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Customer engagement strategy post-COVID has added major strategic levers. Work-At-Home Agents are now mainstream, and customers have embraced digital support and are demanding even more of it. In this webinar we will share our unique perspectives on assembling the right customer support channel composition, with a focus on the strategic importance of doing live agent interactions well.

Register for this webinar to get insights on:

  • Trends and technologies that are shaping the next generation of customer engagement and the strategic importance of live interactions
  • How AI is augmenting contact center agents (including BPO’s) with real-time feedback to perform at higher levels and drive more human connections
  • The behaviors that impact customer experience and leverage new data for powerful insights on your customer journey
  • Real-world case studies on organizations successfully leveraging AI to coach agents in real-time and deliver business results at scale
    And more…

Meet Our Speakers


Dr. Skyler Place
Chief Behavioral Science Officer

Dr. Skyler Place combines decades of psychological theory with cutting edge behavioral data to drive positive behavior change. He influences product capabilities and provides thought leadership to clients within enterprise sales and service operations. His team of behavioral scientists, analysts and consultants apply best practice principles and novel insights to ensure higher performance for both organizations and individuals. Skyler has over fifteen years of experience developing and implementing new approaches to better predict and improve human behavior. Prior to Cogito, Skyler led large-scale academic research projects at the intersection of artificial intelligence and behavioral science. Skyler holds a BA in computer science from Colby College, PhDs in psychology and cognitive science from Indiana University, and completed his post-doctoral work in computational social science at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University.


Kathy Juve
EVP Customer Experience, Technology, and Insights Group

Kathy is a member of the Concentrix Senior Executive team and is responsible for managing the company’s Customer Experience, Technology, and Insights team. This team is comprised of various business units, including Global Consulting, Global Analytics and Insights, Omnichannel technology, and the VOC SaaS business.

Prior to Concentrix, Kathy was responsible for the Convergys Digital Business unit, which focused on automation, RPA, analytics, and omnichannel transformation. She also served as Global CMO for Convergys. Kathy spent 10 years at 247.ai, where she was responsible for a variety of roles, including product strategy, product marketing, CMO, CRO, and customer success.

An industry expert, Kathy has over 20 years of experience in the CX industry, including contact centers, CX transformation, automation, CX technology, and self-service technology. She is passionate about helping large enterprises succeed through intelligent automation and creating impactful and modern experiences that drive a better CX for their B2C or B2B customers.


Chad McDaniel
Execs In The Know

Chad McDaniel is a well-known advocate for the Customer Management Executive. He works tirelessly to showcase the success of today’s Customer Executive.

Execs In The Know believes that advancements in customer success are created when leaders share experiences, outlooks and insights – “Leaders Learning From Leaders.” Our mission is to provide measurable value to the corporate customer executive, by delivering customer experience improvements, in an efficient and effective manner.

Execs In The Know connects customer professionals to valuable content, thought leadership, industry insight, peer-to-peer collaboration and networking opportunities. We support the customer professional in a live format by hosting national events (Customer Response Summit) and conducting a series of Executive Think Tanks.