CASE STUDY: Harnessing Call Center Data- A Real World Story Intelligent Automation turns data insights into call center action

Call centers generate massive amounts of data, which could be harnessed to drive productivity. But most centers are not equipped to process that data in real time — when it’s most useful. Intelligent Automation can help by empowering customer service teams to convert raw insights into profitable actions.

Join Kevin Jolliffe, Senior Vice President, North America at Intradiem, and Jennifer Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Intradiem, as they discuss the why and how of solving the call center data problem, and why it is so crucial for improving customer experiences.

During this session you will learn more about:

•  How one of Canada’s largest communications and media companies solved the call center data challenge, figuring out a way to use, in real time, data generated by their call centers

•  The positive impacts of automation when applied alongside (not in replacement of) humans to improve efficiency, while also increasing employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Speaker Bios
  • Jennifer Lee

    Chief Strategy Officer - Intradiem

    Jennifer has 20 years’ experience in the contact center industry with more than 15 years as a people leader. Throughout her career, Jennifer has served in a variety of roles in the contact center space, including operations, quality, workforce management, and client services. For the last four years, Jennifer led the Customer Success organization at Intradiem, where her team was pivotal in achieving the historic milestone of one billion automation actions. As Chief Strategy Officer, Jennifer now leads the teams that include Intradiem’s Product Management, Product Marketing, and Marketing functions.

  • Kevin Jolliffe

    Kevin Jolliffe

    Sr. Vice President, North America - Intradiem

    Kevin has 20+ years of global executive operational experience specializing in Workforce Planning, Outsourcing, Remote Agent models and contact center technology. Known to challenge traditional thinking and implement innovative technologies to drive efficiency, Kevin is an industry thought leader and innovator keen to shape the future of intelligent automation in the contact center industry.