KEYNOTE: Taking a Customer–Centric Approach to Trust & Safety

We can no longer treat Trust & Safety as a risk mitigation proposition. In fact, ensuring customer safety and cultivating customer trust is now an integral part of customer experience due to the proliferation of online services containing user-generated content (UGC).

With user growth comes new challenges for UGC platforms. YouTube has to scale its operations effectively to combat evolving and emerging threats, while continuing to foster trust within its community of content creators and consumers. There is untapped potential for leveraging the principles of a customer–centric approach to improve how YouTube’s creators experience the platform’s policies, focusing on reducing high–impact false positives, delivering timely and effective help when mistakes are made, and inspiring trust by creating greater transparency.

Join Radha Penekelapati, Director Scaled Operations, Trust & Safety at YouTube, to hear how her organization is scaling its operations and leveraging the combined capabilities of people, processes, and technology to meet the evolving experience expectations in a dynamic, growing, and highly demanding space.


Speaker Bio
  • Radha-Penekelapati

    Radha Penekelapati

    Global Operations Executive, Director Scaled Operations, Trust & Safety - YouTube

    Radha leads global operations teams responsible for enforcing trust and safety compliance across the YouTube platform. Her team oversees all content moderation, manages customer support operations for YouTube products, and reviews content ownership and quality to protect music rights delivering against YouTube’s operational targets with teams spanning US, EMEA, and APAC. She is a seasoned operations executive with a proven track record implementing customer success and trust and safety programs at scale. She has worked in salesforce.com, Google and RingCentral prior to moving to YouTube.