The CX Leadership Exchange: Episode 2 Featuring Humana’s Vicki Perryman

We’re thrilled to announce the release of an engaging and insightful episode featuring Vicki Perryman from Humana on The CX Leadership Exchange. Vicki, a seasoned leader in customer experience (CX), brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise garnered from her diverse career journey, spanning industries and roles.

In this highly anticipated episode, Vicki shares her remarkable career trajectory, starting from her pivotal role at eBay, where she pioneered cross-border trade capabilities. She then transitioned into a leadership role at Humana’s Consumer and Provider Services Division, where her innovative strategies continue to reshape the landscape of CX in the healthcare industry.

During the episode, viewers will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into Vicki’s leadership philosophies and strategies that have facilitated substantial changes across different sectors.

Get to Know Vicki Perryman

Vicki’s Career Trajectory: Discover how Vicki’s career path has influenced her unique leadership style, shaped by her experiences in diverse industries.

Balancing Strategy and Philosophy: Explore Vicki’s approach to effectively driving strategies while aligning them with philosophical principles.

Lessons Learned: Gain insights into Vicki’s invaluable lessons, emphasizing the importance of networks, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Influencing Thousands: Delve into Vicki’s methodology for impacting a wide sphere of influence, highlighting the power of transparency, collaboration, and curiosity.

Advice for CX Leaders: Get ahead with forward-thinking advice from Vicki, focusing on continuous learning, feedback mechanisms, diversity, and inclusion in today’s CX landscape.

Join us as we delve into this CX leader’s profound insights and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving realm of CX leadership. This episode promises to provide inspiration, practical wisdom, and actionable strategies for both seasoned and aspiring CX leaders alike.

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