2023 Gig Customer Experience Report

GigCX Breaks into the Next Level, Opening Up New Possibilities

Introducing the 2023 GigCX Report: GigCX Levels Up. This fourth-annual GigCX® report, published by Limitless, is the world’s leading research paper on gig-based customer experience (GigCX). Execs In The Know is proud to be an expert contributor to this exciting volume of valuable insights into the current state of GigCX.

When considering the theme for this year’s report, “leveling up,” thoughts turn to the industry’s commitment to enhancing and expanding the scope of GigCX services. With advancements like Secure Access, GigCX experts can now handle tasks previously limited to traditional agents including managing personally identifiable information (PII) and securely accessing systems containing customer accounts and orders. This exciting breakthrough opens up a new world of possibilities for organizations seeking talent capable of boosting the effectiveness of GigCX programs.

As GigCX continues to evolve and tackle more intricate inquiries, it is increasingly recognized as an essential component of the customer service model. By participating in this research, we aim to enlighten the Execs In The Know community about the immense value GigCX brings to organizations of all sizes.

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