The 2024 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Corporate Edition Report

The results of this year’s CX Leaders Trends & Insights Corporate Edition report echo the patterns identified in the previous year, showcasing a continued surge in investment in AI-powered customer experience (CX) technology. This expansion coincides with an increasing appetite among CX leaders to understand and leverage the potential of rapidly advancing technology. However, this growth is juxtaposed against impediments posed by outdated tools and legacy systems, compounded by mounting budgetary pressures and employment constraints. Despite these challenges, the industry pushed forward in achieving more with less, with organizations strengthening internal relationships, unifying goals, and placing a heightened focus on customer-centric strategies.

Although the year ahead promises to be compelling on multiple fronts, particularly around the rapid adoption of AI, it’s vital for CX leaders not to lose sight of their most critical asset: their people. With a significant portion of the workforce transitioning back to the office, maintaining engagement, and fostering a supportive culture remains paramount, especially as the workforce growth decelerates. By prioritizing people-first initiatives directed towards both customers and employees, brands can cultivate the relationships necessary to overcome existing challenges and thrive in the upcoming year.

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