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July 2021

Driving Brand Loyalty Through Consistency and a Customer-First Approach

By: Execs In The Know

KIA Online Community Member Spotlight: Diane Haluszka

Diane Haluszka is a firm believer in taking a people-first approach, especially when it comes to PVH Corp. customers. But people-first isn’t just a mindset — it requires keeping pace with consumer behaviors and expectations that are constantly evolving. Because of this, Diane is a student of the industry, striving to stay on top of current industry trends and developments as they happen. Execs In The Know’s Know It All (KIA) Community has played a pivotal role in this process.

In late June 2021, we had a chance to catch up with Diane and pick her brain on all things CX and PVH Corp. We were able to find out what makes Diane tick, and get her views on things like brand loyalty, the culture of her brand, and find out what’s next at PVH Corp.

Diane is Director, PVH Customer Service N.A. at PVH Corp., Co-Chair of UPWARD North America, and Advisory Board Member of the Customer Experience Program at Seton Hall University. PVH strives to be one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, connecting with consumers in over 40 countries with iconic brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.


EXECS IN THE KNOW (EITK): Can you share how you found yourself in a career dedicated to serving the interests of customers? Was this always an area of interest for you?

Diane Haluszka: Every job I’ve ever had has held a connection to the customer, and I love it.

Even back to my time as a waitress, simply understanding what returning customers preferred off the menu, or asking about the event they mentioned last time they visited — all to make for a better experience for them. This has always sparked my interest.

As I launched my corporate career, I made sure to grow this interest by partaking in any activity that would help me better understand the consumer, no matter what business I was in. From taking phone calls, emails, chats, associate surveys — you name it. I started from the bottom up, and I continue to do these sorts of things even today.

Before my time at PVH Corp., I was in Project Management and Systems Training. By managing large technology projects I had the ability to better understand the needs of numerous businesses, and help them develop a strategy to enhance employee and customer relations. I feel that really brought everything full circle, understanding both business and customer needs.

Once the position of Quality Assurance and Training Lead opened up at PVH Corp., I thought it was a great opportunity to combine my experience, skills, approach, and passion for others into one company and one role. The rest is history.

EITK: What gets you most excited about this line of work, and what do you look forward to most in your day-to-day?

Diane Haluszka: First, I get the pleasure of working with such an amazing team, and for such an iconic company. That already makes every day exciting. Combine that with the constant changes that come with being in the Customer Service industry, it’s impossible to get complacent.

I have the opportunity to work with cross-functional corporate and brand teams to provide unsolicited consumer feedback to drive real change within the customer experience. Who can’t get excited about that?

Lastly, the technology projects I get to lead, partake in (and even just witness) in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the customer, while also driving efficiencies for those who support them. It has been a constant, wonderful experience.

EITK: Can you share a little bit about PVH Corp., particularly in regards to the culture and mission as it relates to CX? Please also share a little bit about your role since joining nearly six years ago.

Diane Haluszka: The culture of PVH Corp. cascades in all that we do, and it is one of the primary reasons why I love working here. PVH Corp.’s values are focused around individuality, partnership, passion, integrity, and accountability. This allows those who work for the company to drive real change.

The vision, purpose, values, and priorities of PVH Corp. are not only focused on the associate, but the consumer as well. We strive to be one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, and we connect with consumers in over 40 countries. With all that said, it drives the way the company operates with the goal of capturing the heart of the consumer.

As far as my role, I was originally brought into PVH Corp. at a time when the company was transitioning to an internal corporate call center, supporting retail company stores and ecommerce business. I originally developed the training strategy and content, standard operating procedures, and was a part of that project in hopes to make it a success.

Because of said involvement, I wanted to become a larger player in our Customer Service Department and get into the management of the entire team. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it — taking every opportunity to learn from our associates and consumers, setting our team up for future growth, while providing feedback to drive real business change, as well as much more. I am proud to work for PVH Corp. and, specifically, the Customer Service team.

EITK: Retail and fashion are both competitive spaces, and sometimes the customer experience is the deciding factor. Which parts of the retail and fashion experience (be they in-store or online) are most important for building customer loyalty?

Diane Haluszka: Wherever you may shop, brand consistency is important in driving customer loyalty. Your products have to be innovative and meet the needs of your purchasing audience.

What I consider to be most important is meeting the customer where they want to be met. Products, experiences, technologies, and service all need to adapt to the needs of the consumer, and these constantly change for the better in order to stay relevant in this industry.

EITK: Early on in your career at PVH Corp. you successfully managed a care team of 50+ associates. In this line of work, that almost certainly means taking a people-first approach. What are some of the ways you applied a people-first approach in managing your team?

Diane Haluszka: I have and will continue to put them first in all that I do. It is as easy as that.

As stated before, something as simple as continuously handling contacts to get that better understanding of what your team is going through (and your consumers) allows me to refine my approach. Ensuring my direct reports have growth opportunities, development plans, and are involved in the decision-making process, as well as projects, is also critical. I do all of this for my team to not only make sure they feel empowered, but also included and constantly learning. I hope this lets them know that I believe in them.

Now, more than ever, focusing on boosting morale, communication methods, and that feeling of togetherness (especially in this current virtual environment) allows us to strengthen our team bond. I consider this team to be such a critical function for our brands. Whatever it takes to continuously show them that is what I will always do.

EITK: Greater efficiency can never be overvalued, but it takes effort to get there. What efforts have you put forth in this area, and which of those efforts have seen the greatest returns?

Diane Haluszka: I could not agree more. I also think that 2020 really shed some light on the customer service/experience industry, and how we needed to immediately adopt greater efficiencies.

Technology enhancements were so crucial and continue to be. Implementing and continuing to enhance our chatbot, developing community centers for self-service, and reviewing all other contact verticals for process improvements — every effort has shown undeniable value.

Additionally, constantly reviewing our insights to inform others and to outline our strategic plan has allowed us to put the consumer first in everything that we do.

Combine that with the efficiency updates to our platform allowing our associates to navigate through systems quicker, access information when needed, and provide ongoing support, the returns from a customer and associate perspective will only continue to grow.

EITK: Earlier this year you took on the role of Co-Chair with UPWARD North America. Can you share what this organization is about, and what your involvement entails?

Diane Haluszka: UPWARD stands for Uniting Professional Women Advancing Relationships & Development and it is one of the many Business Resource Groups (BRGs) here at PVH Corp. I am honored to be a Co-Chair for this organization and to work for such an inclusive and diverse company.

Our mission is focused on creating an environment of empowerment, equality, advancement, and community within the workplace.

As Co-Chair, my responsibility is to help develop our strategic initiatives, tie them to our goals, and ensure that the committees are executing them. I love partnering with our other Co-Chair, our members, other BRGs, and the PVH Inclusion & Diversity team in order to accomplish this.

EITK: What are some of the most exciting CX areas of focus for you in 2021 and beyond, and what are the expected impacts on your customers?

Diane Haluszka: Our focus for the balance of 2021 is on our people, our policies and training, improving self-service, digital channels, enhancing KPIs (such as CSAT), and developing deeper analytics. I understand that is a lot, but we have strategized projects and efficiency updates within these in order to make a positive impact for our associates and our consumers.

I am most excited about enhancing our analytics so we can gain a better understanding of what our consumers want and expect from us, and use this to drive our strategic vision for the future. We will only be able to continue to enhance their journey as we gain more valuable insights.

I would like to point out that the CX experience can only grow as we support our CS associates, so we make sure our focus on people, policies, and training is developed to motivate, empower, and strengthen our team.

All of this will drive a better consumer experience, improved customer satisfaction, and allow us stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.

EITK: You have been active in the Know It All Community since joining in April 2021. As a seasoned member of the community, what do you enjoy most and what benefits do you see in the community for other CX professionals?

Diane Haluszka: I could not be more grateful for this community. The ability to share best practices, solicit advice, and network with other CX professionals has allowed me to bring back insights to the team, expand future initiatives, and maximize opportunities for growth.

It’s important to connect with people at your company, but equally important to connect with people in your industry. Considering the needs of the business, your specific area of expertise, and combining this with outside insights, it’s possible to drive real change for internal teams, your company, and those you support (in my case, our consumers). I appreciate the Know It All Community for enabling me to do this.


Thank you to Diane Haluszka, Director, PVH Customer Service N.A. at PVH Corp., for her leadership, participation, and insights. To connect with Diane, or to participate in the wider conversation, consider joining the Execs In The Know “Know It All” (KIA) Community. The KIA Community is a private, online community designed exclusively for CX Leaders at consumer-facing brands. Come learn, share, network, and engage to innovate. LEARN MORE.

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