Podcast Episode: How GigCX Is Evolving the CX Industry

It’s no secret that the GigCX model opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to radically transforming the way contact centers and BPOs operate.

GigCX is recognized as one of the next big developments in customer experience by McKinsey & Company, offering companies a scalable and more affordable model for customer experience.

That’s why the world’s biggest brands are using it to create greater value for their customers.

GigCX is an on-demand, global virtual workforce in the gig work community comprised of experienced contact center agents. This new model gives agents a better work/life balance and provides a more enjoyable work experience.

Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers


As a CX leader, we know you’d agree that the key to your company’s success is an ongoing stream of happy customers. So, what’s the key to achieving customer happiness? Focus on making your employees happy first, and in turn, they will make your customers happy.

Ultimately, what’s happening on the inside of your organization is felt on the outside by your customers.

How GigCX Is Evolving the CX Industry

In this podcast episode of GigCX Decoded, our President and Co-Founder, Chad McDaniel, sits down with Chris Dumpleton, Chief Sales Officer at Limitless, to share how the appetite for GigCX is changing in the industry, how consumer preferences are skewing toward peer-to-peer support, and why GigCX is making the CX industry better.

Check out the full podcast episode below.


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