CXMB Series Reporting

COPC Inc. partnered with Execs In The Know to compile the hottest industry trends, year-over-year insights, and advanced data in the form of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark Series.

With three different installments – Consumer Edition, Corporate Edition, and Vertical Insights – there’s no other place where you’ll find this level of actionable industry insights, customer thought processes, and groundbreaking CX data all in one place.

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CXMB Reporting Series

From 2012 to 2020, Execs In The Know taped into its most valuable resource – its community of CX leaders – to compile its biannual CXMB reports. The insights found in this in-depth surveying provided a glimpse into the minds of consumers, corporate-level execs, industry-specific professionals, and much more. This groundbreaking CX research series has since been replaced by the CX Leaders Trends & Insights Series, but the CXMB Series reports are still made available to provide historical context for today’s CX research.
  • Consumer Edition

    Explore many critical CX topics, including the impact of the global pandemic, shifts in channel/solution use, and the service journey’s impact on CX metrics.

  • Corporate Edition

    Gain a new perspective on the priorities and best practices of leading customer experience organizations from around the globe based on survey results from more than 220 senior CX leaders.

  • By Vertical

    Industry-specific insight reports provide all the same CXMB advanced data with a personal focus on the financial services, retail, or travel & hospitality verticals.

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