A Balancing Act – High-Quality CX for Fast-Growing Businesses

The following is a guest blog written by Rebecca Brown, EVP, Business Development, at Teleperformance. To learn more about this case study, register for this TP Talk

Sometimes you see a new startup arrive and it’s clear that they are in the process of disrupting (or creating) an entire industry. Redbubble is one of those startups. They provide a platform for independent artists to reach customers by using their art on products such as T-shirts, bags, stationery, and other gifts. It’s an entirely new approach to purchasing original art that is fun and great for both the customer and the artist.

However, no matter how cool a startup may be, customers today don’t accept a poor customer experience – they just move on to the next exciting new company. For many new innovative young companies, the focus typically falls on new ideas and new business growth. Caring for customers is often an unintentional afterthought. The successful, forward-thinking leaders for fast-growing business strike a balance between growth, quality care, and scalability.

Melissa O’Keefe, the Global Head of Customer Experience at Redbubble, put customer service first to manage customer expectations in Redbubble’s high-growth environment. Melissa has worked in multiple global environments ranging from e-commerce and online marketplaces to high tech and large global manufacturing operations. She knows first-hand how challenging it can be to secure executive level support for key projects and initiatives. She has directly experienced both the positive and negative impacts on customers, teams, and performance results when improvements in customer experience and the ability to drive efficiencies depend on resources outside one’s own budget or control.

Finding approval for customer service budget, embracing digital transformation, and adopting new customer channels are constant challenges all customer experience leaders face. Due to the pace of business, these challenges are often compounded in a high-growth environment yet present an opportunity for a competitive advantage, when done right. All things considered, Melissa chose to work with a customer service partner and created a genuine partnership to steer their way through these multiple requirements for flexibility, growth, and a high-quality level of service.  High touch and high tech are key to ensuring that the latest technology is deployed to improve the customer experience, but it is balanced with skilled customer service professionals.

Melissa has a great success story to share. If you are a startup, a disruptor, or if a new economy company is disrupting you, Melissa O’Keefe, Global Head of Customer Success, will be presenting a 30 minute TP Talk: The Business Case to Transform Customer Service: The Redbubble Story, Hosted by Teleperformance on Thursday May 2, 2019 at 2 p.m. EDT.

Join Melissa as she answers these pressing questions:

•  How do you meet customer expectations, navigate, scale and professionalize customer service in a high-growth environment?

•  How do you determine where customer service sits within the organization and create a compelling business case for partnering?

•  How do you embrace digital transformation and the complexity of services? Melissa will discuss their channel adoption journey (Chat & Social) and her plans for the future.

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