep into CX data to identify top agents and see which processes and tools those agents use to excel in their roles.

CX leaders can then assess their own CX performance against industry norms by comparing their internal findings against the data in the CX Insider Report: Customer Operations Benchmarks for 2022. The Report goes far beyond CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores to reveal industry standards around other key metrics including handle time, data loss, agent utilization, and policy adherence. For example, the Report shows that:

  • Average CX employee spends only 66% of their day actively working to resolve cases or tickets.
  • 26% of cases require 5 or more human touchpoints.
  • A majority of cases require at least 4 unique applications to solve.
  • A clear correlation exists between slower page load times and lower agent utilization.

By combining insights generated through Fin’s Work Insights Platform with the industry data in the Report, customer operations leaders can benchmark their own CX performance and identify high-priority areas where they have the greatest room for improvement.


Download Fin’s CX Insider Report: Customer Operations Benchmarks for 2022 now to discover industry averages and best practices, along with suggestions for improving training, processes, and technology to boost CX productivity and deliver superior customer outcomes.

Guest post written by: FIN for Customer Response Summit Virtual. To learn more about this and other critical CX topics, register for Execs In The Know’s Customer Response Summit Clearwater.