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October 2022

On The Path To Legendary CX

by Execs In The Know

Highlighting incredible leaders on the cutting edge of making CX Inspiration, Innovation, and Imagination possible.

On the path to legendary customer experience (CX), nothing worth having comes easy. This applies to offering meaningful and memorable experiences that intrigue and entice customers to keep coming back for more.

At this year’s Customer Response Summit (CRS) in beautiful Coronado, California, we will take you on an action-packed journey, and together we will draw INSPIRATION from community members, gain INNOVATION insights from our partners, and ignite our IMAGINATION to create legendary customer experiences.

As CX continues to become more intelligent, more immersive, and more connected, the guiding principles of inspiration, innovation, and imagination are more important than ever before. It’s how we will separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Clearly, we’re on the cusp of a new era, so what’s next?

Follow along as these four incredible leaders share how they are creating new possibilities for their employees and customers to unleash the power of CX.


What Inspires Legendary CX?

Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement Centers at Marriott International

“The first thing that always comes to mind are the words of our founder, J.W. Marriott: “Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.” This remains the keystone of Marriott International’s culture and what I believe inspires legendary CX. By reinforcing the customer experience through an associate’s lens, we are not just booking and recovering, we are making personal connections. With journey-mapping, and we have the capability to see across the globe at customer patterns. We understand what information each associate needs to have to better serve the customer—what matters to our customers, their past experiences, and where the future is taking them.”


Where Will the Next Era of CX Innovation Take Us?

Vice President – Retail Contact Centers at Humana

“Brands can be making the biggest difference by journey mapping the entire customer experience. At Humana, our human care approach takes into account every facet of members’ lives. Having the necessary tools that deliver very detailed information at a broad scale will allow your associates to address customer wants and needs so you can react and stay ahead of the curve when people need you the most. That’s what gets people forever dedicated to an organization when there’s so many other options out there. You have to add that human element back into the mix and empower your associates to do what they can to go above and beyond what a customer could have ever expected.”


Operations Manager, Customer Relations and Services at BMW of North America, LLC

“Where the next era of CX innovation will take us is largely based on customer expectations, especially after the pandemic. Their expectation of personalized service has shifted dramatically. Customers can’t simply be placed into groups based on demographics. They want to be known and they want recognition that they’ve contributed to your company’s success. Invisible and seamless service with fewer points of human contact are what customers have come to know, expect, and want. To keep up with changing customer expectations, personalized strategies are now key.”


How Can Brands Bring More Imagination to the World of CX?

Senior Vice President Consumer Support Services at Mastercard

“Here at Mastercard, we try to incorporate imagination into our service journeys and models at all times. Organizations need to embrace being intentional with the work they do but also think past the current boundaries to deliver superior customer experiences. You must tap into your customers’ imagination and fully understand both their needs and wants. Want to hit it out of the park? Figure out better ways for your employees and your customers to interact and resolve issues. You have to know your customers and give them everything they want – not just one aspect of what they want. We should always embrace imagination and never be constrained by the current way of doing things.”

Looking Ahead to the Future of CX

For brands to thrive, delivering best-in-class CX is only going to become increasingly important. From the perspectives of these dynamic leaders, the CX landscape of the future will be personalized, grounded in purpose and passion, focused on empowering your agents, automated, differentiated, and intelligent.

See you in Coronado, CA (the Crown City) October 24-26, 2022, for CRS!

Twice a year, CRS brings together the top CX Leaders across industries for an experience like no other. At the heart of everything we do lies community. And CRS is no different. It is an intimate and laser-focused forum, providing outstanding opportunities to engage with some of the brightest minds in customer leadership — “Leaders Learning From Leaders.”

Our next stops include Austin, TX (March 1-3, 2023) at the JW Marriott Austin and Nashville, TN (September 20-22, 2023) at The Grand Hyatt Nashville.

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