September 20 - September 22, 2023

Featured Sessions & Topics – Palm Springs 2024


At CRS Tucson

KEYNOTE: How Corporate Culture is the Secret Fuel to Customer Satisfaction

Presented By: Philip Walker, AAA Life Insurance Company

Every business speaks to customer satisfaction and values what a CSAT measure can tell them, but the most significant contributor to customer loyalty sits inside of your own organization. Your corporate culture dictates your customers’ satisfaction. What happens inside of your own four walls is as important as what occurs outside of them. Hear from the President and CEO of one of the nation’s most respected brands on how he fosters culture to drive satisfaction.

Philip Walker is the President and CEO of AAA Life Insurance Company, the life insurance business supporting the vast AAA membership – one of our nation’s most recognized membership organizations with over 60 million members.

Philip is a senior executive with 30 years of experience building and growing strong financial services companies. He will share how he delivers value to AAA’s membership base by understanding their needs and inspiring his team to develop a service-mindset. His vision to foster this corporate culture to serve the AAA member has grown the life insurance business and created loyalty within the overall AAA membership.

KEYNOTE: Customer-Centric Excellence: Unleashing the Voice of the Customer

Presented By: Tracy Sedlak, Offerpad

This enlightening keynote address will dive into the transformative impact of customer-centric strategies on business success. In this engaging talk, Tracy Sedlak, VP of Customer Success at Offerpad, unravels the pivotal role of harnessing Voice of the Customer data in shaping robust business strategies, fostering a culture of customer-centric excellence, and embracing the power of stepping outside our comfort zones to glean unparalleled insights from customers.

Discover how these invaluable insights are not just indicators but catalysts for innovation and growth, driving organizations toward a future where understanding and leveraging the customer’s voice are at the heart of every strategic decision.

You can hear more about Tracy’s brand story and leadership journey at CRS Tucson.


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  • AI 360: Pioneering Long-Term AI-Driven CX Initiatives Beyond the Launch

  • Leadership in the
    Age of AI

  • Channel Strategies That Win the Customer and Drive Efficiency

  • Actioning Customer Data Insights While Guarding Privacy and Promoting Ethics

  • Monitoring Quality, Enhancing Performance, and Maximizing CSAT Within Self-Help Solutions

  • Global Perspectives: Cultivating and Sustaining Engaged and Productive International Teams in the Digital Age

  • Customer Currency: Closing the Gap Between Your CX Strategy and What Your Customer Values

  • The Power of Embedding Customer Experience in the Consciousness of Your Organization

  • Aligning the Culture of IT with CX to Create a Cohesive Work Environment

  • Defining ROI in Your Customer Experience Strategies and Projects

  • Modernizing Your Hiring, Onboarding, Training, and Coaching

  • Overcoming Legacy Technologies in Your Digital Transformation Efforts


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