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KEYNOTE: Unlocking Growth and Customer Success Through Personalized Experiences

Presented By: Nancy Clark, Verizon

In today’s fiercely competitive market, organizations must constantly transform to evolve their ability to delight customers. Simply offering a quality product or service is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. Customers seek more than just transactions; they desire a seamless and personalized journey that exceeds their expectations at every turn.

How can companies reimagine their service models to enhance customer experiences, cultivate loyalty, and drive sustainable growth and prosperity? How can organizations boost their customer success across every touchpoint?

Hear from Nancy Clark, SVP of Consumer Customer Success at Verizon, to learn how Verizon is leading the way by transforming how it supports customers through customer success initiatives and digital transformation efforts, including:

  • Identifying high-value customers, understanding their needs, and effectively cross-selling and upselling to ensure their continued loyalty and maximize their potential value
  • Building strategies to proactively identify customers at risk of leaving, create specialized offers, and provide tailored solutions to extend customer lifespan and increase their retention
  • Leveraging technology to enable simple, personalized, and intuitive experiences for both customers and employees
  • Empowering employees by boosting their knowledge, skills, and compensation to help them win customers’ hearts

KEYNOTE: Change Leadership: Transforming a Business Enterprise from the Top Down

Presented By: Nick Chong, Zoom

Some leaders stand out as beacons of change and innovation, tirelessly dedicated to solving problems and enhancing the customer experience. Meet Nick Chong, Chief Customer Officer at Zoom and a change leader. His approach is driven by the philosophy that if there’s a problem, there’s a creative solution waiting to be discovered.

Drawing on decades of experience, Nick’s expertise lies in ensuring organizational readiness for adaptation, transformation, and evolution. His journey began with a deep-rooted belief in the power of excellent customer service, and his message is clear: the culture of waiting is gone, and organizations must venture into uncharted territory across all modalities to meet the ever-changing expectations of their customers.

Organizations are evolving and adapting to meet a world where customers have more choices than ever before, and product support takes on a new meaning as the key differentiator. Nick’s keynote address will dive into change’s dynamic, diverse, and unpredictable nature and give attendees an exclusive look at his vision for delivering world-class customer support.

KEYNOTE: Customer-Centric Excellence: Unleashing the Voice of the Customer

Presented By: Tracy Sedlak, Offerpad

This enlightening keynote address will dive into the transformative impact of customer-centric strategies on business success. In this engaging talk, Tracy Sedlak, VP of Customer Success at Offerpad, unravels the pivotal role of harnessing Voice of the Customer data in shaping robust business strategies, fostering a culture of customer-centric excellence, and embracing the power of stepping outside our comfort zones to glean unparalleled insights from customers.

Discover how these invaluable insights are not just indicators but catalysts for innovation and growth, driving organizations toward a future where understanding and leveraging the customer’s voice are at the heart of every strategic decision.

You can hear more about Tracy’s brand story and leadership journey at CRS Tucson.

KEYNOTE: Shaping the Future of Guest Experience and Circularity

Presented By: Dave Pitsch, Arc’teryx

When you love the great outdoors, it makes sense to try and do everything you can to protect it. That’s why Arc’teryx, the high performance outdoor equipment brand, is doing its part to consider its environmental impact every step of the way.  The brand is committed to incorporating sustainability and circularity into every business decision, making them integral to its core business.

Join Dave Pitsch, Vice President of Guest Services at Arc’teryx, as he addresses the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering a premium guest experience and investing in its guests throughout the entire lifecycle of its products. The brand’s emphasis on performance, attention to detail, and dedication to environmental responsibility has garnered a strong reputation among outdoor enthusiasts.

Learn how the brand is shaping the future of guest experience, addressing crucial moments of truth, and aligning its product design, circularity initiatives, and guest services to cater to the evolving needs and expectations of its guests.

SHOP TALK: How AI Propelled Bob’s Discount Furniture to Industry-Leading CX and Operational Efficiency

Presented By: Quiq, Featuring: Bob's Discount Furniture

It’s often assumed that a decline in customer experience pays for gains in operational efficiency. That’s not the case for Bob’s Discount Furniture. They are leaders in both operational efficiency and NPS.

A customer-obsessed culture and great product value are the foundation of Bob’s brand. But more importantly, Bob’s also leverages digital channels and Generative AI at strategic points in their customer journey, allowing them to minimize phone contacts while still getting customers the information they need. It’s a win-win, offering great CX while minimizing costs.

Join a conversation with Quiq and Bob’s to learn:

  • Insights into the techniques that Bob’s used to drive CX efficiency and the outcomes they achieved
  • Understanding of the Generative AI Maturation Curve that Bob’s is using to plan the adoption of safe Generative AI
  • Suggestions about how to navigate organizational challenges, risks, and barriers to AI

SHOP TALK: How to Modernize Your Service Delivery Model Without Losing the Human Connection

Presented By: Tadd McAnally, VXI

Today’s service delivery landscape largely focuses on technology-driven solutions thanks to emerging channels, cutting-edge tools, and AI-powered insights. But without a human-centric approach, you risk losing the emotional connection and empathy needed to unlock the value behind your investments.

Real transformation requires a human-centered design to succeed, so ensuring your service delivery approach is modeled around (and for) people is crucial to delivering outstanding customer experiences. In this session, Tadd McAnally, VP of CX Advisory services at VXI, will discuss prioritizing the human element by applying design-thinking principles backed by real-world examples and success stories in an increasingly complex ecosystem.

Join this compelling Customer Shop Talk to learn:

  • How to assess your service delivery model and its maturity level
  • How to ensure your transformation roadmap is collaborative, agile, and human-centric
  • How to synchronize your entire service delivery network around your transformation efforts

Don’t miss out on this important session — or the opportunity to design with your people (not just bots) in mind.

SHOP TALK: Building Loyalty with Digital-First Customer Service

Presented By: Connie Workman, AWS

Consumer expectations for customer service are higher than ever before – they expect to engage with businesses across multiple digital channels that are convenient, fast, and efficient. Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) to discover best practices for how to leverage phone, in-app and web calling, video, chat, short message service (SMS), and third-party messaging to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Executing a true omnichannel strategy that delivers consistent customer experiences and better outcomes
  • Empowering customers with self-service solutions for increased speed of service
  • Driving high-velocity innovation in your contact center to improve your customer experience

SHOP TALK: Developing a Persuasive AI Investment Story with Abercrombie & Fitch

Presented By: Laivly, Featuring: Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Are you wondering how to incorporate AI and Automation into your program effectively? Need help figuring out where to begin or how to create a compelling business case? Join Laivly along with Abercrombie & Fitch as they share insights on navigating the new landscape of AI technology inCX. Learn how to fund your tech projects based on cost savings and ROI from the first interaction.

Discover how to identify that crucial first step and develop a persuasive investment story. Learn from real-world experiences where an unexpected, high-value, compliance-based use case was the foundation for broader AI and Automation implementation.

In this discussion, you’ll gain practical tips on:

• Finding early ROI opportunities
• Crafting a smart expansion plan
• Future-proofing your AI strategy

Join us and embark on the path to AI and Automation success!

CASE STUDY: Mastercard’s Journey to Sustained Excellence in the Face of Rapid Change

Presented By: Lance Gruner, Mastercard Inc. & Kyle Kennedy, COPC Inc.

Even the most reputable companies strive for constant improvement in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. As technology reshapes traditional operations, it has become imperative for organizations to foster consistency, increase efficiencies, and create a high-performance culture. Join us for an insightful session featuring Lance Gruner, Mastercard’s Executive Vice President of Global Customer Care, and Kyle Kennedy, President and CEO of COPC Inc. They will reveal how Mastercard’s commitment to excellence led them to adopt and implement a unified performance management framework.  Lance will share Mastercard’s impressive journey and its sustained impact on the organization and its customers. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear Mastercard’s story of continued success in the face of rapid change, solidifying its leadership position in the CX industry.

AUDIENCE INTERACTIVE PANEL: Decoding Customer Interaction: The Power of Understanding Human Communication

Moderated By: Lisa DeFalco, TPG

Sentiment… Language… Speech… QA… We all reference these terms, but do we know how to place tangible value on the human voice expressing such communication?

With the numerous human-based metrics used to manage corporate performance, most contact center operations have focused their investment decisions on advancements that remove the human component.
Yet, measures involving VoC, Promoters, and QA remain prevalent throughout all organizations. Many executives have sought to learn the true ROI involving sentiment… a high QA score… or even Top Box satisfaction. For many, attaching an ROI to these metrics appears daunting, moving them to a ‘necessary evil’ expense line. In the age of AI, we find ourselves pushing for investment success associated with corporate efficiency and reduced headcount, but how about the same rigor toward retaining humanity in our enterprises? Societal research continues to show that people resonate with and need personal connection. The relationship between our customers and brands should capitalize on that need while continuing to foster satisfaction with product offerings.

Hear from industry-leading executives who have capitalized on humanity’s power and created tangible business results. Then let’s collaborate as a Community to define what tangible success means for our Humanity Factors. Facilitated break-out tables will focus on customer sentiment, agent behavioral factors, customer satisfaction, and the difference between proactive and reactive communication analyses to design the next generation of ROI models as we embrace the AI era.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Mastering the Lifelong Customer Conversation Across Channels in 2024 and Beyond

Moderated By: Jason Finkelstein, Gladly Software INC

A customer doesn’t think about channels. Some communicate only on one channel; some effortlessly flit across channels. But brands and their Customer Experience (CX) leaders don’t have that luxury. They must manage preferences across all their customers while trying to strike the balance of service excellence, operational costs, and an array of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across channels. How do brands manage the tension between serving customers however they want, in whatever channel they want, and proactively steering customers to channels to manage customer experience and efficiency? This panel will dissect modern frameworks for crafting effective customer channel journeys. We’ll delve into customer behaviors across channels and the importance of fostering lifelong conversations that don’t just span channels but span over the entire customer relationship, moving beyond mere transactions. Insights from diverse brands will shed light on the evolving strategies and critical decisions in the era of customer experience AI and automation. Join us as we explore the seamless channel experience. Our focus will be on how brands can balance operational efficiency and customer-centricity in the digital age, underscoring the need to delight customers, build meaningful connections, and drive lifelong customer loyalty in the constantly evolving customer service landscape.


PANEL DISCUSSION: AI 360: Pioneering Long-Term AI-Driven CX Initiatives Beyond the Launch

Moderated By: Tetherfi

The panel discussion delves into the intricacies of launching and sustaining AI-driven customer experience (CX) initiatives. The conversation will explore the landscape of AI implementation, emphasizing the elements necessary for successful deployment and continual support. Hear from Brands that have launched their AI strategies on what challenges they faced, the strategies they used, and the vital components they have planned to nurture and evolve their AI-based CX solutions beyond their inception. Get answers to real questions!

  • What skills or roles are needed to stand AI up?
  • What skills or roles are needed to sustain it?
  • Where does AI for CX sit in the enterprise? Customer Service, IT, Product Management, or a brand new sub-team?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Navigating Moments of Truth: A Human-Centric Approach to Employee Engagement and CX Excellence

Moderated By: Jennifer Lee, Intradiem

Join Intradiem’s President and COO, Jennifer Lee, as she leads a panel of industry experts in a discussion that extends beyond the traditional focus to explore the heart of employee engagement, uncovering genuine “Moments of Truth” for both employees and the brand.

As technology continues to impact the type and complexity of live calls, employee experience must remain a focal point. CX leaders must reexamine the agent’s role and establish targeted, effective employee engagement support mechanisms to ensure agents are best equipped to deliver exceptional “Moments of Truth” in these new modern customer interactions.

The conversation will navigate the intersections between these pivotal moments, revealing how mutual support shapes a powerful synergy. Discover how these moments profoundly impact CX and explore strategies for combining technology and acknowledging the human touch to positively influence your “Moments of Truth.”

Key panel takeaways will include:

  1. How to find and define your “Moments of Truth”
  2. The mechanisms needed to modernize and streamline agent workflow
  3. How to put training at the center of your employee experience and engagement
  4. Taking a proactive approach with technology to enable a better EX


PEOPLE AND PROCESSES WORKSHOP: Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement for Operational Excellence

Hosted By: Teleperformance

Join us for a workshop that offers an in-depth look at the transformative power of modern AI tools and analytics in helping enterprises of all sizes establish the vital operational building blocks designed to foster trust and excellence.

Attendees will explore innovative approaches to distilling, safeguarding, and harnessing their data’s potential, while also being able to leverage that data across operations to enhance efficiency and cultivate a culture committed to continuous improvement. Additionally, you’ll discover how to build an environment and effective frontline where innovation, excellence, and improvement are part of the everyday fabric of your organization.

PEOPLE AND PROCESSES WORKSHOP: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences: A Human-Centric Approach to Integrating People, Processes, and AI

Hosted By: Jess Cervellon, Kustomer

AI is taking center stage when it comes to elevating customer service experiences. When we mix the smart capabilities of AI with the kind of empathy only humans can provide – that’s where the magic happens for both companies and their customers.

Our workshop will explore strategies combining the best technology with genuine, empathetic customer service to create experiences that truly differentiate and impact customer loyalty. Attendees will gain practical tips for prioritizing customer needs and emotions, ensuring seamless, personalized service that bridges the gap between digital efficiency and the human touch.

PEOPLE AND PROCESSES WORKSHOP: Unlocking Operational Optimization: Enhancing Consumer Experiences Through AI and Automation

Hosted By: Kim McMiller, IntouchCX

Prioritizing enhanced consumer experiences is paramount for any consumer-facing brand. By integrating AI and automation, businesses can ensure timely and thoughtful responses to online consumers, freeing up resources to focus on efficiency, quality, and meaningful human interactions.

Join Kim McMiller, SVP Global Client Services at IntouchCX, and Luc Antoine, Head of Care at L’Oréal Canada, as they delve into how to harness automation for data integrity, aligning seamlessly with a global vision and deep understanding of consumer needs. This engaging workshop will highlight real examples from a top consumer brand and offer the unique opportunity to collaborate amongst your peers on leveraging automation, people, and processes to optimize operational efficiency and enhance the consumer journey.

TECH FORUM: From Legacy to Innovation: Integrating AI into Existing IT Frameworks

Hosted By: Chris Rogers Chief Revenue Officer, HGS Digital, LLC.

Dive into the cutting-edge of AI and revolutionize your customer experience (CX). Whether you’re just starting or already on the path, this is your invitation to a game-changing dialogue on AI’s role in elevating both customer and agent interactions.

Discover the stark contrast between legacy architectures and the dynamic future promised by AI-infused technologies. Learn about AI’s power to seamlessly assist with post-call enhancement, provide next-best action recommendations, IVR and dialog flow customization, and enrich your knowledge base.

Join us to explore how wrapping AI around your current IT infrastructure can drive intelligence, foster innovation, and inject agility into your operations. This is more than a chance to upgrade your technology—it’s a pathway to reshaping your organizational landscape and redefining the CX you deliver.

TECH FORUM: How AI has Transformed Contact Center Training Forever & Agents Can’t Get Enough

Hosted By: Casey Denby, Vice President of Sales, Zenarate

“How AI has Transformed Contact Center Training Forever & Agents Can’t Get Enough

As the role of today’s contact center agent evolves and becomes more complex, it’s more important than ever to be confident that your new hire onboarding is truly effective. Adding to that complexity is the reality of a globally dispersed, hybrid workforce, making effective training more challenging.

So, how can AI help?

Join former training leader Casey Denby to learn key findings on CX preferences derived from today’s consumers. Discover AI Simulation Training and see how you can develop a dispersed team of confident agents prepared to tackle the most complex call types before they ever talk to your customers.

Dive into how you can enhance training, build confidence, and increase conversational fluency among agents. Learn how to expedite new hire agent speed-to-proficiency by 56% compared to traditional methods and improve the top metric for delivering the experience your customers expect and deserve when contacting your brand for support.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn key insights on CX preferences directly from your consumers and fellow contact center leadership about:
    • Human interactions are preferred over chatbots and automation
    • Resolutions occur at a higher rate with human agents
    • More key findings on CX preferences impacting your business
  • Experience the most effective methods to onboard new hires in a globally dispersed workforce, including:
    • How to best scale onboarding consistency and accountability
    • AI Simulation Training that delivers industry-leading KPIs
    • Walk in the shoes of your agents and practice a lifelike human role play via AI Simulation Training

TECH FORUM: The Conversational AI Divide Starts: Home Depot's Innovative Leap into Conversational Automation

Hosted By: Jay Wolcott, Knowbl; Matt Taylor, Knowbl; Craig Sultan, Home Depot

In the dynamic world of technology, conversational automation has emerged as a groundbreaking tool, captivating industries with its potential to create measurable positive outcomes in customer engagement. This Tech Forum session offers a unique opportunity to delve into the success story of Home Depot, a trailblazer in redefining customer experience through the adept use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in a manner that is both safe and compliant.

We will explore the intricate distinctions between Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and LLMs, drawing valuable lessons from Home Depot’s journey. Their approach exemplifies how conversational automation demands more than just guidelines and guardrails; it requires a strategic, transformative mindset crucial for achieving success in this domain.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Confidence in Automation: Understand how embracing conversational automation in customer service can lead to significant benefits, offering a high return on investment. This segment will showcase concrete examples from Home Depot’s journey, highlighting key outcomes around containment and call resolution rates.
  • Practical Roadmap: Gain insights into initiating and navigating the journey of conversational automation. We will dissect the essential considerations and steps necessary to implement this technology effectively, drawing from real-world experiences and the successes and challenges encountered by Home Depot.
  • Understanding the Urgency to gain better Outcomes: Grasp the potential repercussions of delaying the adoption of conversational automation. The session will emphasize the urgency of integrating this technology to stay competitive and relevant in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.
  • AI Fundamentals: Learn key differences between Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and LLMs and why they matter to you as a leader.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Unlocking the Power of Consumable Data: Transforming Financial Operations with Generative AI

Presented By: Cresta

Dive deep into the future of financial services with Veronica Semler, Vice President of Servicing Operations at Oportun, as she demystifies the complex interplay between Generative AI and big data in revolutionizing the industry. Oportun, a distinguished FinTech provider committed to making financial goals achievable for over 2 million members, harnesses cutting-edge AI to reimagine customer service dynamics and operational efficiency.
This session promises a thorough dissection of AI-driven strategies reshaping how data is interpreted, consumed, and leveraged for decision-making. Witness firsthand how Oportun’s leaders, supervisors, and agents integrate these advancements to foster a culture of innovation, significantly enhancing customer experiences and driving financial success.
You’ll gain insights into:
  • How consumable data eliminates the need for context switching and revolutionizes coaching and QA practices
  • Real-world examples of how actionable insights derived from AI analytics empower staff at all levels to make informed, strategic decisions.
  • The ethical considerations and governance of AI in managing sensitive financial data.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Navigating Offshore Waters: A Case Study on Inaugural Outsourcing for Public Storage

Presented By: OP360, Featuring: Public Storage

This case study delves into Public Storage’s inaugural venture into offshore outsourcing with OP360. The discussion will highlight the company’s initial concerns with moving its contact center offshore, including quality, language proficiency, cultural alignment, and customer empathy.

The solution discussion will focus on collaborative efforts, extensive pre-training, tailored materials and immersive facility walkthroughs, and specialized empathy training equipped agents to handle diverse scenarios.

The case study will also examine integrating advanced contact center technology in Public Storage’s offshore operations. It delves into the effects of streamlining interactions, enhancing informed decision-making processes, and automating workflows. The focus is on developing agent skills and efficiently meeting service level agreements. The case study will also assess the impact of combining skilled personnel with cutting-edge technology on overall performance, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency in contact center management.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Speed, Solutions, Success: AI’s Impact on Self-Service Speed and Satisfaction

Presented By: Intercom

In the fast-paced world of customer support, where quick responses and resolutions are crucial, the arrival of AI has been nothing short of revolutionary. Among the champions leading the charge in AI-driven customer support, AppFolio stands out. AppFolio is an Intercom customer that provides software applications and services for the real estate industry.

This session will dive into how innovative companies like AppFolio structure their customer service teams in an AI-first future. In particular, we’ll uncover how Appfolio was able to adopt this new technology and achieve substantive results quickly, including:

  • Increasing their self-serve rate and automatically resolving 30% of customer inquiries using AI
  • Decreasing overall response times and time to resolution
  • Increasing trial conversions through proactive support


To enable FOCUS, INNOVATION, and POSITIVE IMPACT in all we do.

  • AI 360: Pioneering Long-Term AI-Driven CX Initiatives Beyond the Launch

  • Leadership in the
    Age of AI

  • Channel Strategies That Win the Customer and Drive Efficiency

  • Actioning Customer Data Insights While Guarding Privacy and Promoting Ethics

  • Monitoring Quality, Enhancing Performance, and Maximizing CSAT Within Self-Help Solutions

  • Global Perspectives: Cultivating and Sustaining Engaged and Productive International Teams in the Digital Age

  • Customer Currency: Closing the Gap Between Your CX Strategy and What Your Customer Values

  • The Power of Embedding Customer Experience in the Consciousness of Your Organization

  • Aligning the Culture of IT with CX to Create a Cohesive Work Environment

  • Defining ROI in Your Customer Experience Strategies and Projects

  • Modernizing Your Hiring, Onboarding, Training, and Coaching

  • Overcoming Legacy Technologies in Your Digital Transformation Efforts


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