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WORKSHOP: Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace - Creating a Stigma Free Environment

Workshop Host: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Employees across the U.S. are struggling with their mental health. In fact, 75% of individuals who participated in a nationwide survey reported experiencing at least one symptom of a mental health challenge during the previous month. The same survey found high numbers of burnout, depression, and anxiety across all levels of the organization and, perhaps not surprisingly, these values had increased from 2020.

Fortunately, employers and especially leaders can play a key role in improving the mental health of their employees!

During this interactive workshop, our attendees will learn about:

  • Mental health in the workplace, including current trends
  • Practical tips and suggestions to improve mental health in your workplace
  • Tips and exercises to promote your mental health

WORKSHOP: Modern Employee Experience in the Contact Center of the Future

Workshop Host: HGS

Although layoffs have begun seeping into a few specific areas of the economy, there’s little doubt that the “Great Resignation” is still in full swing. As an industry acutely impacted by workforce challenges, the CX industry continues to navigate the rocky and challenging paths of agent attrition, a hybrid workplace, and a desire to better use technology to improve agent experience. During this session, we’ll look at lessons from the past to gain a glimpse into the future.

Join this special pre-conference interactive session and get ready to explore one of the most pressing and challenging issues of the CX industry. Discuss ways to better retain agents (and support staff) through higher levels of employee engagement and a renewed focus on employee satisfaction and wellness. Explore lessons learned and how gig working principals can bring a whole new level of employee satisfaction and flexibility, not to mention a refreshing passion for your brand. Get ready for new adventures and different technology-enabled approaches to common challenges, and dive into this exciting opportunity to network with, explore alongside, and learn from your CX leader peers.

You’ll leave this session with new ideas for building your contact center of the future. Join your peers for this interactive session and discuss new initiatives and best practices that connect the dots between:

  • Agent retention that comes from meeting employee expectations
  • Agent experience that strikes the right balance between technology and people
  • Autonomous experiences that help customers get the right answer fast


WORKSHOP: Power Up Your Customer Service with Conversational AI

Workshop Host: Cognigy, Inc.

The service experiences you deliver are critical to retaining and attracting customers and maintaining agent motivation. How good is your CX? Knowing where you fall in the CX transformation journey is a key step to understanding how to level up.

Join this interactive session to map out a strategy that will overcome obstacles, put the right people, processes, and technology in place, and deliver the next level of fast, frictionless, personalized self-service. Whether you are in the beginning phases of planning and evaluating platforms or are already far into your automation journey, this workshop provides an opportunity to roll up your sleeves, collaborate with like-minded customer experience (CX) leaders, and create a scalable strategy that will power up your CX excellence now, and well into the future.

You’ll leave this session prepared to best guide your organization’s next artificial intelligence (AI)-powered initiative with:

  • Proven ways to craft a vision and set the strategic direction for the wider organization when deploying an AI-powered CX solution
  • An understanding of the people, skills, knowledge, and processes needed to develop and implement a comprehensive conversational automation strategy
  • Advice for creating quick wins while also laying the groundwork for a long-term action plan

WORKSHOP: Transform Your Outsourcing Approach for Improved Results

Workshop Host: COPC Inc.

Your vendors are an extension of your brand. You are entrusting them with your most precious asset – your customer. So, how you manage them has a direct and lasting impact on customer loyalty and bottom-line growth.

It is an exciting time in our industry! Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, channel availability is expanding, and the complexity of transactions handled by outsourced partners continues to increase. So, a structured approach that transforms the nature of these relationships from one of a vendor to a trusted partner is critical to long-term, mutual success.

To accomplish this, the traditional “vendor management” approach of the past needs to evolve. Reimagining how you think about governance models, vendor manager skillsets, role expectations, measurements, and levels of oversight will help you navigate the changing nature of outsourcing.

Join COPC Inc. and Groupon in this engaging workshop to discuss how to transform your own vendor management and outsourcing approach.

We will explore ways to:

  1. Reimagine the role of vendor managers to align with your objectives
  2. Design performance scorecards that drive the desired results
  3. Establish a footprint that best supports your customers

Attendees will learn from each other through a series of exercises and small group discussions, facilitated by COPC Inc. and Groupon. Your facilitators will also incorporate how Groupon was able to change the trajectory of its vendor management approach and drive significant and sustained improvements.

You will walk away from this session with practical ways to improve your own vendor relationships and overall performance.


KEYNOTE: CX Innovation at Amazon, the World’s Most Customer-Centric Company

Presented By: Alice Sesay Pope, Amazon

Expectations are always evolving for both customers and employees, and it takes constant innovation just to keep pace. Join Alice Pope, Vice President, Global Device, Digital, and Alexa Support at Amazon, as she shares how the world’s most customer-centric company is constantly matching ever higher customer and consumer expectations by leaning on practical, innovative solutions that can have an immediate impact on agents and customers.

Not every project or initiative requires millions of dollars in investment to create meaningful change. Sometimes innovative thinking is all it takes. Find out how Amazon turns scrappy, simple ideas into agile and effective initiatives that keep employees engaged, connected, and enthusiastic. Learn how these efforts translate into not only higher satisfaction levels for employees, but more positive experiences for Amazon customers and merchants.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Balancing CX Digitalization with the Human Touch

Moderated By: 24-7 Intouch with Panelists From: Navistar Inc., Wiley, Offerpad, and PayPal

In recent years, customer experience (CX) operations have paddled into deep waters when it comes to digitalization and automation. The technological challenges of doing so are one thing, but the human challenges are yet another. During this panel, CX leaders from top brands discuss their own recent digital transformations, sharing best practices for delivering digital innovation while also maintaining the balance and irreplaceability of the human touch. From people-focused user experiences to empathy and purposeful personalization, join us for this enlightening discussion and learn how your brand can capitalize on both technological innovation, as well as the strength of authenticity of human advocacy.


CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Reaccelerating Adoption and Unlocking the Value of AI in the Contact Center

Presented By: Nuance Communications

The sudden rush into AI-powered solutions and AI-assisted self-help over the past 2 years has come full circle as brands dissect which of those initiatives provided value, and which didn’t. Undoubtedly these technologies are here to stay, but brands are realizing they need to take an end-to-approach that places the customer experience as the top priority.

Join this session to for real-world examples of what worked and what didn’t. Discover some of the industries emerging best practices for your next iteration of contact center-based AI and find out how AI can effectively serve both customer and business needs.


CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Optimizing Performance Among a Remote Workforce

Presented By: Laivly

Hybrid and fully remote workplaces are here to stay. While this has already had a major impact on things like hiring, training, and employee engagement, it’s also changing how the performance of ongoing operations are managed and measured. During this panel, you’ll hear from top brands that are rethinking performance optimization, taking a fresh look at things like coaching and key performance indicators (KPIs). Discover how greater transparency is empowering frontline staff and learn how forward-thinking organizations are helping employees and customers succeed — in some cases pivoting away from some traditional metrics while placing greater emphasis on the experiences of customers and employees alike.

CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Unlocking Improved Business Outcomes with Customer Service Data

Presented By: AWS

Abstract Coming Soon

PANEL DISCUSSION: Exploring CX Trends to Unleash Your Inspiration, Innovation, and Imagination

Moderated By: Nuance Communications with Panelists From: Thumbtack, Airbnb, Dutchie, and Acorns

During this wide-ranging discussion, you’ll learn about the successes that defined 2022, the biggest challenges and how they were overcome, and look to what’s next. Listen in as a panel of esteemed CX leaders talk about what inspires (both themselves and their teams), learn about their most innovative initiatives, and let your imagination roam free as the discussion turns toward what’s coming next for CX, both at the organizations of those on stage, and across the industry as a whole.


CASE STUDY: Tapping Into the Power of GigCX and Customer Advocacy

Presented By: Limitless & Zwift

GigCX puts brand advocates on the front line, relaying a unique enthusiasm and passion for the brands they serve. GigCX not only offers unrivaled flexibility for workers, it’s also fast becoming an essential resource for brands facing the challenges of a historically tight labor market and a customer base that continues to demand (and expect) live assistance.

Join Limitless and client Zwift as they share the reality of GigCX. Find out how the process works from both sides of the engagement, and learn about the limitations and practical advantages of putting your biggest fans on the front lines.

Learn about:

  • Why GigCX platforms and supporting technology matter, both for GigCX Experts and customers
  • Getting started with GigCX, and getting a glimpse into what the future holds
  • Understanding what motivates GigCX Experts and what makes for a positive GigCX experience


PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimizing CX Through Automation and AI

Moderated By: TELUS International with Panelists From: Marriott, Bosch, Altice USA, and Astound

Automated and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions are an increasingly important part of customer experience (CX) operations — but implementing and optimizing such solutions can be a complicated endeavor. During this panel, you’ll hear from several CX leaders who have turned computing power into a transformed service experience. Listen in and come away better prepared to tap into the power of automated and AI-powered solutions by:

  • Learning where to start and how to line up key enablers for success
  • Discovering implementation pitfalls and how to best avoid them
  • Understanding common use cases and the capabilities of automation and AI
  • Focusing on implementations that create quick wins and maximize impact

KEYNOTE: FTD’s Digital CX Transformation Amidst a Challenging Backdrop

Presented By: John McCahan, FTD

Digital transformation is the buzzy phrase that’s on everyone’s lips, but what does it mean for a 110+ year old company? More importantly, when surrounded by deeply outdated legacy systems and the challenges of post-bankruptcy survival, where do you even start the journey?

Learn how FTD has pivoted out of bankruptcy, leaned into a pandemic-induced resurgence, and has since vigorously embraced a path of digital transformation, reinvigorating both the customer and employee experience. Get an insider’s look at how the company has realigned behind new leadership and built upon the foundational strength of cross-functional teams, fully focusing every part of the organization on the customer experience from the frontline right up through the C-suite. From the mistakes to the successes, you’ll discover what it takes to create real change, and you’ll learn of the exciting things to come for this 112-year-old floral and gifting network.


KEYNOTE: Humanizing the Digital Experience

Presented By: Mike Gathright, Hilton

Digital adoption accelerated during the pandemic as we distanced from human interactions. Still, with the light and warmth of hospitality instilled in everything we do at Hilton, we are acutely focused on the intersection of the physical and digital. We call it Phygital… and we are on a mission to humanize the digital experience.

For over a century, Hilton has been innovating on behalf of our guests. Today, we fuse our proprietary technology with our uniquely Hilton hospitality to deliver reliable, friendly, and personalized experiences from start to finish.


MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Scaling Customer Support without Sacrificing Quality

Presented By: Simplr, featuring one of the world’s largest quick service restaurants

Here’s a tall order: scale the customer service strategy of one of the one of the world’s largest quick service restaurants.

Even taller? Do it while cutting costs… without sacrificing quality to the customers.

In this session, you’ll hear about the successful partnership between Simplr and a global restaurant chain. Simplr has been able to help the company tackle the growing pains of life in the fast (food) lane: forecasting, backlogs, and wildly unpredictable volume surges.

Participants of this session are invited to imagine what their CX teams could accomplish in the absence of daily CX stressors.

Featuring a success story from one of the world’s largest quick service restaurants.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Delivering Exceptional Experiences, Acting on Insights, and Ensuring ROI in an Accelerated Fashion

Presented by: Continuum Global and Truist Bank

Delivering Exceptional Experiences, Accelerate ROI, and Actionable Insights to Manage Client Experience

The result of a 2019 merger between BB&T and SunTrust banks, Truist, one of the ten largest financial institutions in the U.S., is a purpose-driven financial services company that believes better lives and communities begin with care. Navigating its way out of the global pandemic, the banking industry, including Truist, continues to face several significant challenges including increased fraud attacks and difficulty in finding and recruiting quality call center agents.

Join Rick Small, Executive Vice President, Director of Financial Crimes at Truist, as he shares how partnering with Continuum Global Solutions continues to address a critical need.  Rick will walk us through how the fraud landscape has impacted the industry and Truist, the challenges that arose during the pandemic and how Continuum Global Solutions was able to deliver an immediate solution that allowed Truist to meet the expectations of its clients by providing best in class agents, along with strategy and processes to address client fraud complaints, all within a 90-day implementation window.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of CX Unlocked by the Metaverse

Moderated By: Concentrix with Panelists From: Meta and Zoom

The Metaverse is poised to transform customer experiences beyond recognition. Companies looking to set themselves apart are monitoring this fast-evolving landscape to find virtual offerings that most closely align with their brand—immersive experiences, new revenue streams and loyalty drivers. During this session, you will hear what CX leaders from top brands envision for the future of CX unlocked by the metaverse. The panelists will share insights on how to explore the new possibilities emerging, create new experiences for everyday people, and how brands can stake a claim in this new virtual world.

John McCahan from FTD

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