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Customers on your mind? Execs In The Know hosts a highly interactive show on everything related to customer success featuring leaders learning from leaders.

Executive Chad McDaniel of Execs In The Know sits down with his esteemed guests to discuss all things impacting today’s customer leaders, while sharing their own unique insights and experiences within the customer experience industry. Execs In The Know, one of the largest customer experience communities on the planet, is honored to provide a platform for CX leaders to showcase their expertise to a unique audience of current and future CX professionals. Listen to Customer Driven to connect on best practices across the industry by way of unfiltered, unplugged conversations with leaders learning from leaders. Customer Driven – every episode.

  • How Asynchronous Messaging is Disrupting Customer Communications

    Guest: Mike Myer, CEO & Founder of Quiq

    October 4, 2019

    Welcome to another episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel. On this episode, Chad sits down with Mike Myer, CEO and Founder of Quiq, a business messaging company in the customer service world. Hear Mike’s unique perspective about the integration of these technologies into a successful customer experience.

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  • Creating Integrated, Horizontal Experiences: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

    Guest: Vicki Perryman, Senior Vice President of Humana

    August 22, 2019

    In this episode of Customer Driven, Chad is chatting with Vicki Perryman, Senior Vice President of Humana. Humana is a global operations organization focused on enabling their members to utilize their benefits and access providers for the care they need.

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  • The CX Automation Framework: 5 things to ask yourself before implementing automation technology to your CX strategy

    Guest: Justine Santa Cruz, SVP of Enterprise & Retail at Satisfi Labs

    June 16, 2019

    Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven. In this episode, Chad is talking with Justine Santa Cruz, SVP of Enterprise & Retail at Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform. Justine brings a wealth of knowledge on the future of AI…

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  • Streamlining Agent Experience to Elevate Customer Experience

    Guest: Sean Minter, Founder and CEO of AmplifAI Solutions

    May 2, 2019

    Chad is talking with Sean Minter, Founder and CEO of AmplifAI Solutions, an Employee Development and Performance Management company. Sean’s company utilizes AI-based technology to leverage machine learning to improve performance results and service experience…

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