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Execs In The Know Announces “Leading With Impact” — A New Initiative For Positive Change

PHOENIX, Ariz., June 15, 2021 — Global customer experience (CX) industry leader Execs In The Know is pleased to announce the launch of a new, altruistic-minded initiative for its vast community of CX leaders and practitioners, as well as the wider industry. The initiative is called Leading with Impact.

Leading with Impact goes beyond the boardroom with the goal of projecting time, resources, and attention to the issues that matter most to our community members, as well as their friends, family, and colleagues. Since its very beginning, Execs In The Know has fostered volunteerism, community involvement, and the notion of leading with a purpose. Leading with Impact solidifies these values with targeted campaigns, providing CX leaders with opportunities for educating themselves about important issues and, more importantly, guidance for taking direct, meaningful action.

“Leading with Impact is a beacon of hope and a promise for our community and the wider CX industry,” said Susan McDaniel, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Execs In The Know. “We have always been an organization that cares deeply about people, but through focusing on efforts that rally the Execs In The Know community, we expect to move the needle on some of the issues that matter most to our company, the members of our close-knit community, and their colleagues, friends, and families.”

Leading with Impact hit the ground running in May 2021 with the launch of two critical campaigns. The first campaign, CX Leaders Uniting Together For India, is built upon generating awareness for the humanitarian crisis faced by India as the country tackled a powerful resurgence of COVID19 infections and deaths. The campaign includes the production and promotion of a live, interactive stream in which CX leaders from around the globe discussed the current crisis, as well as ways the industry could help. Learn more: CX Leaders Uniting Together For India.

The second campaign, Mental Health Awareness, focuses attention on the mounting mental health crisis facing society. The campaign positions the Execs In The Know community alongside national organizations that focus their efforts on tackling mental illness by ending the stigma often associated with recognizing the issue and seeking help. Learn more: Mental Health Awareness.

As Execs In The Know continues to expand and evolve its Leading with Impact program, all are welcomed to help achieve the aims of the initiative. For CX leaders looking to have a positive impact on their world, they are invited to visit the Execs In The Know Leading with Impact website where they can learn about new campaigns, or even share which issues matter most to them and their loved ones for future campaigns.

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