Execs In The Know Releases Its Latest Thought-Leadership Paper: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service – A Practical Guide for AI Consideration and Adoption

PHOENIX, Ariz., April 4, 2019 — Execs In The Know, a community of Customer Experience Professionals, today announced the release of its Thought Leadership Paper, The Role of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a top priority for leaders as they experience technology’s powerful ability to unlock value and opportunity for growth.

In this paper, Execs In The Know teamed up with technology experts from Blizzard Entertainment, Hilton, Interactions, LinkedIn, and Square to create and compile practical AI case studies that articulate the value of AI in customer service strategies. The paper also defines a tactical process for building a sound AI strategy, and it calls out risks, limitations, and workforce considerations to help ensure a successful implementation.

“The vast majority of companies are still evaluating the viability of AI in their business,” said Chad McDaniel, president of Execs In The Know. “This thought-leadership paper provides an opportunity for leaders to learn from leaders and helps drive consideration and successful adoption of this transformational advancement in customer service.”

The AI paper includes best-practice case studies for knowledge-center support, instant personalized answers, conversational virtual assistance for phone, and AI for emerging insights from social media. Each example highlights one of the four essential opportunities for AI in customer service: cost reduction and customer insights for companies and faster/better service and greater personalization for consumers.

“While learning about what other leaders are doing in this space nurtures big picture thinking, having access to guidance and recommendations on how to streamline implementation and avoid pitfalls is invaluable,” said McDaniel. “This paper offers that one-two punch.”

Technology is altering the way we interact in every aspect of life and creating new service expectations. Those at the forefront of the Al customer experience movement recognize that these technologies add direct value for a wide range of service situations – — including interactions that require human intervention. For example, AI machine learning technologies provide an enhanced self-service experience by improving search accuracy; and conversational virtual assistant technologies can reduce the number of live agent calls. Both AI solutions free up an agent’s time, allowing for more time spent on skill development and handing calls requiring human empathy and interaction.

Execs In The Know is advancing the AI conversation daily in its online community Know It All and meeting with brands across the United States in discussion-based events like the upcoming Next Gen Technology Briefing in New York City on May 8th.

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