CX Outsourcing Insights: Building Successful Relationships in Times of Change

Outsourcing practices are evolving. Find out what’s changing.

The CX outsourcing industry continues to undergo tremendous change. Keeping up with what’s new and what’s evolving can be a challenging endeavor. New destinations are constantly springing up, new best practices are aways emerging, and its critical to get a feel for how your outsourcing programs compare to not only your competition, but even across industries. But one thing that doesn’t change is the importance of establishing strong relationships with providers and maintaining a shared focus on the customer experience.

This CX Outsourcing Insights research helps provide a view into the BPO/corporate-client relationship. All results are from the perspective of customer experience (CX) leaders who manage BPO relationships or run programs that utilize outsourcing services. Topics covered in this report include program structure and overview, CX strategy, outsourcing changes, as well as the drivers of this change.

Be sure to check out the special commentary by research partner, CustomerServ. Titled “Outsourcing in a Challenging Economy,” the commentary can be found on page 5 of the report, and it contains tons of insightful information on maximizing your outsourcing efforts during times of strong economic headwinds.


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