CRS Coronado: 10 CX Discussions You Don’t Want to Miss

Customer Response Summit (CRS) Coronado is fast approaching, scheduled to hit the shores of sunny California, September 15–17, 2021. A truly special event, CRS Coronado marks Execs In The Know’s long-awaited return to live events. In fact, CRS Coronado is the first Execs In the Know live event since March 2020, and we can’t wait to see everyone!

Below are some of the most widely discussed topics taking place in the Execs In The Know community over the past year. Many of these will be highlighted in the keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, and breakout sessions that will be taking place at CRS Coronado.

The New Dynamics of Recruiting and Hiring

Work-from-home (WFH) has added a new layer of complexity to the recruiting and hiring process. With a tight labor market, increased wage pressure, and new challenges in the work/life balance for workers, recruiters need to find new and inventive ways to find and hire the best agents, especially in a candidate pool no longer restricted by geolocation.

Virtual Training and Coaching

Training and coaching in a virtual world require a special kind of finesse. Although many CX programs have revamped the tools and processes used to train new agents (as well as coach existing agents), there is still plenty of room for innovating and reinventing. Learn what others are doing and discuss new (and legacy) best practices.

Agent Engagement

A year on from the shift to WFH, and finding ways to motivate, engage, and inspire agents continues to be top of mind for program managers, supervisors, and leaders. From lunch-and-learns to finding unique ways to celebrate the wins, the value of highly engaged agents is well documented and will continue to be a major priority especially for those considering maintaining a higher percentage of WFH talent post-COVID.

Optimizing Outsourcing Strategies

Business continuity and redundancy planning took center stage in 2020 and will continue to be a top priority well into the future. As leaders take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of their outsourcing footprint, they will be looking to find the next great destination for an in-center site. In doing so, they’ll consider how cost, culture, and capacity play into maximizing their outsourcing strategies and partnerships, all while maximizing a new level of flexibility when it comes to hiring individuals in a WFH capacity, regardless of location.

Striking a Long-Term Balance (WFH vs. In-Center)

As things currently stand, most programs will be taking a hybrid approach to the workplace, with a mix of agents working in-center and from home. But what’s the right balance? Is this dependent on the workforce, the types of engagements, the culture of a company? Companies are in the midst of exploring this decision now, especially as more and more of the economy opens back up.

Personalization as a Differentiator

Personalization has long been valued by consumers, and it can add tremendous value to the customer journey. But what does personalization look like as more automation and self-help is added to the experience? Brands need to constantly find the balance between these two elements, finding the sweet spot that makes personalization a true differentiator.

Data Utilization

For a long time now, CX programs have been awash in data. From business intelligence derived from QA programs to customer feedback, there is no shortage of valuable data pools. But how can program managers best organize, disseminate, and action this data? This is a topic that will continue to persist, especially as new ways of collecting even more data come online.

SMS/Text as a Channel

New CX channels are constantly being added, evolved, and evaluated. An important consideration for brands has to be what their customers want. SMS/Text is a channel that has emerged, matured, and gained acceptance among consumers over the past few years. If a brand doesn’t already offer SMS/Text as a channel, now is the time to understand how customers might feel about such a solution in the future.

Managing Multichannel Engagements

CXMB Series Consumer Edition research from 2020 shows most consumers (71%) routinely use multiple channels to resolve a single customer care issue. Managing this experience (which means creating ease, effectiveness, and consistency) is only going to grow more important to the overall customer experience.

Digital Transformation

The past year has accelerated the digital transformation plans of many brands. While this may have been the result of necessity (that mother of all invention), and a net-win for brands and consumers alike, brands need to take the time to assess the experience of these initiatives. Now is also the time to set priorities for the next wave of digital change, those initiatives that are likely to have the most positive impact on the customer experience.


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