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Optimizing CX Through Automation and AI

Automated and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions are an increasingly important part of customer experience (CX) operations — but implementing and optimizing such solutions can be a complicated endeavor. During this panel, you’ll hear from several CX leaders who have turned computing power into a transformed service experience. Listen in and come away better prepared to tap into the power of automated and AI-powered solutions by:

• Learning where to start and how to line up key enablers for success
• Discovering implementation pitfalls and how to best avoid them
• Understanding common use cases and the capabilities of automation and AI
• Focusing on implementations that create quick wins and maximize impact


Balancing CX Digitalization with the Human Touch

In recent years, customer experience (CX) operations have paddled into deep waters when it comes to digitalization and automation. The technological challenges of doing so are one thing, but the human challenges are yet another. During this panel, CX leaders from top brands discuss their own recent digital transformations, sharing best practices for delivering digital innovation while also maintaining the balance and irreplaceability of the human touch. From people-focused user experiences to empathy and purposeful personalization, join us for this enlightening discussion and learn how your brand can capitalize on both technological innovation, as well as the strength of authenticity of human advocacy.


Chatting with CX Executives

To succeed in competing on customer experience (CX), companies need a strong customer advocate in the C-Suite and the executive chair. CX Executives are those advocates, driving an improved customer journey and leading initiatives that can improve satisfaction for both customers and the frontline employees that serve them. In this session, you’ll hear from CX executives from top brands, discussing their role and why it is important, as well as how their positions have evolved in recent years. If your organization is looking to solidify its focus on the customer, you’ll want to listen in and learn how adding a customer advocate into the C-Suite can power a whole new level of customer success.


Tackling the Challenges of Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

The quest for customer experience (CX) talent is as complicated and challenging as it has ever been. From recruiting and interviewing to hiring and onboarding, the competition is fierce and expectations among candidates are only increasing. During this session you’ll learn about the latest talent acquisition and onboarding best practices, including those that can give your organization an edge. It will include discussions on things like competitive employee compensation, evolving minimum skills requirements, streamlining the onboarding process, and novel approaches to finding and attracting the right talent for the job.


Optimizing Performance Among a Remote Workforce

Hybrid and fully remote workplaces are here to stay. While this has already had a major impact on things like hiring, training, and employee engagement, it’s also changing how the performance of ongoing operations are managed and measured. During this session, you’ll hear how top brands are rethinking performance optimization, taking a fresh look at things like coaching and key performance indicators (KPIs). Discover how greater transparency is empowering frontline staff and learn how forward-thinking organizations are helping employees and customers succeed — in some cases pivoting away from some traditional metrics while placing greater emphasis on the experiences of customers and employees alike.


Delivering on Evolving Employee Expectations

Nothing impacts the customer experience as powerfully as the employee experience, which is itself a direct result of a company’s ability to meet expectations. Employee expectations have changed dramatically over the past couple of years, especially as it applies to employee engagement, wellness, pay/benefits, and flexibility within the workplace. This session, will cover topics like initiatives and cultural shifts that have helped organizations best meet the evolving expectations of their employees, leading to a better experience for customers, and employees that are most invested in the success of the brand.


Reflections on CX Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination

The customer experience (CX) industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years. Much of this change has been thrust upon CX leaders, but that’s not to take anything away from the immense amount of Inspiration, Innovation, and Imagination required to solve some of the biggest challenges many have ever experienced throughout their careers. This session will focus on the CX leaders’ reflection on recent years, sharing some of the biggest wins and most painful lessons, while also highlighting some of the initiatives and projects that may have started out as a reaction to a crisis, but have since evolved into a valuable part of everyday operations. At the same time, the session will focus what CX leaders envision for the future of CX.


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