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TECH FORUM: The Imminent Chatbot Transformation: A New Era to Succeed a Disappointing History

Hosted By: Knowbl (Corporate Attendees Only)

From the initial hype and hoopla of chatbots to poor results and staggering expenses, can this third generation of transformer technology finally be the solution to our conversational self-service dreams?

Join a team of experienced AI practitioners from Knowbl for a Tech Forum covering:

  • Why limitations of previous technology yielded expensive and underwhelming conversational self-service
  • How the new generation of technology can bring 10x the conversational self-service capabilities with 10% of the expense in just 10% of the time

A hands-on audience exercise: Experience the new era of speed and ease with transformer-based technology


WORKSHOP: Real-World Lessons on Leveling Up Your Customer Experience with Generative AI

Workshop Hosts: IntouchCX & Laivly

By now, everyone has heard of ChatGPT. But how can brands leverage Generative AI in their customer care programs to improve efficiency and experience?

In this session, Laivly and IntouchCX will explore real-world examples of leading brands they partner with that have successfully integrated Generative AI into their contact center programs. They will provide an in-depth perspective on how to best leverage this technology to accelerate Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution, and Quality Assurance scores.

WORKSHOP: How to Create Legendary Social Media Customer Experiences

Workshop Hosts: VXI & LG

Social media customer service has been around for nearly two decades. The difference between then and now is exponential. From the number of networks and users to the amount of content, algorithms, and personalization – there is more of everything, and expectations are higher than ever before. It’s no longer enough to be present and responsive, brands must position social media as a full-service channel.

While social media management tools have advanced to keep pace with rising expectations, many organizations have not. As a common pitfall, many marketing and customer care teams are still operating in silos, preventing the collaboration needed to take social care to the next level.

Join LG & VXI as we workshop how to achieve legendary care in 2023. During our session you will gain hands-on experience running through the 8 key steps to help your brand:

• Achieve organizational alignment
• Avoid common pitfalls
• Create a unified brand voice
• Operationalize and measure legendary
• And more


KEYNOTE: Passion on Purpose: Why Great Leadership Is Driven by Passion

Presented By: Jasmine Green, Nationwide

Great leaders don’t depend on chance; they lead on purpose. Great leaders lead with passion, they do the right things. But what exactly does passion-driven leadership look like? Join Jasmine Green, Vice President Enterprise Customer Solutions and Enablement at Nationwide, as she shares why passion must be interwoven into every aspect of customer experience (CX).

It should be palpable in the energy leaders have toward their organization, their work, their peers, and their customers. With a desire to serve others and contribute to something bigger than herself, Jasmine is steadfast in capturing, interpreting, and utilizing customer feedback and CX trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Find out how her unyielding dedication to being a champion for those small and often overlooked moments in the customer journey drives long-term sustainable results and creates loyal customers for life. In this moving talk, Jasmine will share her timeless and powerful principles on why passion and collaboration across the organization act as the fuel behind all great leaders.

She’ll explain why understanding your business units and their goals are the key to successfully helping them improve and exceed in CX. Additionally, she’ll address why having vision, empathy, and authenticity are more important now than ever before, especially when it comes to making a difference in the lives of Nationwide’s customers.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Delighting Across the Digital Experience

Moderated By: Movate

The world has never been more reliant on digital channels, often self-served. But how can brands humanize and delight regardless of how digitized the journey becomes, for customers and employees alike. What role does personalization and conversational commerce play, and how can brands meaningfully connect with customer across the digital landscape?

CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Transforming Customer Experience Best Practices

Presented By: Nuance

With increased contact volumes across various engagement channels, CX leaders have been challenged to evolve and think outside the box to transform and scale the delivery of customer experiences.

While we can’t predict what the future holds, one thing is certain: customer expectations will continue to rise. The way we meet them in times of challenges, such as economic uncertainty, workforce shortages, and other business pressures in doing more with less, will be critical to coming out on top.

Join our speakers as they share best practices and use cases of how contact centers have been evolving in recent years by leveraging the cloud and technology to unlock CX potential. Are you ready to evaluate your CX capabilities?

Get insights from our experts and actionable practices that can be put in place, including:

  • Scaling the delivery of both customer and agent satisfaction
  • Increasing customer acquisition and retention by creating a better experience
  • Innovating offerings to provide additional business and customer value add

CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Empowering Your Super Agents in the New Era of Customer Engagement

Presented By: NICE

The rapid rise of self-service has changed the typical engagement. Issues faced by agents have become more complex and delicate. This has given rise to the need for Super Agents, possessing greater soft skills. But how do we best support this new type of agent?

This session will explore intelligent tools that should be in your tech stack, to prepare your agents so they are at their peak performance during a service interaction, every time.

• Up your agent’s performance, by giving them their own personal desktop assistant, to guide them in real-time during a customer interaction.
• Personalize the agent assistance based on desktop events, the spoken conversation, as well as real-time sentiment and behaviors.
• Automate the call summary based on actions and words.
• Utilize machine learning to identify areas where agents need assistance and surface performance issues by understanding their process routines.

CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: The Modern Age of Messaging: The way we communicate with brands is changing.

Presented By: Kustomer

How do brands prepare for the future of business conversations, to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition? The new generation of consumers are reshaping customer experience like never before. Digitization has launched a new era where brands must be available whenever and wherever to customers, and elevate the level of service they provide. Modern consumers want to connect with businesses at every stage of their journey – from pre-purchase to post-sales support. Join us to learn how consumers of the future think about their overall customer journey and their relationship with the brands they do business with. NOW is the time to prepare for the future.

CUSTOMER SHOP TALK: Unlock AI/ML-Powered Customer Experience Improvements

Presented By: AWS

Companies are continuously adapting to ever-changing customer needs across a growing number of digital channels. Contact centers face the added challenge of managing an increasingly remote agent workforce. To deliver exceptional customer experience, rapid innovation is required. Join us in this session to hear how businesses are using the power of AI/ML to offer personalized digital experiences, improve agent productivity, and capture business insight to optimize operational efficiency.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating a Culture Ready for Innovation

Moderated By: AWS

Big and innovative initiatives take successful collaboration across the organization. The effort requires more than a few meetings and a couple of shared objectives. In some cases, it requires a cultural mind shift. But what does that look like? Listen in as this panel of CX leaders shares what CX innovation looks like at their organizations, and which cultural traits were major enablers.

CASE STUDY: How to Minimize Friction and Maximize Efficiency Through Knowledge Management

Presented By: Roku & VXI

The last few years have tested even the most digitally savvy brands and exposed inefficiencies and areas for improvement across the customer journey. Many organizations like Roku have used this as an opportunity to take a closer look at their experience gaps for both customers and employees, prioritizing and designing processes to carry out new and improved ways of delivering high-quality services. Join our session to learn how Roku and VXI Global Solutions tackled one of the largest sources of frustration in the contact center – knowledge management.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging Customer Data and Insights to Design, Build, and Run a Winning CX Program

Moderated By: Concentrix

Many organizations have a lot of data but are constrained by limited access to it, and by the inability to turn it into intelligence with speed and at scale. Join us as a panel of CX data experts discuss how they are cracking the code on how to leverage data to create an ecosystem of intelligence and action to improve customer experience, create effortless process, improve product design, and optimize operational performance.


KEYNOTE: Leading from Any Seat: How a Culture of Empowerment and Engagement Paves the Way for Operational Excellence

Presented By: Wilfred Busby, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Having a competitive edge begins with your people. Because happier teams equal happier customers. In today’s work environment, the desire for personal growth, wellness, and fulfillment is more important than ever before. But how do you attract, engage, retain, and create an environment that allows employees to thrive in this new reality?

Wilfred Busby, Senior Vice President of Employee Experience at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – ALSAC, is challenging companies to understand there is a different and better way to measure and assess employee satisfaction and success. He is a passionate, disruptive leader who thinks beyond incremental improvement and advocates for the best interests of the organization by helping people live their best lives at work through Executive Coaching.

Discover the profound impact that leveraging your employees as your most valuable resource can have on your business, why staying true to your brand’s core can help you transform your organization’s people, culture, processes, and infrastructure, and what it truly means to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to leadership development at a purposeful organization like St. Jude.


KEYNOTE: The Power of Putting People First: Take Care of Your People, and They'll Take Care of Business

Presented By: Shannon Patterson, Marriott International, Inc.

Marriott’s success comes from its core value of putting people first. The company’s philosophy is simple: take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers, and the customers will keep returning. In today’s tough labor market, it is more important than ever to invest in associates’ engagement to attract and retain talent and improve every aspect of your business function.

Join Shannon Patterson, SVP of Customer Engagement Centers at Marriott International, the world’s largest hospitality company, as she dives into what it means to engage associates and how that translates to seamless guest experiences, happier customers, and brand loyalty.

Shannon will share more insights on 1.) Marriott’s culture and award-winning transformation journey that has led to high engagement 2.) success stories, wins, and innovative approaches the company is taking to drive engagement, and 3.) best practices on how to attract and retain talent.


MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: Building a Resilient Contact Center with AI-Driven Performance Intelligence

Presented By: Pathlight & Ancestry

These are new and challenging times. From layoffs and financial concerns to navigating flexible work arrangements, businesses are being forced to reimagine contact center management and find strategies to do more with less. Get ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and recession-proof your contact center with AI-Driven Performance Intelligence. With a single-screen view of performance data across multiple support systems coupled with AI-driven insights to automate coaching and the next best action, businesses can stay ahead of agent performance, optimize operational efficiency, and drive business outcomes.

Join us as we share real-world examples of how to better prepare, protect, and optimize frontline metrics while building resilience.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: How Zenni Embraced a Customer-Centric Strategy to Build Loyalty and Deliver an Exceptional Service Experience

Presented By: Gladly & Zenni Optical

We now live in a world where customer loyalty, driven by exceptional service, is fundamental to retail brands that are looking to build successful and sustainable businesses. This is called the Loyalty Economy, and it represents a significant shift toward acknowledging the strategic importance of CX. Join us for an engaging discussion with Zenni Optical to learn how they have embraced a corporate-wide customer-centered service strategy, and the successes they have seen. Whether it’s helping build long-term relationships with their loyal customers, delivering delightful and personalized experiences, consolidating all service channels into a single platform, or simultaneously driving agent happiness, productivity, and increased revenue, this is a discussion you won’t want to miss.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE: The 7 x 24 x 365 Relay Team: Getting the best out of your digital and live agents

Presented By: Inspiro & 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC.

The hybrid approach to CX – one that blends digital experience with live agent experience – is today’s winning formula. This requires getting to know your customers at a deeper level, providing your live agents with the right tools to help them deliver the quality and level of service that your customers expect, and ensuring the efficient handoff between them and their digital counterparts. Join our client Cosimo Trapani, Director of Customer Experience and Customer Service Operations at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC., as he discusses what makes up today’s best-in-class customer experiences and how to get the best out of your hybrid teams.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving CX in the Face of Reduced Resources

Moderated By: Nuance

Is your organization, like many others, already on a recession footing? In this panel, we discuss how brands can maintain (or even improve) the customer experience while navigating the challenges of doing more with less. Which initiatives can provide the biggest impact while simultaneously lowering cost? What are the success stories? What are some best practices for framing initiatives around a strong ROI story?

KEYNOTE: The Power of Customer Obsession – It’s Beyond Being Customer Centric

Presented By: Julie Weingardt, Turo

Customer obsession means putting the customer front and center of everything you do—your leadership, operations, and strategy. Taken at face value, customer obsession may seem synonymous with customer experience (CX) but think again.

Join Julie Weingardt, Chief Operations Officer at Turo, the world’s largest car sharing marketplace, as she puts customer obsession under the microscope and explains why building a customer-obsessed culture only happens when the customer is a key consideration in every aspect of the business.

Customer obsession is easy to agree with in principle but difficult to put into action. Learn how Turo equips its entire organization with the tools to understand customer intent and channel preference, how a proactive customer-first approach promotes growth, and ways for your brand to move customer obsession from a pipe dream to an operational reality.