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July 2023

KIA Online Community Member Spotlight: Delta Faucet Company

Applying Best Practices Focused on Continuous Improvement


Nathan Bobay

Senior Manager, Customer Solutions at Delta Faucet Company

Nathan Bobay is a Senior Manager, Customer Solutions for Delta Faucet Company, leading the Consumer Support team which is responsible for overall contact center operations leadership. His team completed certification of the JD Power & Associates Customer Service Excellence Program in 2022 and 2023.  He is a lifelong Hoosier and resides in Indianapolis. He believes the CS/CX industry has a unique opportunity to uplift the lives of those it impacts, and that business is a force for good in society. Execs In The Know recently caught up with Nathan to discuss the brand’s culture and mission, the most important aspects of building customer loyalty, and the next big changes coming to the industry.


Execs In The Know (EITK): Can you share how you found yourself in a career dedicated to serving the interests of customers?

Nathan Bobay: I peeled my career onion to figure out what I liked doing, which is more people-oriented work. I studied Accounting, worked in Finance, then got an MBA in International Business. I had a great leader who knew that I wanted to get into leadership, and they suggested Int’l CS which eventually led to my role today. I get most excited about building relationships and finding connectedness in people and ideas.

EITK: Can you share a little bit about Delta Faucet Company, particularly regarding the culture and mission as it relates to CX?

Nathan: Delta Faucet Company has been in business since 1954. The brand has a wonderful origin story from our founder, Alex Manoogian, and prides itself on selling quality products backed by great service and has a culture of continuous improvement. Our executive leadership set a goal several years ago that was focused on becoming an Industry Leader in Service. We feel we have delivered on that goal by winning back-to-back JD Power Customer Service Excellence Program Awards in 2022 and 2023. We hope to sustain this success while applying best practices focused on continuous improvement. I started in Financial Analysis, then Int’l Finance, then Int’l CS to now Lead the Consumer Support Team within our Customer Solutions Department for almost eight years: Contact center operations and leadership, vendor management training, Quality Assurance, KM, Data Analytics, and CRM support.

EITK: When it comes to creating exceptional customer care/customer solutions, which critical ingredients do you think most often get overlooked? 

Nathan: People connections, building trust, and showing you care. It’s easy to get caught up on performance and metrics. Building relationships is foundational to delivering results. People and High-Performance Teams are two of our company’s core values and they are defined by encouraging continuous development and placing value on building trust.

EITK: What is your approach to the professional development of your frontline staff?

Nathan: To show them the potential career paths they have, make sure compensation is adequate and they have the tools and training they need to succeed in their jobs and support them with leaders who care as well as surround them with a culture of service excellence. The resources, activities, and best practices that have the biggest impact are the Buddy Program, 1:1s with their supervisors, weekly events, and rewards/incentives.

EITK: Which parts of the brand experience (be they in-store or online) are most important for building customer loyalty? 

Nathan: To have products that meet the consumer’s needs and be easy to do business with (ability to find what they need). There is a lot of effort put into consumer research studies and collecting survey feedback in the market. We sell through multiple channels and our websites have easy-to-use features to shop by room, product type, and style, as well as where to buy.

EITK: What are some of the most exciting customer solutions and CX areas of focus for you for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, and what are the expected impacts on your customers? 

Nathan:Continued investments in the agent experience, the online consumer experience, analytical tools to gather feedback and better utilize existing data, and additional capabilities to make doing business with us easier. Our ultimate goal is to give customers peace of mind that we will take care of them if they need us.

EITK: You have no doubt seen and experienced a lot of innovation and change over the years. What do you see as the next big change coming to the industry, be it strategic, operational, technological, or otherwise?  

Nathan: I see two parallel paths continuing that are supplemental to each other, which are People and Technology. Companies will keep creating innovative products and services (technology) and consumers (people) will need customer service experts (people) to support them wherever they are in their journey.  Technology will progress and people will have to evolve with it.

EITK: You’ve been active in the Know It All “KIA” Community since joining. As a member of the community, what
do you enjoy most and what benefits do you see in the community for other CX professionals? What value has come from
your involvement? 

Nathan:I really appreciate the online forum. It is a great place to connect with other CX professionals that have experience with the same strategic hurdles. The value is making connections with other service-minded people and their willingness to help each other. It is a well-connected industry, and we all have very similar challenges. 

Thank you to Nathan Bobay, Senior Manager, Customer Solutions at Delta Faucet Company, for his leadership, participation, and insights.

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