Exploring Corporate Opinions on BPOs

Exploring Corporate Opinions on BPOs provides readers with an expanded view of previously published research on the topic of outsourcing, specifically in the areas of barriers to entry, points of concerns, drivers for use, and opportunities for improvement.

The basis of this report is online survey results from 52 CX leaders from across a wide range of industries, including both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies running the gambit from the very large to the very small. In addition to online surveying, several CX leaders were interviewed separately to uncover deeper insights and dig for greater context around the answers they provided on the survey.

Results paint a stable market for BPOs and outsourcing services, with only about 25-30% of survey respondents expecting any sort of notable change in the coming year. Through their answers, survey participants (who indicated a high level of familiarity with BPOs and outsourcing) revealed a complex interweave between cost as a primary driver, yet emphasizing the importance of better collaboration and understanding of the client’s business needs in the areas of recruiting, onboarding, training, and coaching.

This research is a must read, not only for CX leaders looking to understand the position of their peers, but also for BPO looking to better match their offering to the needs and expectations of buyers of their products and services.

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