CX Outsourcing Insights report

An Exploration of Current Conditions & Future Changes

An Execs In The Know Report Series

The CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes report provides a snapshot of the industry from the perspective of program leaders. This document reveals current practitioner thinking on Outsourcer program structure, performance challenges and opportunities, and future changes.

Execs In The Know, with sponsorship from Inspiro, fielded this study to better understand the Outsourcer program landscape. A total of 44 individuals responded to the survey, and responses were collected via email in November and December 2021. Depending on how respondents answered, sample sizes represented in the following data range from N=38 to N=44.

Key Insights

  • Satisfaction with Outsourcer performance is high, with more than three-quarters (84%) of respondents Very Satisfied or Satisfied with partner results. Top-ranking attributes include Agent Quality and Performance, Adequate Staffing, and Transitioning to Work-From-Home (WFH).
  • Although overall satisfaction is high, leaders identified additional opportunities to improve staffing, quality, and performance, highlighting the need for Outsourcers to increase focus in these areas.
  • Concerns associated with the WFH environment remain an important issue among program leaders. Chief issues include Agent Engagement/Supervision (68%) and Training/Coaching (59%).
  • Although 62% of leaders made changes to partner portfolios in the past 18 months, future change is uncertain. Only 26% have plans to alter their portfolios, and 45% are unsure about future changes.
  • Program leaders believe that additional dialogue is needed to continue to improve the industry, particularly concerning Overflow and Flex Staffing Solutions (40%), Optimizing WFH and Hybrid Models (35%), Agent Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding (33%), and Agent Training and Coaching (33%).

a note from the authors

Execs In The Know is pleased to share the CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes report. We commissioned this study to better understand the existing Outsourcer landscape and share key insights about its future.

Our hope is that program leaders and outsourcer partners alike will use this report to deepen their knowledge of the current strengths and opportunity that face the industry. More important, we believe the community will benefit from our recommendations on how to respond to these challenges. With this knowledge, and by working together, we can deliver better customer experiences — our common goal.

We are grateful for our sponsor, Inspiro, and invite you to learn more about their business process outsourcing services.

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