Navigating Global Impacts to Your
CX Strategy

A Virtual Briefing Series


  • Leading Together During the Pandemic

    Now more than ever, it’s time for CX Leaders to unite, tackle challenges side-by-side, and learn and share with each other.


    A View From Inside Your Outsourced Partners’ Walls

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Navigating Global Impacts to Your CX Strategy

Looking back on all the 2020 CX predictions, it was impossible to predict what has recently become the top focus for CX leaders. The global spread of COVID-19 has left leaders in all sectors, industries, and roles thinking about business continuity, employee wellness, and their respective customers through a new lens.

Our recent Customer Response Summit was held during a pivotal week where businesses were just starting to feel the business impacts to come as travel bans spread domestically. During the event, our Advisory Board met and began to brainstorm ideas and create information with the goal of navigating the operational impacts ahead as a cohesive community. The Board created an operational readiness guide and put together a Webinar: Addressing Global Impacts to Your CX Operational Readiness on March 11 to help address additional questions coming from leaders in the community.

After hearing the abundance of questions on the webinar, as well as conversations on our KIA Online Community, it became clear that there is a great need to drive continued information to our community and beyond as brands struggle to shift CX operations to deal with the global impacts of COVID-19.

In response to this need, Execs In The Know is hosting an ongoing Virtual Briefing Series: Navigating Global Impacts to Your CX Strategy. This Virtual Briefing Series is driven by the questions and information paramount to business continuity.

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A View From Inside Your Outsourced Partners’ Walls

Customer Experience strategy is a culmination of both internal and outsourced support. Global impacts are creating significant changes for outsourcing providers. This Virtual Briefing is focused on how global outsourcers are responding to the changing dynamics of their geographical footprints, volume fluctuations, and the need for multiple operating models. Hear how global outsourcers are approaching business, employee, and customer considerations to support your organization in unprecedented times.

Session takeaways will include:

  • Understand challenges outsourcers are facing to ensure business continuity
  • Learn about creative solutions being implemented in these partnerships
  • Map out the questions you need to be asking of your outsourced partner
  • Identify what you can do to ensure success with your outsourced partner
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Shifting To A Work-at-Home Agent Model
Quickly and Effectively

At home agent models are nothing new, and usage of these models ranges across brands. However, the global impacts of COVID-19 are driving businesses to increase their programs and/or quickly implement a new work-at-home strategy. Join our panel of experts to understand the options, timelines, and best practices to quickly and effectively implement an at home agent strategy.

Session takeaways will include:

  • Timelines and considerations to launch an effective
    work-at-home strategy
  • Ensuring consistent CX with a work-at-home strategy
  • Best practices and insights from work-at-home experts
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Implementing Bots and a Channel Guidance Strategy to Ensure Service, Business, and Information Continuity

With the impacts of COVID-19, service leaders need the ability to quickly address commonly asked questions, reduce hold time, route calls more effectively, and augment live agent support.

This Virtual Briefing is powered to give you real information on how you can quickly and effectively implement bots into your planning to help alleviate service issues and pain points.

Session takeaways will include:

  • Requirements and considerations for implementing bots
  • Effective ways to further your current bot usage strategy
  • Realistic implementation timelines for effective bot usage
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Using IVAs to Shoulder Reduced Capacity and/or Increased Volume

IVA support has been a key differentiator for brands looking to provide exceptional service. The impacts of COVID-19 are shining a light on the ability of this technology to provide business continuity for brands hit with service disruptions. This Virtual Briefing is built to highlight needs and considerations to launch an IVA for your new service demands and/or expand your current IVA strategy to enable better service and support.

Session takeaways will include:

  • An understanding of what you need for IVA deployment
  • Strategies to help you implement IVAs quickly and effectively
  • Ideas to ensure your IVA strategy is providing the biggest business impact
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