Experience & Loyalty Insights: A Research-Based Review — Retail & eCommerce

Going deep into Retail and eCommerce, and wide on CX industry insights.

Experience & Loyalty Insights: A Research-Based Review — Retail & eCommerce provides readers with a focused, in-depth view of the state of the customer experience (CX) within the Retail/eCommerce vertical. It does so through both consumer and corporate surveying, emphasizing several critical areas including loyalty, the current experience, State of the Business, and CX technology.

Alongside new Retail/eCommerce-specific surveying, this research includes the unique twist of cross-industry context by including comparisons between Retail/eCommerce-centric data with results from past CX research. Specifically, this report draws on results from two distinct CX research reports. The first is Execs In The Know’s CX Leaders Trends & Insights research series (published biannually since 2021). The second is The 2022 State of the Consumer Experience Report: The Brand Perspective, an insightful CX research report from project partner, Conduent.

Through these contextual comparisons, several gaps have been revealed between the Retail/eCommerce sector and other industries. In some cases, Retail/eCommerce brands lead the way, while in other cases, Retail/eCommerce brands are chasing cross-industry leaders. Whether your company operates within the Retail/eCommerce space or not, this comprehensive CX research will provide insights into where today’s CX leaders are headed next.

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