CXMB Insights By Vertical

Developed as an extension of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, CXMB Industry Insights reports are the result of a research partnership between COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know.

The ultimate goal of this series is to improve the customer experience. To accomplish this, we hope to inform and enrich the community by providing relevant research aimed at delivering timely, actionable insights, industry-by-industry.


Want your industry to be the focus of the next CXMB Industry Insights report?

Retail. Financial services. Automotive. What is your industry, and what topics would you like to see explored in the next edition of the CXMB Industry Insights report? Whether you are thirsting for deeper insights into consumer perception, expectation or behavior, COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know are looking for research partners with an interest in turning questions into answers, and answers into actionable content.

If you’re interested in learning how you and your organization can play a role in the development of the next CXMB Industry Insights report, please contact Susan McDaniel at susan@execsintheknow.com.



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