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Gig CX

According to the latest demographic research of the global workforce, 59% of the population are Millenial and Gen Zs. What CX leaders are quickly realizing is that the needs and wants of people in these age profiles are vastly different to their predecessors, and the industry needs to adapt its working models to counter the attrition already happening.

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AI in Customer Service

This report covers insights from real-world case studies, highlighting the benefits and results of AI for speed and service as well as personalization and prediction from Square, Blizzard Entertainment, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Symantec.


[Square created] “a predictive engine which could identify problems and even recommend solutions before the customer realized they had an issue.”

“To begin, Square created an Instant Answers product within the contact flow, which examined and
compared the visiting customer’s account against the millions of records they had amassed over the
past several years. By doing so, Instant Answers was able to make predictive,
personalized recommendations without any customer effort or input. Instant
Answers resulted in a 4% reduction in overall inquiries, and completely resolved some issues automatically.”

A State of Multilingual CX



[At the time of publishing (March/April 2019), of the] “respondents who operate contact centers outside the United States, about half support sites in Western Europe (51%), Asia Pacific (50%), and Central America (49%), with Southeast Asia (44%) following close behind.”

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