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9:00 AM 5:30 PM ET





The Customer Response Summit (CRS) Workshops are led by a subject matter expert and provide an opportunity to engage with other CX leaders on a CX specific topic. In these 75-minute Workshops, you will engage with your peers in practical problem-solving exercises and interactive discussions which are designed to educate and inspire you.

1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET


Charlene Wang
Vice President of Marketing

Evan Cummack


Key CX Performance Benchmarks: Using Data to Transform Agent Actions into Operational ROI

Customers increasingly expect seamless yet customized experiences. At the same time, customer experience (CX) teams are working in more locations and across more applications than ever before. Complicating matters is the fact that most companies don’t have the kind of sophisticated, data-driven software they need to adapt. There is a better way. Learn methods for measuring the impact and ROI of new technologies on your core KPIs, and find out how to put your data to work to accelerate training, development, and quality assurance. Join Evan Cummack, CEO of Fin, and Charlene Wang, Vice President of Marketing at Fin, as they explore how to use program data to systematically understand and improve every agent’s performance across your organization. This interactive workshop session will provide industry-first insights into how to optimize CX workflows based on tens of millions of hours of real-time data recorded by Fin’s Work Insights Platform. Discuss how organizations are currently gathering and utilizing their data, and find out about next level best practices for using data to scientifically improve training, processes, technology, and automation.

You’ll leave this session prepared to lead your team into the future in these specific ways:

  • Gain an overview of the data potential of your CX operations
  • Work with real-world data to connect the dots between insight and action
  • Discover how process data can power improvements in core areas, like agent training and coaching
  • Learn how to use program data to spot opportunities for efficiencies driven by new processes and technology


2:30 PM 3:45 PM ET


Rick Zayas
Vice President


The Great Resignation Reinvention

While not unique to contact center operations, organizations are facing one of the greatest labor challenges we have experienced in decades, and this is having a drastic effect on traditional contact center roles.

Most leaders are beginning to recognize this labor challenge isn’t temporary or solely pandemic driven, so please join us for a workshop with your peers to discuss the drivers and impact of the current labor conditions and explore emerging options that help create candidate interest and drive improved retention.

If left unaddressed, operations will continue to see a ripple effect in efficiency and effectiveness that could challenge the long-term relevance of traditional role definition and management. Are we doing enough in contact center operations to align to this new normal, or is it time for a reinvention of our staffing norms?

This workshop will break into table activities to outline success plans for the reinvention of the contact center agent role to effectively compete, along with developing a cost-effective contingent outsourcing model when needed.

You’ll leave this session prepared to lead your organization through this difficult labor market with:

  • Insights into key drivers affecting the labor markets
  • Best practices and approaches to reinvent labor policies
  • Ideas on how to best manage/leverage outsourced service providers
  • Knowledge of changes that can help attract and retain the best talent to meet service levels going forward


4:00 PM – 5:15 PM ET


Crystal Collier
Executive Consultant


Designing a Service Strategy to Deliver Superior CX

Contact center leaders strive to strike the perfect balance between reactive and proactive support options that meet business objectives and make customers happy. Aligning customer needs with operational requirements is the first step to achieve this balance and create a well-designed channel strategy that delivers experiences that differentiate your organization.

During our interactive workshop, we will discuss how to design a multi-channel stellar service strategy. We will share a proven framework to guide the development of this strategy, highlighting current industry trends in reactive and proactive support practices that will help your organization strike the right balance. From there, we will discuss ways to design and implement multi-channel experiences that meet customer expectations and improve the agent experience. You will leave PTP’s session with clear next steps to optimize your service strategy, improve your KPIs, and deliver better CX.

Your takeaways from this pre-conference workshop include:

  • Ideas for building insights into the needs and expectations of your customers
  • The latest industry trends in building out a reactive and proactive CX approach
  • Examples of multi-channel design that delights customers
  • Action items for implementing superior backend processes
  • KPI tracking recommendations for maximizing program performance


5:30 PM 7:30 PM ET




Join us as we kickoff the Summit at our evening Welcome Reception. Mingle with attendees, speakers, and more while enjoying a cocktail and some light bites! Make connections early and find your peers who you will be enjoying the Summit with.









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7:15 AM 8:15 AM ET



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8:45 AM 9:30 AM ET

Todd Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Customer
Engagement & Support


How Beachbody Became a Digital-First Company

As Beachbody evolved from DVDs to a digital subscription model, the customer support team was also driving its customer contacts online. Since then, NPS scores have doubled while expenses have been cut in half. How? By identifying opportunities to eliminate or deflect customer inquiries via an intuitive support site experience, enhanced self-service capabilities, and improved insights leading to reduced contacts overall.

Join Todd Montgomery as he shares Beachbody’s journey as a newly public company acquiring and launching several new brands as it grows, while also expanding internationally. Learn about Beachbody’s successes and current opportunities, and find out how the company delivers an efficient and effective path to help its customers achieve their goals.


9:30 AM 10:15 AM ET



concentrix logo


Is Your Voice of the Customer Data Failing to Deliver Change? You’re Not Alone.

With today’s companies operating in extremely dynamic and competitive environments, the race to differentiate on customer experience is heating up. The denominator of success? Speed. Speed to insight about your customers, speed to decision making, and speed to change. The problem? Only 14% of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are delivering relevant intelligence quickly and at-scale.  

Join Concentrix and a panel of CX leaders to learn how you can revolutionize your data sources and make key data sources, like customer survey, as an asset in continually shaping your CX strategy. Find out best practices for operationalizing customer feedback to keep employees engaged and performing at their highest levels. During the session, you’ll listen in as the panel discusses varying practices for modernizing surveys and a variety of VoC data sources, and you’ll get an insider’s look at how leading brands use feedback to create differentiated experiences. You’ll leave with practical suggestions for putting these powerful practices into action. 

 Join this session to learn about: 

  • Using surveys as key driver for your CX strategy 
  • Assessing your overall VOC strategy 
  • Best practices of modern customer survey design 
  • Tips for deploying an effective closed-loop strategy  
  • How to use customer feedback to improve frontline performance 
  • Ways to make unstructured feedback actionable 
Marc Mandel Aneel Jaeel Jyl Hildreth Applegate Balakarthik Venkataramanan
Executive Director, Client Strategy, VoC solutions Senior Vice President, Customer Success Group Vice President, Provider Quality and Calls Vice President Customer Experience
concentrix logo McAfee


10:15 AM – 10:45 AM ET



10:45 AM – 12:15 PM ET














Jeff Palmer
Chief Revenue Officer





Jeff Fettes




Tony Ayaz
CEO & Board Member


Customer Shop Talk sessions are small, industry-expert-led discussions on a laser-focused topic. Join a group that is addressing a topic that is top of mind for you. Customize your agenda by picking which 40-minute sessions to attend. Ten minutes will be allotted between the sessions for passing. Select two of the four to attend.

Improving the Employee Experience with AI-Powered Agent-Assist Solutions

Behind every great customer experience there’s a great agent. But too often, agents don’t feel empowered to do their best work — they feel undervalued and overstretched. Skilled agents don’t have the tools and information they need to add value to customer engagements, and new hires can find it difficult to quickly become productive and effective. Layer in increased customer expectations, labor shortages that show no end in sight, and skyrocketing contact volumes — should the high turnover in contact centers be any surprise?  

Agent-assisting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions put the focus on improving the agent experience. Join Nuance for an exploration of the latest agent-assist AI tools and technologies and learn how these solutions can transform not just the performance of your agents, but also their experience, leading to better outcomes for your customers.  


Operationalize AI and Hyper-Transform Your Omnichannel Contact Center 

Keeping up with changing customer demands often leads to contact centers accelerating their plans for digital transformation, including implementing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation. As organizations look to streamline and transform their contact center, striking the right balance between intelligent automation and innovation can result in improved self-service capabilities, reduced agent workloads, and better business value. Enhance customer experience (CX) and increase efficiency with a flexible growth platform that maximizes intelligent automation and helps organizations realize the value of operationalizing AI.  

Join Upstream Works Software to learn practical strategies on how you can optimize your contact center without silos. 


The Evolution of Realtime Digital QA

Quality Assurance (QA) is evolving in the call center due to the power of attended artificial intelligence (AI). Traditionally, QA is done in arrears with coaching used to improve agent performance over time. Learn how with nextgen agent-assist tools, technology that can be used to provide proactive QA and real-time AI oversight to catch mistakes before they happen. Nextgen agent-assist tools allow managers to put guardrails on the most important interactions, preventing high-cost human errors proactively, and adding new AI driven real-time controls across your tech stack.

Join Laivly for an engaging discussion about how this new technology can be an equalizer that brings your newest and lowest performing agents scores up instantly, impacting speed-to-production, ramp, training, and turnover — all while improving QA scores across your programs.


Transform Data Insights into Powerful Customer Experiences

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created and streamed across multiple devices and systems every day, brands have a unique opportunity to uncover the stories their consumers are telling.
From Internet of Things (IoT) data, to loyalty programs, from social engagements, to service tickets, brands that can stitch together insights and create complete customer profiles have the opportunity to reduce churn, increase user adoption, lower overhead, and delight customers.

Utilizing real-world enterprise examples, join Scuba Analytics to explore how you can harness your data, uncover powerful trends and patterns buried in your customer’s actions, and how to identify key opportunities for success


12:15 PM – 1:15 PM ET



1:15 PM – 2:15 PM ET



Asynchronous Messaging: Putting an End to Cumbersome Starts and Stops 

We’ve all been there — we start chatting online with an agent and then realize we are either late for an appointment, the kids need help, or something even more pressing pops up. We have to disconnect. Then, when we finally have free time again, we need to start from the beginning with a new agent.

As a brand, how can you help your customers easily re-engage, prevent lost revenue, and take your digital customer experience (CX) to the next level? Asynchronous messaging lets consumers talk to you on their terms. They can engage, leave, and come back to pick up where they left off, setting the pace of the conversation with no disruption in context. The result is improved satisfaction for your customers and increased sales for your brand.

Join Nuance and a panel of esteemed CX leaders to learn how asynchronous messaging can help drive better business outcomes. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insights into best practices for the implementation, management, and engagement of your customers using asynchronous messaging.

Selena Castellanos

Jeff Myers Vin Varma Gregg Stallwood
Senior Principal Vertical Solutions Vice President and General Manager Customer Care Sr. Vice President, Customer Service Excellence Sr. Vice President, Consumer Services, Employer & Individual
UnitedHealth Group


2:15 PM – 3:00 PM ET


Doug Hoffschwelle
GM & Sr. Vice President

Shannon Hodges
Vice President, Sales & Support



Opendoor’s Transformation to A Unified Customer Experience

For technology innovator and real-estate disruptor Opendoor, product-driven business planning had resulted in a product-siloed customer experience (CX). Among hyper-growth brands with multiple and expanding product lines, CX fragmentation is a common challenge. What begins as a sensible customer support strategy can quickly turn into siloed CX operations with highly variable customer experiences across each product line, and across different channels. The result is often a downtrend in CSAT and hampered brand growth.

In its journey to streamline and unify its Customer Experience program, Opendoor partnered with ibex, a leading digital CX outsourcer, to deliver a cross-product unified service and support experience to Opendoor’s customers. Join ibex and client Opendoor and gain insight into a variety of topics surrounding their CX transformation journey, including:

  • The challenges of unifying product-siloed CX
  • Critical aspects of transforming multiple product experiences into a unified, omnichannel customer experience
  • Tips for analyzing and scaling the hypergrowth customer journey
  • Making the business case for customer-centricity


3:00 PM – 3:15 PM ET



3:15 PM – 4:00 PM ET





Carolyne Truelove
Head of Global Fan Experience


How Fanatics Activated Its CX Data Superpowers

As the global leader in licensed sports merchandise, Fanatics is building a global digital sports platform and changing the way fans purchase their most coveted fan gear. With CX at the core of all they do, Fanatics is delivering an innovative, tech-infused approach to making and quickly distributing fan gear in today’s 24/7 mobile-first economy. The power behind their success: becoming their very own CX Data Superhero.

Listen in as Carolyne recounts Fanatics’ CX Data Superhero origin story from data sourcing to management and warehousing, from use cases to outcomes. Learn how Fanatics tapped the immense power of their customer data by building a data utilization program from the ground up, engaging employees, transforming outcomes, and reshaping the Fan (customer) experience. Find out how Carolyne and a team of cross-functional team of super-hero colleagues at Fanatics cultivated internal partnerships, deployed cutting edge the tools and technology, and launched a single source of data to generate superhuman results for their employees, partners, and customers.


4:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET


After a full day of discussions, join us to see concepts live in action and learn how they can be applied to improve CX in different channels and processes. In combination with our cocktail hour, the comfortable, relaxed setting will be the perfect backdrop for engaged conversations and learning.

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM ET





Join your CX colleagues for a relaxing evening of networking, dinner, drinks, and great music!



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8:00 AM 9:00 AM ET



9:00 AM 9:30 AM ET



9:30 AM 10:15 AM ET

Teresa Ignacio
Vice President, Client Care Managed Services

Mike Jones
Senior Director, Customer Care



Embracing a Commitment to Employee Success

Never before have companies so fully understood the relationship between the employee experience and the customer experience, and the fact that engagement and development play critical roles in shaping the employee experience. With the recent evolution of the hybrid workplace, many companies are taking a fresh look at how they care for and empower their employees. These efforts are often expansive and touch on many areas throughout the CX organization, from training and coaching to flexible work schedules and career advancement.

Join Teresa and Mike as they share the stage to discuss their respective program structures and missions, and how these relate to four impactful pillars of the employee experience: Job Enablement, Health and Wellness, Environment and Culture, and Training and Development. Learn how both Visa and The Home Depot are approaching and defining employee success, projecting outcomes, and celebrating early wins — all while reflecting on your brand’s own journey in transforming amazing employee experiences into amazing customer experiences.







10:15 AM – 11:15 AM ET





Caylen Mccool Ramon Icasiano
Customer Experience Manager Chief Customer Officer









The case study brand will be announced at the event.










Moments of Brilliance are mini case-study sessions that attendees will self-select and rotate every 25 minutes. We will have three simultaneous sessions taking place and attendees will be able to choose two.


How MeUndies Solved Multiple Growth-Related CX Problems with Performance Intelligence

Is your customer-facing team struggling with answering the question, “How am I doing?” or “How is my team doing?” Without real-time metrics to answer these questions, trust in management erodes, employee satisfaction goes down, and you risk turnover. It’s imperative that your managers have the skills and tools to coach their teams and ensure excellent customer experiences.

Hear how MeUndies, the madly popular online subscription clothing line, used Pathlight to create a culture of transparency and accountability by delivering real-time performance intelligence to the entire organization and granting leadership visibility into coaching across the frontline. MeUndies reduced employee workload by 4+ hours per week and is better able to adapt quickly to changes in logistics and customer needs. MeUndies has 400,000+ Instagram followers and over 200,000 customers owning 20+ pieces of the brand’s apparel, and is now poised for international growth and expanding product lines. Join us to learn how to empower your CX team to be their personal best.


How Our Client Achieved $1.5M+ Cost Savings with Digital Self-Service

Four hundred thousand. That’s how many repeat calls our client received every year for a simple update on their claim status. Like them, many contact centers have been flooded with high call volumes for routine requests such as order status, service cancellations, claim filings, or payment updates. To meet increasing call volumes, most companies are scaling with increased headcounts. This drives up costs while hurting CX.

Join Airkit for a mini case study to learn how their client, leverages digital self-service to drastically improve customer experience and get to market 14x faster than building a larger team in-house, resulting in $1.5M cost savings over three years. Discover how you can offload your contact center’s call volume by transitioning to digital self-service, lowering your cost to serve, increasing revenue, and boosting CSAT.

Priceline Delivers Empathy at Scale with Personalized Guidance

As a leading online travel agency, Priceline.com facilitates the provision of travel services from its suppliers to its clients. Delivering a consistent and empathetic customer experience is paramount for Priceline.com.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Priceline needed to change and institute its policies in near real time, deploying across its supporting BPO network. Their customer operations and technology teams enlisted Uniphore’s low code customer service automation platform to guide their customer service representatives.
Learn how Priceline.com was able to provide consistent and empathetic customer service at scale through personalized guidance and next best actions in the contact centers, including:

  • Changing and implementing policies near real time
  • Executing across their supporting BPO network
  • Implementing business-managed guidance, allowing non-call center staff to field calls during peak times
  • Real-time guidance for agents allowing for efficient call handling of customers
  • Shifting of content ownership from IT to customer service, introducing greater flexibility and agility
  • Deploying a visual Drag & Drop interface, helping to create, modify, test, and deploy call flows faster



11:15 AM 11:30 AM ET



11:30 AM 12:15 PM ET


Let’s Get Digital: Driving Limitless Performance Through Digital Adoption and Operational Excellence

Consumer needs have increased in complexity during the pandemic, further accelerating the adoption of digital transformation solutions in the contact center. There is a huge opportunity for brands to drive performance and operational excellence through people, technology, and customer experience.

In this panel, we will discuss best practices of navigating accelerated digital adoption in customer care, including:

  • Use of technology performance enablers to drive value and personalization for high-quality customer engagement.
  • How data can enable a higher-touch customer interaction and improved experience
  • Agent retention with real-time engagement to promote high performance and cultural alignment
Chris Wallace Shannon Patterson Sagarika Prusty Karyn Carlton
Sr. Vice President of Sales Sr. Vice President at Marriott International Associate Director, Product Analytics Sr. Director, Customer Experience


12:15 PM – 1:00 PM ET


Jen Johnson
Sr. Vice President of Business Transformation



CX Transformation Secret Revealed: The HERO Is Your Customer!

Whether you are looking to polish up your current Customer Experience strategy or starting from ground zero, the most successful stories have one common theme: The customer is the HERO of the story! Many companies use terms like “customer-centric” or “customer-focused,” but in the end, how many of these companies are really putting their customer at the center of every single decision? Time, resources, and budget can all get in the way, but with true discipline and a shift in company culture, you can achieve CX Transformation success.

Frontier is in the business of guiding to and delivering on the best available solutions for their customer’s communications needs. Established in 1935, Frontier has grown over the last 87 years and now provides service in 25 states. Emerging from bankruptcy in 2021, the company now has a renewed focus on improving quality in our products, services, and the experiences they create. Recently appointed as the head of Customer Experience, Jen will share some of the tenants of her personal philosophy, obstacles to success, and her strategies for driving a transformation with a true customer experience focus.


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET