The Hottest CX Trend in 2019 – “Reward your customers to invest in your employees”

What did you say? Really??? That can’t be right!!!!!

We predict that 2019 will be the year where businesses realize how easy it is to reward their own customers, save money and use those savings to invest in their own people.

Digital transformation is the strategy of transforming customer engagement by shifting from traditional models to digital ones like crowd & gig models, AI and pure self-service. The benefits of this are clear; they offer millions of savings per year and, to date, the prospect of lower cost to serve has been one of the main drivers for change

What’s changing in 2019 is that successful businesses now realize they can use those savings to reinvest and reward the people who matter the most (to us that’s your contact centre teams).

Limitless is at the forefront of this trend redefining customer service working with brands like Microsoft, The Daily Mail Group and Unilever. Our AI powered SmartCrowd™ platform harnesses the knowledge and commitment of your loyal customers, so you can adapt your support to match demand, save money and create amazing customer experiences. This gig-based model of service is fast becoming popular providing great service at a significantly lower cost.

So, if there is one thing to remember when planning your 2019 digital transformation strategy we think it’s “Reward to Give Back” and here are our top tips to achieve the best results:

  1. Give Back To Your Fans: Crowd source customer service to reward your own super fan customers for helping other customers.
  2. Give Back To Your Employees: Introduce Crowd & AI to deliver significant cost savings to reinvest in your own workforce. This will enable you to build agent skills and improve retention.
  3. Give Your Customers Their Lives Back: Time is precious so anything you can do to allow your customers to engage with you when they want to 24/7 and then quickly resolve their inquiry will mean you have happy customers.

If you are serious about wanting to find ways to invest in your people Limitless’ SmartCrowd™ platform offers a range of solutions which can help:

  • CrowdService® helps drive faster response times at a significantly lower cost to serve, using crowd sourced Ambassadors, who are fans of your product.
  • CrowdFeeback™: leverages native customer knowledge to generate actionable feedback in real time for your marketing and product development teams
  • CrowdCoach™: taps into your most passionate product advocates to retain lapsing customers, boost loyalty and average revenue per user
  • CrowdAdvise™: connects a brand with its most evangelical users to provide pre-sales support, improve sales conversion and customer life time value

We predict a big shift is underway for customer service. Organizations will increasingly focus on smarter solutions which help reduce cost to serve, thereby enabling them to spend more on developing their workforce. When you turn customers into ambassadors, customer service becomes your differentiator. Are you ready to drive this change in your organization? Chat to our friendly team to find out how Limitless can help. Visit the Limitless website to learn more.

This is a guest post by Limitless Co-founder and COO Megan Neale. Limitless will be at Customer Response Summit New Orleans (Feb. 4-6). Be sure to connect with them while you’re there!