Debunking Chatbot Myths

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America became independent on July 4, 1776. Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb.  Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the globe.

All myths.*

Chatbots are the greatest thing since sliced bread.**  All chatbots utilize artificial intelligence. Chatbots will replace humans.

All myths.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage in the area of customer service. Everyone wants one. A lot of people are claiming that chatbots will take over our industry. Will they make an impact?  Absolutely. Should you be evaluating how they could benefit your company and your customers? Definitely. Will chatbots and AI eliminate humans?  Nope, at least not anytime soon.

Debunking chatbot myths is not easy when there’s so much hype and hyperbole in the market today. Most every vendor now offers a chatbot of some sort and many companies are trying to build their own. But, it’s important to first determine what’s fact and what’s fiction, else you might end up investing time and resources on a dead-end project that only addresses part of its intended goal.

At Execs in the Know’s Customer Response Summit, we’ll establish a dialog that addresses these four popular chatbot myths and separates fact from fiction:

1) A chatbot can answer any question.

2) Any company can do artificial intelligence.

3) All chatbots are created equal.

4) Artificial intelligence eliminates the need for humans.

We’ll also discuss things you should consider when it comes to evaluating artificial intelligence and chatbot solutions with the goal of helping you become a myth buster.  We hope you’ll be able to join us on Tuesday, September 20 at the Customer Response Summit in Chicago to participate in the conversation!

Kevin Payne
Vice President of Marketing at [24]7

*The Declaration of Independence was announced on July 4, 1776. However, the war raged for another seven years before independence from England was finally granted on September 3, 1783.  The electric light bulb was invented by Sir Humphry Davy. Edison was the first one to find a filament that would burn for days at a time. Magellan died in the Philippines and made it only half way around the world. His second in command, Juan Sebastian Elcano, completed the journey.

**What is the greatest thing since sliced bread? I vote for Ben and Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” but you can check out some other wacky ideas here.