Course Overview

This Certification Program empowers CX leaders with fundamental knowledge of AI.
Participants will learn how to evaluate, implement, and manage AI-driven technology within CX strategies.

During the 14+ hours of training delivered by COPC, there will be critical time allotted to collaborate with your peers, engage in problem-solving exercises, and collectively build a framework for AI in CX.

Additionally, there will be time set aside for social engagement with your peers to continue the conversation and Solution Providers will also be on hand to visit with you during our Happy Hour and during breaks throughout the program.

Earn recognition as a forward-thinking leader by obtaining a certification in applying AI to enhance your CX strategy.

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What You Will Learn

Digital CX Strategy and AI Fundamentals

A clear business strategy for the use of AI, bots, and other advanced self-service tools is essential. Venturing into the digital world without a clear strategy can lead to customer frustration, staff disengagement, and a negative impact on your brand image and bottom line.

In this course, business leaders will learn the key components for developing a successful digital CX strategy:

  • Fundamentals of AI
  • Setting a Vision for AI in Your Digital CX Strategy
  • Investment, Success, and ROI Measures
  • Planning for New Roles and the Impact to Existing Roles
  • Focus on CX
  • Leveraging Stakeholders
  • Innovating while Automating
  • Aligning Use Case(s) with Strategy

Introduction to Conversational AI Ethics

The power of conversational AI comes with great responsibility. Learn the basics in AI ethics and how to apply ethical principles within the conversational AI workflow. Explore ethical dilemmas across the workflow through tangible examples. Learn how to both prevent and address harmful outcomes. Equip yourself and your team to adopt an ethical framework.

In this course you will learn:

  • Legal and Compliance Implications in the Use of AI
  • The Importance of Ethical Principles and Practices in AI
  • Consequences of Not Incorporating Ethical Practices into Your Workflow
  • Ethical Considerations Specific to Conversational AI
  • FAST Track Principles (Fairness, Accountability, Sustainability, Transparency) and How to Incorporate Them
  • Overview of Ethical Challenges within the Conversation Design Workflow and How to Address Them
  • Key Points in the Conversation Design Workflow That May Yield Significant Social Impacts

Ensuring Conversational AI Response Quality

Conversational AI technology can handle thousands of customer inquiries. If designed properly, AI can improve the customer experience and boost the brand’s image while delivering significant efficiencies. However, an AI bot’s capacity to handle thousands of customer interactions simultaneously also introduces risks. If something is not quite right, an error or poor experience can be replicated exponentially and harm your brand. As such, it is extremely important to know the best practices in AI design and performance management required to achieve high levels of quality.

In this course, business leaders will learn how to ensure the accuracy and experience delivered by conversational AI align with the organization’s commitment to customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

  • Defining AI Quality Requirements that Directly Support Business Goals
  • Key Aspects in the Design and Implementation of AI that Ensure Alignment with Product and Service Strategy
  • From Strategy to Execution, Best Practices in Managing AI Interaction Quality in Real Time
  • Ensuring a Strong Linkage from AI Performance to Key Business Drivers

Knowledge Management Best Practices for Traditional AI and Generative AI

Knowledge is core to the customer experience. It is a critical element used directly by customers, agents, and AI to get information and resolve issues. With the rapidly advancing capabilities of AI, it is more important than ever for business leaders to ensure AI has access to complete, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge content.

In this course, business leaders will learn best practices for the preparedness and governance of information and data used by AI in customer support.

  • Importance of Data Governance to Ensure the Organization is Ready for AI
  • Preparing your Organization’s Information and Data for use by AI
  • Understanding how AI Consumes and Generates Knowledge
  • Maximizing the Benefits and Minimizing the Risks of Content and Data Used AI

Measuring, Managing, and Improving AI/Bots

The performance measurement and improvement of AI and bots is still a developing science. Depending on the use case(s) your company has implemented bots to assist with, there are distinct ways of measuring performance, analyzing the results, and taking action.

In this course, business leaders will learn what to measure and use this data to improve AI/bot performance:

  • Measuring the Performance of Customer-facing AI
  • Measuring the Performance of Agent-facing AI
  • Strategies to Analyze AI Performance
  • Strategies for Improving AI Performance

CX Technology Sourcing, Acquisition, and Vendor Management

How you select and manage your technology solution providers directly impacts performance and the customer experience. Empower leaders with effective techniques to source, measure, and manage technology solution providers.

Experts offer guidance and real-world examples for getting more value out of your most critical technology solution providers.

In this course, business leaders will learn best practices in the procurement, selection, and management of key technology solution providers:

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Issuing Requests for Proposals
  • Objectively Evaluating and Selecting Solutions
  • Price Benchmarking
  • Best Practices in Developing Contracts that Drive Performance, Accountability, and Value
  • Scorecards that Measure What Matters Most

  • Who Should Attend

    Those in a Customer Experience (CX) director-level and above position who have launched or are looking to launch an AI driven CX initiative.

    It’s particularly suited for leaders tasked with developing and implementing their organization’s overall CX strategy through people, technology, and processes.

    In a unique role? Reach out to Execs In The Know at alison@execsintheknow.com to check your eligibility.



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