Customer Response Summit

Join us in Nashville, where we will focus our discussions on “TRANSFORMING CONNECTIONS” – with your customers, organizations, teams, and each other.

This fall, September 20-22, 2023, we are headed to Nashville, TN, for Customer Response Summit (CRS). We’re excited to bring our global customer experience (CX) leader community together in the Music City, at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Nashville which is just a stone’s throw away from the downtown music scene.

With an agenda built for leaders by leaders, we will be weaving together the common threads of “Transforming Connections” with our customers, teams, and each other. So make plans to join us in Nashville where CX leaders will come together to learn, share, network, and engage.”

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Customer Response Summit is more than a conference – it’s an experience!

Community is at the heart of everything we do and CRS is no different! CRS is an intimate and laser-focused forum, providing outstanding opportunities to engage with some of the brightest minds in customer leadership – “Leaders Learning From Leaders.”

The strength of this forum is due to its innovative design, brilliant discussions, interactive sessions and workshops, brand showcases, exclusive networking opportunities, and engaging activities. If you ask our past attendees, they’ll tell you – CRS is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Mix all of that with some much-needed after-hours fun and memorable moments you just can’t miss.

Featured Keynote

Ignite the Leader Within: Embracing the Power of Inspiration for Extraordinary Results

Inspiration is a catalyst for greatness. It transcends the mundane and ordinary, breaking through conventional boundaries to unleash the full potential of individuals and teams. In this captivating keynote, Carolyne Truelove, Vice President, Reservations and Customer Relations at American Airlines, will unveil the immense power of inspiration and its ability to ignite a drive for exceptional results and lead transformative change.

Discover the extraordinary possibilities that lie within you as a leader. Everything a leader does requires connection, including vision, strategy, and execution. Learn the art of connected leadership, fostering a culture of open-mindedness, and leveraging your leadership to navigate through the ever-evolving business landscape. When inspiration permeates every aspect of an organization, magic happens. Join Carolyne for an unforgettable keynote and unlock the secret to inspiring others into action.

Featured Keynote

Transformation with a Capital T: Leading Disruption in a Legacy Organization

Organizational transformations are hard work; for legacy businesses, it’s even harder. So, how can established brands reinvent themselves and their industry through radical innovation?

Join Michael Hopkins, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service at Blue Nile, as he shares why transformations are about the people in the organization as much as they’re about the initiatives. As a servant leader, Michael is committed to promoting innovation, empowering employees, and assuring the well-being of those around him.

Transformation creates a clear distinction between people who are there for the next evolutionary stage a brand is going through and those who are not. While transformation success isn’t contingent upon the front line alone, many seem to miss the mark when it comes to involving frontline leadership in the effort. A transformation’s success requires that people across the organization raise their ambitions, develop different skills, challenge existing cultural mindsets, and commit fully to the execution of the vision and high-level change story.

Discover how Blue Nile is working to eliminate the bureaucracy that restricts its ability to deliver great CX, became the first intelligent luxury transparent marketplace where customers can shop and compare diamonds, and enabled its customer-centric organization to move toward a state of continual transformation—producing extraordinary and sustainable results.

Featured Keynote

Unleashing the Power of Customer Data: How iRobot Leverages Customer Care to Build Lasting Relationships in a Competitive Tech Landscape 

As a leading robotic vacuum cleaning company, iRobot prides itself on being a mission-driven builder that is revolutionizing the way the world cleans with consumer robots. In this thought-provoking keynote, Ledia Dilo, VP – Head of Global Customer Care and Fulfillment at iRobot, will address how the brand leverages customer-centric strategies to drive sustained growth, optimize operations, and build customer loyalty in an industry currently challenged by slowing demand, growing competition, and supply chain cost. 

With a focus on optimizing operations, she’ll unveil the four strategic pillars that drive iRobot’s customer interactions, streamline onboarding experiences, and transform the contact center into an insights-driven and strategic business unit. Additionally, she’ll highlight the crucial role of the care team, their technical training, and collaborative partnerships with engineering in addressing complex product issues. Find out how iRobot leverages customer data and proactively engages with consumers to build lasting relationships. Drawing on her extensive experience, inspiring anecdotes, and metrics showcasing the success of proactive initiatives, she will demonstrate the immense value of customer-centricity in shaping the trajectory of brands to deliver win-win outcomes. 

Join Ledia to gain insights on iRobot’s remarkable legacy that will inspire you to reshape your brand’s customer experience, unlock new growth opportunities, and cultivate enduring customer loyalty. 

Featured CX Sessions

From Keynotes, Workshops, Case Study Sessions, Moments of Brilliance Sessions, and Customer Shop Talk Sessions, each provides a unique way to learn, share, network, and engage. These are a few of the many CX Topics we will be discussing. 

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The Grand Hyatt Nashville

Customer Response Summit is in the best locations with the best CX thought leaders around.

The Grand Hyatt Nashville is a downtown luxury hotel, only a stone’s throw away from the Gulch and Midtown. With cool shops, craft breweries, ample soul food restaurants, and the live music scene in close proximity – the Grand Hyatt Nashville attracts visitors and business folks alike.

And you’re invited!

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At Customer Response Summit, you'll experience an inclusive environment where you can:


    New scenery inspires creativity and learning, and you’ll definitely get that in Austin.


    Our interactive sessions allow you to get your questions answered in a close-knit format.


    Expand your “Friends in CX” list with top leaders from the biggest brands around the globe.


    Our inclusive format allows you to interact with and learn directly from your CX peers.

“There is a culture of inclusion and diversity and an overall passion for excellence within the community that drives rich discussions even outside the conference hours. The networking dinners and over-the-top evening events allow for deeper discussions and personal networking opportunities that couldn’t have occurred without a huge effort from the event planners. I’m proud to join the EITK community and will definitely be at future events.”

Fred Adkins, Principal Associate – Digital & Social Care, Capital One

“If you only have one conference you can attend in a given year, I would strongly encourage you to attend EITK CRS. You’ll get an opportunity to learn from other leaders, share your experiences and walk away with some value added nuggets.”

Michael Martin, Senior Vice President, Simplii Financial – CIBC

“As a first-time attendee, I was blown away with the caliber of customer professionals and leaders, but even more so with their willingness to share…and with no egos! Incredibly collaborative, progressive and motivating atmosphere and experience.”

Chris Swisher, Head of Customer Success U.S., Bayer
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