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Execs In The Know Releases the 2022 CX Leaders Trends & Insights: Consumer Edition Report

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, US, November 10, 2022 — Global customer experience (CX) industry leader Execs In The Know is thrilled to announce the release of the 2022 CX Leaders Trends & Insights: Consumer Edition report. Dedicated to the experiences and opinions of consumers, the report was initially released during Execs In The Know’s signature event, the Customer Response Summit (CRS), which took place in Coronado, CA, October 22-24, 2022. This research is produced in partnership with Zenarate, providers of an artificial intelligence-powered conversation simulation solution.

This latest volume of research contains trending data built around the experiences and perspectives of consumers. It includes content on a variety of specific topics such as Multichannel Journeys, Self-Help Solutions, and Consumer Preferences, as well as an entirely new dataset examining “The Happy Consumer.” Made available in print at CRS Coronado, this 76-page report is now available in its digital release on the Execs In The Know CX Research webpage.

Like previous editions, this new research is enriched with the powerful Practitioner’s Perspectives insights — snapshot analysis from accomplished CX leaders representing top brands, each targeting a specific research result. These insights, along with both demographic and cross-comparison analysis, provide readers with actionable, practical concepts from cover to cover.

“Now in its second year of series publication, we are thrilled with the evolution of this research,” said Susan McDaniel, Co-Founder and COO of Execs In The Know. “As brands face new and challenging economic headwinds, maintaining a window into the experiences and expectations of consumers is essential in developing effective strategies and needle-moving initiatives for continuous CX improvement. Furthermore, we are grateful to our Practitioner’s Perspective contributors for helping bring the data to life with relevant real-world examples and insights.”

While the specific data points are wide-ranging across CX topics, a few highlights from this latest research include:

  • Text-Based solutions had sizable year-over-year (YOY) gains with 35% of consumers naming them as their most frequently used solution
  • “Difficulty in Reaching a Live Person” was the top frustration among consumers
  • Better agent communication (listening and speaking) ranks as a top consideration among consumers when interacting with an agent to resolve an issue
  • Age plays a significant role in channel preferences, with 64% of those 65 years and older preferring the help of a live agent, compared to only 41% of those ages 18 to 24 years

Surveying for the 2022 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Corporate Edition report is now open! Following the launch of the Consumer Edition, Execs In The Know opened its corporate surveying for the 2022 Corporate Edition report — a companion report to the Consumer Edition report featuring more than 80 datapoints, all from the perspective of practicing CX leaders. The 2022 Corporate Edition report is set to release at Execs In The Know’s next Customer Response Summit event in Austin, Texas (March 1-3, 2023).

For all Execs In The Know CX Research, visit: https://execsintheknow.com/knowledge-center/cx-research/